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The Death of Bullishness

by Andrew Hoffman, Miles Franklin:

It’s Monday morning, and a slew of things are on my mind; as the pitched battle between the “unstoppable tsunami of reality” meets headlong with the most relentless, all-encompassing market manipulation in the history of mankind. More on that in a moment; but first, some thoughts about random, but integrally connected topics from the wide world of “horrible headlines” – starting with Andrew Maguire’s weekend comments about the new “Beijing Fix” and associated physical exchanges, which appear likely to commence within weeks.

I briefly touched on this topic in yesterday’s article; but following several emails from readers, wanted to clarify my view further. Which is to say, that unlike the 2012 failure of the proposed Pan Asian Gold Exchange, these developments will decidedly go forward; and unquestionably, will make it more difficult for the paper gold Cartel to hold down physical prices. However, despite the fact said reality must eventually win the day, it is difficult to say just how much impact these new institutions will have, or how long it will take until they “matter.” Thus, we would advise readers to simply “watch and wait” for the “Beijing Fix’s” impact; knowing, of course, that “in due time” the world’s largest gold buyer (and producer) must set global prices.

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1 comment to The Death of Bullishness

  • mac

    The media has us all following their pic of stories, events, and crisis. They talk about the Fed like it was Holy, above us mere mortals, and they (MSM) follow every word trying to find what? truth? Sure thing, we are all idiots bowing to this private company? That many Americans do not even know the Fed is private, is evidence the media has been successful in making them zombies. How about you?

    The Fed is buying the stocks period! Who, in Japan or another country would buy stocks at their peak with their currencies down 20-40 % against the USD !!! Who, come on tell me, who? Right. No one. The buying of US stocks is mainly BOJ, ECB and Fed. Period. You think real people would step up to this plate and take a swing today. No way baby.

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