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The Rats are POURING out of DC’s Sinking Ship

from The Wealth Watchman:

Ya ever heard that old saying, “Ya catch more flies with honey than with vinegar”?

Ah good, because DC and “the City” sure haven’t!

As many here know, the East has been trying to formulate its banking alternatives for its member states these past several years.  This is of monumental importance to Eurasian alliances, because without a network of lending institutions of their own, they’ve often been at the (lack of) mercy of the Western banking powers.  For several years now, Eastern alliances such as the BRICS, have made a great deal of progress on this front.

That progress has been met with fear and loathing from DC and London, as previously, they’ve enjoyed the perks from being the world’s predatory lender through institutions like the World Bank and IMF.

During the last week however, while many of us weren’t looking, some very interesting developments have been taking place on the “grand chessboard”!

In times past, especially since the previous “Cold-War”, DC’s full-spectrum control of the geopolitical arena has been almost absolute.  Since they and London had owned “all the gold”(on paper, at least), and had the lending institutions(the IMF, World Bank) to pile debt atop it, as well as the largest, deep-state apparatus, and military-industrial industries to depend on, they’ve basically used  a very short list of “strategies” to bring other peoples and nations “to heel”.

In fact, previously if any national leader told DC “no!” to things like “opening up trade” or dealing with the IMF, they were usually all told:

DC: “Heeeey, that’s ok! You don’t have to say yes or anything like that!”

Anyone else: “We don’t?”

DC: “Noo sirree, but just know, between us, you’ll have to pick from a litany of other options!”

Anyone Else:” Other options, like what?”

DC: “Oh, swell things!  Like”:

Internet Spying and Sabotage!

Obliteration of your Currency!

Or violent overthrow!

DC: “The last one’s our personal favorite!  So, which will it be?”

Anyone Else: “Uh, where do we sign?”

Banking Monopoly is Over

That’s all changing, and changing quickly, as the Eastern Alliance has been fast-tracking several financial and lending competitors to DC’s money mafia. Things like the BRICS Bank, which now carries over $100 billion in assets to help shield its members from financial/currency crisis(which they’ll likely have to use soon), have made enormous headway.  Now though, you can add to the list of worries for the ruling order, the fledgling Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank(AIIB).

The AIIB is the newest kid on the block, having only been established in October of 2013.  Yet remarkably, within the first year, it has basically sewn up most of the far East in its roster already. By the end of 2014, over 2 dozen Asian nations had signed onto its establishment, including:

India, Malaysia, New Zealand, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Thailand, etc!  We’re talking some big names here!

At first, DC and London responded to the AIIB, as it did the BRICS Bank: with smarmy scorn.  As time passed, however, and the powers that be began to see that the bank has gained serious traction, they switched tactics, from ridicule to threats.  Obama and Cameron started applying tremendous pressure on their strongest “allies” to remain uninvolved with China’s alternative lending facility to the US’s Asian Development Bank.

Why wouldn’t they?  After all, the real power of the US and UK has always been a money power. Without that banking and fiscal dominance and monopoly, and the ability to pyramid new debts upon the backs of humanity, their empire would come crashing down, double quick.

That’s precisely why this newest show-stopping announcement by UK officials must’ve come as complete shocker to the buzzards on the Potomac!

Britain applies to join China-backed Asia bank, US is furious


Yeeeep!  So much for the “special relationship” between the Rothschild and Rockefeller dynasties! It just goes to show that when it’s all on the line, and it’s down to survival(and any semblance of any relevance whatsoever), they’re all just scorpions in a bottle, waiting to turn on one another.

Just listen to George Osborn explain the rational behind the decision:

“I am delighted to announce today that the UK will be the first major Western country to become a prospective founder member of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, which has already received significant support in the region…

This government has actively promoted closer political and economic engagement with the Asia-Pacific region and forging links between the UK and Asian economies to give our companies the best opportunity to work and invest in the world’s fastest growing markets is a key part of our long term economic plan.”

Sooooo, the UK was the first non-regional country to become a founding member in the AIIB? Comical!

Banksters in London, staring down the barrel of their own irrelevance, have decided to jump in, and save what little influence they still can.  They know this process is forging ahead, with or without them, and thusly, they’ve scrambled to jump on board to become a “founder” before the deadline at the end of March 2015.

As you can imagine, this is not a very popular decision on Capitol Hill, with the Obama administration accusing Britain of “constant accommodation to China.”  This is certainly a riot coming from the original nation who gave China “most favored nation” status in the first place!  As with everything else, the “exceptional nation”, claims to be the only one who can do such things.

That’s not all though!  DC says they can’t support the AIIB, because they’re “concerned” that the AIIB wouldn’t have “high standards of governance”, and that it would lack “social or environmental safeguards”!  


This, of course, is coming from one of the world’s premiere violators of every imaginable human right you could think of!  The only reason DC hates the AIIB is that they don’t control it!  Period!

If their “special partner”, the UK, joining the AIIB wasn’t enough though, they were in for another shocker!  As just yesterday France, Germany and Italy have all jumped in headfirst as well!  That’s right, in one day half the G-7 confirmed their intent to “switch sides”, without consulting their DC overlords first!  

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22 comments to The Rats are POURING out of DC’s Sinking Ship

  • Rodster

    It’s still BAU, the players are changing but the game is still the same. Ask yourself, if the East REALLY wanted to start a new banking system, why make it so they can get closer to the IMF?

    All they want is a bigger seat at the table and the same Elites at the top will use the East as pawns just as they did to the West.

    • Willie

      Not to worry… Gold going to $2400 in 15 years. Sure it will, maybe baby. yawn

      Just about time for a new Jim Silly rant to keep the rubes in the game…

    • Chris Duane did some excellent videos awhile back, talking about a book, a best-seller in China, called “Currency Wars”….it wasn’t Rickards’ book, but rather the original book of the same title, telling the Chinese people who’d raped them and humiliated them since the Opium Wars. It particularly called out the Rothschild family. It told the Chinese who the enemy was, and warned them about not guarding their currency. So the Chinese people know who did this to them, including the scourge of communism.

      However, remember much more recently, that the Rothschilds tried to establish a new ponzi, precious metal exchange called the Hong Kong Mercantile Exchange….Nathanael Rothschild sat on the board….and within 2 years, it was shut down by Chinese authorities for fraud, and many of its upper board members arrested. That’s how short a leash that family is on in that country. For the most part, their influence in their lands has been greatly diminished, and I believe they’ve been put on notice.

      Jim Willie has also said that Rickards is wrong, in that Rickards says China’s end game has always been the IMF membership all along. While Willie says that if they pry open that institution, and forge a membership there, it’s just a stepping stone until their bond and currency system is ready for their true end goal: global reserve currency of sorts in its own right, either by itself, or jointly with its most strategic partners. I’ll leave you to guess who that is. Thanks for your thoughts.

    • B.M.

      Exactly. So many are convinced the BRICS are offering up an alternative when in reality they are likely just wanting to take over the same game i.e., elite at the top robbing from their citizens at the bottom.

      BRICS will not be a savior but another version of the same type of game. And…for the record, the City of London will figure out a way to weasel themselves into the heart of whatever game it is while at the same time double crossing their “allies” on this side of the pond in New York. It’s the elites in NY that are about to get handed the flaming bag of poop while City of London comes out roses.

      • John

        “BRICS will not be a savior but another version of the same type of game.”

        Exactly. Its been that way in our past history when other countries have held the reserve currency status. They think by passing the baton to another group, that the public will go along with them, again.

  • iO

    I still can’t figure out why I have to pay to live on the planet I was born, what are my other options besides a life of fiat debt slavery?

    I don’t like the game.

    • Rodster

      “It’s a big club and you ain’t in it”

      -George Carlin

    • anon

      +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++1 iO (iO, so off to work, I go!)

      Yes. How do we get off this hamster wheel?

    • Willie

      Yes, you are born into financial bondage in this earthly continuum and remain so for your entire existence here. They even tax your death…

  • No one really “knows” anything. The best we can do is hedge our bets with diversification (PM’s, stocks, bonds, cash, farm land, heirloom seeds, lead)and live each day to the fullest for yesterday is a memory and tomorrow no guarantee. We are not in control, not one of us. Prepare for the worse, pray for the best, and embrace the precious present.

  • anon

    Dismantling America: The ‘Change’ We Never Expected

    (Read the comments)

  • dan

    The end game question that YOU must ask yourself …IS….what will the fiat $USD ‘in my hand’ ( for the electronic numbers in your accounts do not count)…buy for me and my family…..ya gotta have an answer for that one sooner rather then later…..if YOU do not….then you and yours will have to accept whatever the ‘authorities’ want you too……or you can just expire….as is the real agenda of TPTB….less population….which includes you and yours and me and mine….good luck….Semper Fi

  • WillyT

    WW love the stuff you write, certainly keeps the spirits higher and more hopeful. I was quite blown away the other day when I watched a video by Catherine Austin Fitts about the level of corruption in the U.S. as I never realized how deep it actually goes. It really brought me down for a few days. But I got thinking, just because the US is so deeply crooked doesn’t mean every other country out there looks and acts like them. Even though I’m not naive enough to think there isn’t a certain level of corruption that occurs in other countries as well, just may not run as deep as in the US. I love how these G7 countries are snubbing the US and starting to hang out with the new kids on the block. Time will tell as to how all of this plays out. Not everyone is playing nice in the sandbox. I do believe eventually the bossy bully does get what’s coming to them. Lets wait and see how all this plays out. Interesting days to come.

  • Joe

    “That progress has been met with fear and loathing from DC and London, as previously, they’ve enjoyed the perks from being the world’s predatory lender through institutions like the World Bank and IMF”

    What an complete load of disinformation nonsense! DC and the IMF along with the China, Russia, England, Japan, Brazil Europe…and on and on and on are ALL involved with this transition into the new global economic system that will be backed by the SDR.

    What’s this guy’s cut of the action for putting out this nonsense or does he just turn a buck peddling Silver Eagles and other metals?

  • B.M.

    For those who believe the Chinese, and BRICS by extension, will be any different than the current NWO crowd, here’s an unfortunate dose of reality:

    The attack on human freedoms will be worldwide, and only We The People have any hope of standing up to the oligarchs who behind the scenes are working together for their various conceived notions of a NWO.

    • John

      “only We The People have any hope of standing up to the oligarchs who behind the scenes are working together for their various conceived notions of a NWO.”

      The Government & the Media are trying to make sure that does not happen thru their gun regulations that they are trying to force on us thru their Drills Gone Live False Flags.

  • david

    What none of the naysayers I have read above are looking at is the potential for a complete overhaul of human consciousness…the root of dysfunctional economic policies and systems is greed and fear, the root of which is the false ego. The ego is a temporary mental construct at the end of it’s utility, and must and will give way to a heart-centered awareness that what we do to each other we do to ourselves. Of course, those whose cynicism will not allow themselves the freedom to accept that are free to suffer longer.

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