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This Janitor Made $8 Million

from Outsider Club:

When you read as much financial news as I do, you tend to get pretty jaded; the sickening cycles of banking scandals, lying government officials, and ever-looming market crashes can overwhelm even the most optimistic of us.

But sometimes a story comes around that not only restores your faith in humanity, but also confirms the way you’ve been investing. This particular tale will both warm your heart and set you up for a lifetime of wealth.

Without further ado, allow me to introduce you to Ronald Read, a former janitor and gas station attendant from Vermont who amassed an absolute fortune right under everyone’s noses. When he passed away last year, he was able to leave millions of dollars to his two favorite charities: his local hospital and library branch.

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2 comments to This Janitor Made $8 Million

  • noname

    Gosh….the moral of the story…stop reading SGTReport and Zerohedge and start reading WSJ? Lol.

    Good to hear he died rich, never enjoyed a penny of it, but gave it all away for the community, though. How many of us would do that and truly not expect/wish anything in return?

  • anon

    Give it ALL away to the community? Now THAT sounds like something a COLLECTIVIST would want you to do! Too bad the guy didn’t get the chance to enjoy more of that profit!

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