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from The Burning Platform:

Only a government drone, liberal moron, or union douchebag couldn’t see this coming from a mile away. Instituting a mandatory $15 minimum wage is about the dumbest government enforced idea ever. When Seattle announced it, Obama and his liberal minion hordes applauded and declared victory in the war against greedy capitalists. Now it goes live in two weeks. The impact in the real world is already being felt and will really sink in after more small businesses close up shop, more workers lose jobs, and prices jump for everything in the socialist paradise of Seattle.

Of course restaurants were going to close. All restaurants operate on very thin margins. That’s why very few survive over the long-term in the first place. Family owned restaurants are always living on the edge. This is how it works in the real world. Waitresses at restaurants are paid approximately $2.83 per hour. Oh the horror!!! A waitress working a 4 hour lunch shift or dinner shift at a moderately priced bar/restaurant can generally make between $80 and $120 in tips. That is $20 to $30 per hour, along with their $2.83 pay. According to the IRS, 10% of their total sales must be declared as tip income.

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  • Rodster

    Whenever you hear the Govt say “we are here to help you” look out because that’s code for “you’re about to get screwed”. 😉

  • rl

    Screwed hard.
    15 bucks send more to taxes and fees and all the rest they steal off the top.
    Idiots and do gooders screw you right along with them.
    Some will see relief for it as all wages will follow suit for the crash up in wages where profit from theft is made all the more lucrative for parasites.
    The little guy gets wiped out and jobs keep going away.

  • randy0302

    15 x 40 wow that’s 600 dollars per week. I have had a small business but who can really survive on 500 a week or less? 1 bag of groceries is about $60.
    We need a new system.
    Im not sure this will not work. There will be a lot more disposable income in the system.

    • rl

      I dont think survival will change but it will work for the tax man and thats about it when when that sixty dollar bag is 70+ and gas is jacked back up.
      Of course we will see…

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