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Local News Covers For Florida Trooper That Nearly Crushed This Motorcyclist

by Amanda Warren, Activist Post:

Thanks to a citizen dashcam – a Florida Highway Patrol officer doesn’t get to claim any rationale for nearly killing a motorcyclist recently. However, at least one news report has eagerly swept up the bad publicity FHP received following the visual upload.

Even though highway patrol is supposedly investigating their employee, WTSP 10 News reports, “Based on preliminary review, there appeared to be no attempt to ram or to make contact with the motorcycle.” Um, really?? Really?

The report attempts to blame the motorcyclist for what the trooper did by blaming the biker for breaking traffic laws! I guess if you don’t want to die…. Then it says, “FHP policy provides specific guidelines to pursuing motorcycles to ensure public safety, which is why Ross disengaged when the motorcyclist fled from the scene.” Again, really? Troopers simply disengage when citizens flee the scene for their lives?

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6 comments to Local News Covers For Florida Trooper That Nearly Crushed This Motorcyclist

  • Jerry

    Once again another video were I find nothing wrong with what the police did. The motorcyclist was breaking the law, the police officer turned on his siren and lights and the motorcyclist did not pull over. The officer tried to force him to the side of the road carefully. If the officer wanted to ram him or make contact he could have easily done it but was careful not too. He just wanted to try to force him to stop.

    This is probably the third or forth video that I have seen on this site in the last several weeks were the police actions looked justified. Obviously too many people just hate cops and are looking at the actions by police with their biased hate.

    And the driver behind them with the dash cam is an idiot. You do not fly up to a cop and honk your horn and interfere.

    • brybo

      Jerry, as a visitor to this site for several years, a stacker, a truth seeker, a freeman of the land and a motorcyclist I must sincerely agree with your comment. The police officer could have removed the biker from the bike as easy as we could crush an ant. The cop was proceeding quite cautiously.

      The third party speeding up to the cop and aggressivly beeping his horn was not helping at all with the situation and could have equally caused an accident. To me it looks like the cop steers suddenly to the left because of the car at his rear beeping the horn who would appear to be almost colliding with the cop. It also seems odd that the guy filming the event has decided what the police officers name is. I wonder if they have met previously.

      But lets use intelligence here, as a third party we should be on hand to aid any other who needs protection whether police against a bad guy or a victim of police brutality, we’re all in this together and we all may need help at some point.

      If the cop had actually crushed the biker into the wall, rammed him or purposly run over him several times, then maybe we could scream bad cop, but he just didn’t. Maybe this was the one last good cop trying to do the right thing, we don’t know.

      If indeed we are truth seekers then we should stick to the TRUTH, keep our integrity intact and not bend it to meet any other agenda, otherwise we become just another illegitimate news source. We are the news and we are the news reporters.

      • Jerry

        Thanks brybo. Another thing is that the officer did not try to pursue the motorcyclist. The officer acted accordingly by letting him go, not that he was going to catch him any way.

        • brybo

          I typed the same reply in The activist post’s website and they removed it.

          • Jerry


            I just posted at the Activist site. It is awaiting moderation. Funny how people speak out against the government taking away our rights when they do the same thing themselves.

            • brybo

              Yes Jerry, I have noticed the very same thing. I saw your post on there, you have attracted at least one negative attack. We can either bang our heads against the wall and give up or just grin and bear it. I’m a fan of Chris Dwane but he keeps remarking on about not selling his silver and using it as leverage to purchase other goods….doesn’t this put us all back into the situation we are trying to get out of. Just makes me mad, why are people so blind. i’m so sick of this we hate them but we can act the same attitude, what is wrong with people.

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