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The Redback Revolution — How China Is About to Flip from Trade Exports to Trade Services

by JC Collins,

The Made In China label became a symbol of economic production lost in the western world alongside the rise of cheap labor and goods from the emerging economies. The cultural meme of “everything made in China” became common and could be heard at any given moment, anywhere in the developed world.

Whole industries and business models were built around the economic methodology of exporting cheap goods. Such as numerous chains of dollar stores, and brand name clothing outlets, which manufactured products in the Chinese provinces with the lowest labor costs, and then sold the goods at inflated prices to the developed world.

China now has the largest economy on Earth, and the monetary structure which made the USD the center of the solar system is shifting towards a multilateral framework. The Chinese currency, renminbi (RMB), or otherwise yuan, which is the unit of measurement, (such as the relationship between the British sterling and its unit of measurement the pound), will soon no longer be taking a subservient position against the American dollar.

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