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The Truth About Obama’s myRA

from CrushTheStreet:

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3 comments to The Truth About Obama’s myRA

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  • Ed_B

    MyRA is the camel’s nose under the tent, the foot in the door, etc. This is only the first step. At some point all working Americans will be *required* to have an IRA of some kind. This one has the lowest barrier to entry, so will be chosen by many. Then, will come minimum contribution amounts, so every working American has to feed their MyRA. Then comes a requirement that all money in all IRAs has to be transferred into your MyRA. Other retirement plans follow until ALL retirement money is placed in a one-stop looting place which is easy to loot… and it WILL be looted, only we will get some lovely paper certificates / US Treasury bonds for our cash… which the government will then fritter away, just like it has already frittered away every cent earned by the previous 5 generations of hard-working Americans. Anyone who can, should be considering a systematic withdrawal plan from their IRA(s) that allows them to convert this soon-to-be-looted cash into precious metals, which can then be hidden from these would-be thieves.

    While watching the video, it occurred to me that this new retirement savings plan really is Obama’s. When he says “MyRA”, he literally means MY RA… as in, this belongs to ME.

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