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U.S. & U.K. Troubled By China’s Multilateral Infrastructure Investment Bank, AIIB — Martin Wolf

from BullionStar:

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5 comments to U.S. & U.K. Troubled By China’s Multilateral Infrastructure Investment Bank, AIIB — Martin Wolf

  • Gnostic

    Pure Theater, US & UK Jewish Bankers have set up the dialectic, blame it on AIIB as the American Middle Class disappears, Now go & send your kids to war.

    • anon

      Gnostic – I think you nailed it. Look, (as you no doubt know) Russia has RESOURCES. China has MANUFACTURING FACILITIES & LABOR. And, now they are TEAMING UP?! Also, China has some business ties in Africa – which, like Russia – is also rich in natural RESOURCES. It looks like the Oligarchs truly are saying “Hasta la vista (See ‘ya later), baby” to America and Americans, and leaving us all to fight over what is left, as was recently mentioned in an RT Boom Bust episode:

      Boom Bust – Gerald Celente (Read the comments)

      America is in decline. Only we Americans can stop this decline from taking some potentially VERY NASTY TURNS – like devolving into a TOTALITARIAN FASCIST country. Americans need to be disabused of the notion, that “it couldn’t happen here”.

      • anon

        What I think REALLY needs to happen, is that Americans NEED TO WAKE THE (HELL!) UP, and become PROACTIVE, rather than REACTIVE, with regard to events, on the “national” stage. Only when they become truly aware of what is going on in a “big picture” way, can they begin to realize what the REAL SOLUTIONS are. Ron Paul gave us one: END THE FED! Gerald Celente gave us a few more: 1) No more foreign entanglements. 2) Bring the troops home. 3) Seal the borders. These kinds of SOLUTIONS may SEEM drastic, but only because we’ve strayed SO FAR from where we were, in the early part of the Republic. At that time (early 1800’s), England was the global hegemon. We defeated them in the War of 1812. (The “American” Empire is truly the continuation of the former “British” Empire, at least for the .001% Bankers/Oligarchs in the ‘City’ of London, and elsewhere (in Europe, and the U.S.) “They” reap profits, while we get nothing but welfare & warfare, which = greater “National Debt” – and our troops fighting today, are like the British troops fighting in some far-off colonies, in the 1800’s. America will decline, while some new “Empire” arises in the Chinese-Russian sphere.

        Americans need to take care of America, and take care of their own. The above solutions would be a MAJOR FIRST STEP in getting us there.

  • Activisor

    Interesting that Martin Wolf did not mention that the major reason for setting up this bank, was to allow trade in currencies other than the dollar, particularly the renminbi. This is what is hacking off the US. This signals the slow demise of the dollar as the world’s reserve currency.

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