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The MACHINE is DESIGNED To Enslave Humanity — Sean Kerrigan

from SGT

There is a global fascist machine designed to strip us of our resources, sovereignty and liberty. It’s bigger than any single personality or any corporation, it’s larger and has more reach than any single nation state. The machine has been securing and expanding its power for centuries. And although “the machine is not entirely unified, it has a way of checking itself,” according to researcher Sean Kerrigan from “The machine has a way of checking individual cogs in that machine to make sure it obeys. And the larger machine, what Louis Mumford called the ‘mega machine’ checks every individual corporation, every government and so it’s hard to break out of it, it’s hard to see how can we resist against something so massive.”

The machine is aligned against us and seems hell bent on keeping us ensnared in a perpetual state of fear and endless warfare. The only way to stop the machine is to opt out of it. We must deprive the fascist machine of its very life blood: Our labor, our economic activity and our consent. 

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38 comments to The MACHINE is DESIGNED To Enslave Humanity — Sean Kerrigan

  • Michael Goyer

    Much happens unseen. Especially things that work for humanity. It may very well be that the machine’s days are numbered, and we are witnessing the “withdraw” of the energy it needs to feed on in order to sustain.

    • anon

      The Machine (Matrix) Is Designed To Enslave Humanity? Yep.


      In the final analysis, all the “-ism”s can be shown to break down to one “-ism” – FASCISM – the merger of Multinational Corporations with Government.

      • anon

        In point of fact, the Multinationals (Corporations) including TBTF/TBTJ Wall St. and ‘City’ of London Banks, behind the so-called “Federal” “Reserve” (and the Dept. of the Treasury), Big Oil (question: where were LBJ, and J. Edgar Hoover, on the night of 11/21/1963?, on the eve of the JFK Assassination by the CIA?) Weapons of War Manufacturers (among many others – Monsanto, Google, etc. – these multinational corporations ARE our government. Congress is filled with puppets. The White House has a puppet in it. The Judges on the Supreme Court? PUPPETS.

      • SGT

        +1 Anon. That Catherine Austin Fitts testimony truly explains IT ALL… which is why I gave it that specific headline. Frankly, it’s a gripping yet most depressing presentation given the gravity and scope of the program (machine) aligned against us, which Fitts expertly quantifies.

        • rl

          Well done here Sean and CAF has got her due on SGT. Cheers.
          There will be those to come who say wtf when everything from jobs on up have to be seen for the lies they are. I made the rounds today from the oil patch to the farms. EVERYBODY knows ass up is coming, farmers being memed 3 years of serious pain ahead already. Plenty of last years harvest on the ground as full bins are are not sellable above costs, a bankrutcy or two in the works, and equipment dealers laying off 1000s too. Depressed I understand and for me Fitts and the rest is old news welcomed and faced, and better off for it today. To realize you cant help most of the tards around you to beat the machine is also part of the realization that indeed opting out is doable, while many have children to raise to in the meantime to get there. And just as this points out one day their bs is gonna be called out. The beaurocrat he speaks of are the ones that are to stupid to worry and the first to fall and then the game is on. The local ones high and low are on tv here in boom and crash country just today talking to the kiddies in school about honering vets from vietnam and the rest. Same old boiler plate distraction and how long it holds is anyones guess. The machine is a nice misnomer and can be easily over complicated simply because thousands of freaks and geeks are part of it. People to stupid and stuck in the game of your demise is also a fact of it… but they are just people. When these people finally do cross the line from the bottom wrungs of it for the bullshit that rules their lives we will see how many really are ready to swallow the rest of the bs.
          We will be surprised then, and not until.
          Stack up and live for the day my friend. We are way ahead of the game for sure.
          Your best here on your part Sean, and hope is exactly what is to be had from it.

      • Ed_B

        “In the final analysis, all the “-ism”s can be shown to break down to one “-ism” – FASCISM – the merger of Multinational Corporations with Government.”

        Agreed… and with the worst features of both. It’s like an ugly kid who looks worse than either of his / her parents. 🙁

        As the corps have gone multinational, so too do the Govs push in that same direction. Humanity has spent thousands of years forming ever larger groups… families, clans, tribes, city states, nation states, regional states (such as the EU), and soon international states, followed by ONE GLOBAL STATE. That will allow the skulduggerous among us to screw all of the people all of the time, rather than merely some of the people all of the time or all of the people some of the time. This doesn’t necessarily HAVE to be bad but it sure looks as if it WILL be. The only saving grace this could have is if it prevents humanity from engaging in large scale CNB warfare and thereby flushing ourselves down the ecological toilet… permanently.

  • Gnostic

    The machine is like a meat grinder, it eats you up & spits you out. Never go down without one helluva fight.

    • Michael

      Gnostic: Off topic, my nephew got a job at Lowes. Home Depot and Lowes do not advertise employment openings, so applying for work is simply a case of walking in and filling out answers on a computer. The turnover is so great that openings are more abundant than it appears. He works about 28 to 34 hours a week. I believe he makes $9.25 hour. These companies have a hard time keeping young people because they cannot stop smoking the weed

    • Ed_B

      That’s right! And take as many of the bastards with us as we can. If the Norsemen were correct, the evil minions we remove from this world will be our slaves in Valhalla. They will be of use for hard labor on our vast estates. >:-]

  • SGT

    Hey guys, I’m sorry if you are having problems leaving comments because of the goofy CAPTCHA code spam filter… w/o it we’d be doomed. That said, I heard from friends Tommy G and Willy T today that they couldn’t leave their comments about this one. Again, really sorry if this is happening to YOU.

    So… Tom was kind enough to send his comment/insights to me at my request so that I could post it. Here it is:


    The transhumanists don’t care if they become “posthuman.” “Humanity” is a moving target for them. Why? Because they’ve embraced the evolutionary worldview. Humans evolve, ergo there is no “essence” to humanity anyway. For Kurzweil, and those representing the radical/optimistic strand of H+ (H+ is short for transhumanism), human individuals are “patterns.” Your unique neurological pattern can be uploaded into a non-biological “substrate.” You can live forever. This is Enlightenment/secular progress taken to the nth degree. This is secular salvation.

    There are, however, moral (and eschatological) implications stemming from transhumanism. If you don’t want to be radically enhanced, or perhaps you or someone you know has a disability of some sort, then in the future you may be looked upon as less superior than those that are enhanced. Bio-luddites (as transhumanists call them) will be locked upon with supercilious disdain for holding humanity back from reaching its evolutionary potential. Of course, there is always the possibility that the NWO elites won’t allow for some to be enhanced. Or they will remove (read: eliminate) the unwashed masses of unenhanced bio-luddites. As you stated, the NWO always has something bad up their sleeve. At any rate, these are just a few considerations that will be debated in the coming decades. This will all be here sooner than most people think.

    Thanks for the interview guys.

    • Ed_B

      I also have had problems with the “captcha” program. It is frustrating as hell to write a decent post and then not have it published to the site because EVERY answer we give to verify that we are in fact people and not bots is rejected, no matter what it is. GRRR!

      Have not had this trouble for a couple of weeks now but it sure is irritating when it happens.

      • SGT

        so sorry, PLEASE copy your comments BEFORE trying to post them so if it doesn’t work you can try again and just re-paste the comment. Again, sorry – I know how bad it sucks, but it saves us from thousands of China spams that would grind us to a halt.

        • Johan

          It would be great if there was a way to regenerate a new captcha. The problem is it get’s stuck on the same “wrong” number no matter how many times you reload the page

  • The greatest loss is not the waste, fraud and criminality. The greatest loss is what could have been.

    My YT Channel

  • Who is this ” Machine ” you keep talking about ? You should be talking about the
    ” Tribe ” that is intent upon destroying society !

    Or quote Maurice Samuel . ” We **** are the DESTROYERS ! We **** will always be the DESTROYERS , no matter what you do ! “

    • Gnostic

      Rapid, You are right it is the Jews, sometimes you just get tired of repeating the obvious & I’m getting very tired.

      • Eric

        I’m still trying to figure out how they turned a race into a religion back into a race that you can join and become chosen by a schizophrenic “god.”

        But since when you remove the impossible, whatever remains no matter how improbable must be the truth, as Spock once said…

        Psychopathic Archontic possession and influence are the only viable answers I can come up with.

      • It’s easy to understand when you have read their ” Playbook ! ”

        Protocols of The Learned Elders of Zion ! ( Pick any subject . Sounds like America today ? )

      • anon

        Gnostic, you wrote: “Rapid, You are right it is the Jews, sometimes you just get tired of repeating the obvious & I’m getting very tired.” I TOTALLY understand. However, I feel it is MY DUTY, as I am sure you do, as well, to continue the good fight, and keep getting the information out, so that anyone out there who is reading SGT Report, just might connect-the-FACTS, and possibly have that “a-ha!” moment of awakening, that just may save our country, if we can reach the 3 to 10% of the total (U.S.) population, necessary to turn things around, and into something better, for all of us.

        For anyone new to SGT Report, or trying desperately to figure out, what on earth is happening to America, THIS may assist you, in the learning process: (the Western International Central Bankers & “EU” Royals, or Black Nobility are behind FASCISM, ZIONISM, COMMUNISM, NAZI-ISM, (RIGGED “Capitalism”) – really ALL the “-ism”s, and have TWO, STATED, PRIMARY GOALS: 1) The global debt-enslavement of every country, or nation, man, woman, and child, on the entire planet (via the World Bank/IMF), and 2) Global depopulation. Once you accept their STATED, DOCUMENTED goals, as FACT, you can begin to fully comprehend literally EVERYTHING that is going on!

        1) X22 Report: Central Bankers Can’t Stop The Economic Collapse Instead They Will Cover It Up

        (Read all the comments, which follow the video posted, at the link above)

        2) ABSOLUTE MUST WATCH — Catherine Austin Fitts Explains It All: THE BLACK BUDGET FASCIST MACHINE

  • NIX

    20:00 BINGO! They will loose controll. IT’s A LAW (THE LAW OF COMPLEXITY) IT’S MATHEMATIC. But we’re going back , way back IMO.

    • anon

      NIX, you said: “They will loose control. IT’s A LAW (THE LAW OF COMPLEXITY) IT’S MATHEMATIC. But we’re going back, way back IMO.”

      This entire “Global Warming” or “Climate Change” thing is actually about RESOURCES, and SUSTAINABILITY, AND the continued control over those resources, and direction of their use, by the same “1%”-ers who currently control them! “They” want America to go to “Third World”-levels of poverty. The American “Middle Class” with it’s ideals of the U.S. Constitution, Bill of Rights, and Rule of LAW, stand in the way, of the 1%-ers who wish to have their global plantation, and a return to a (global) FEUDAL SYSTEM. “They” believe that “they” OWN the planet, and all it’s “HUMAN RESOURCES”. I believe, that now, for the FIRST TIME, possibly, in HISTORY, more than ever street-level, pedestrian (99.9%-ers) have awakened to the OVERALL direction they are taking us, largely due to the internet, and, “they” are running scared. Hillary Clinton said: “We (1%-ers) are losing the information war.” It looks like their fascist, corporatist NWO plan, is less and less involving America, as the UK just signed up with the new China-led AIIB. Japan is the latest (last? American ally) considering the option. Yep. Americans are getting “thrown-under-the-bus” in corporate/gov’t lingo, by the International Community. Let’s HOPE Americans begin WAKING (the HELL) UP, before any more 1% MSM FALSE FLAG-style manipulation (not just for more war(s), but with regard to ALL their “memes”, and before the ACTUAL collapse, that we know is inevitable.

      THIS, I believe, is the key: “The only way to stop the machine is to opt out of it. We must deprive the fascist machine of its very life blood: Our labor, our economic activity and our consent.” 

      • anon

        The Daily Bell: John Whitehead: Combat Federal Authoritarianism With Human Action and Local Activism

        Be sure to read the comments section – there’s some GREAT ideas in there, for specific actions, which could ACTUALLY turn this crazy ship of fools around. One more thought, Americans are OUT OF SPENDING MONEY. Retail sales are slumping (again). The “elites” KNOW this, because “they” have largely ENGINEERED this circumstance – therefore, be wary of the coming OFFICIAL pronouncement via “their” MSM, of the economic collapse – because, you can rest assured, it will be HIGHLY SKEWED in it’s content, and will NO DOUBT contain more of “their” AGENDA, in terms of how “they” state they will deal with, or “resolve” the collapse – and most of it, will just entail more debt-enslavement for the vast majority of Americans, and continued control by those already running the “Machine.”

  • NIX

    Humans are really good at fucking thing’s up and that’s a historycal fact. SO Sean you and your guest have your hopes and prayers already answer, But it does not means it’s going to be easy but IMO it’s innevitable

  • Guy

    Damn ! Now we are really screwed !
    Netanyahu claims victory in Israel election after hard right shift

    • Eric

      The Martyrdom of Gaza and the Future of Palestine | Norman Finkelstein (2015):

    • rl

      Ahh, never a chance he would loose of he was still their man.
      They mastered the rigging for jr and diebold was busted and no one cared.
      Better the psycho you know works for me.
      “Nothing frightens the Jews more than a perfect unity in others: the unity of feeling in a movement, in a people. That is why they will always be for “democracy” which has but one advantage, and that one for the nation’s enemy. For democracy will break up the unity and spirit of a people…” – Corneliu Zelea Codreanu

      • Gnostic


        An age old tactic, they used it in ancient Egypt when they flooded them with nubians, nowadays they use Mexicans & Arabs & Africans.

      • anon

        rl – excellent point you brought up, with that quote:

        “Nothing frightens the ‘Jews’ more than a perfect unity in others: the unity of feeling in a movement, in a people. That is why they will always be for ‘democracy’ which has but one advantage, and that one for the nation’s enemy. For democracy will break up the unity and spirit of a people…” – Corneliu Zelea Codreanu

  • C.i.

    So Interesting.

    The Machine If Known So Well Must Have An I.P.


  • anon

    Here are a few links, that provide possible INDIVIDUAL SOLUTIONS, that assist individuals in becoming more self-reliant, and less accessible to the machinations, and predations, of the District of Criminals and Wall St. predators:

    Withdraw Your Consent: 25 Ways to Declare Your Independence

    50 Ways to Starve the Beast

    Let’s Stop Fooling Ourselves: Americans Can’t Afford the Future

    89 Tips That Will Help You Prepare For The Coming Economic Depression

    Be sure to read all the comments which follow the articles (above), for many more INDIVIDUAL SOLUTIONS, that anyone may begin using today, to counter the predations of the predatory class (.001%)

  • anon

    What the Heck Has Suddenly Hit American Consumers?

    Disconnect Between Productivity and Typical Workers’ Compensation (1973-2013): While Productivity Went Up 243.1%, Hourly Compensation Only Rose 108.9%

    Source: Wage Stagnation in Nine Charts [Economic Policy Institute]

    Or, put another way: “From 1973 to 2013, hourly compensation of a typical worker rose just 9 percent while productivity increased 74 percent. This breakdown of pay growth has been especially evident in the last decade, affecting both college- and non-college-educated workers as well as blue- and white-collar workers. This means that workers have been producing far more than they receive in their paychecks and benefit packages from their employers.”

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