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The Biggest Central Bank In The World Is Now Scared To Death

from KingWorldNews:

The Fed removed the word “patient” from its statement made following the FOMC meeting that concluded on Wednesday. But, taking out that one word proved to be mostly irrelevant. The removal of the patient language was more than offset by the Fed’s lowering of its GDP growth estimates and its projection for when and how high it will raise rates based on its previously incorrect assessments of inflation and growth.

Ms. Yellen said in the FOMC press conference that removing “patient” did not mean she would become impatient with raising rates. It is clear that the dollar’s strength and the cascading economic data reported since the start of 2015 caused the Fed to push out its timing for its first rate hike and the overall level for which it will finally reach equilibrium….

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2 comments to The Biggest Central Bank In The World Is Now Scared To Death

  • Ed_B

    So how long are they going to continue to pretend that the Fed even CAN raise rates? At any time? They cannot because they have painted themselves into a corner of their own making. If they raise rates, two things will happen very quickly: 1) most of the air in the current stock bubble will WHOOSH out, resulting in a 7-8k drop in the Dow 30 Index; and 2) the government will be struggling to pay the additional interest that higher rates will require. Because of these two things, the Fed cannot raise interest rates at any time in the foreseeable future. Pretending that they can is all part of the same “the economy is improving” lie.

  • gary h

    as if great,great GRRRRRRRate! grandma Yellen runs anything,
    like Uncle Bare Rock-a-bama,Rape-a-billy Clinton,G.H.Warhawker “Poppy” Bush,or Boy George Warhawker Bush Jr….what a joke..the rulers play us as the total fools,ignoramuses,& pied piper followers[“got your trendy tat or 666 chip yet?] we certainly are..
    TV is no doubt their single biggest weapon of mass hip nose rings sis..
    [i happened by a “stupify & dumb ya down box” last week & got physically nauseated from watching the subliminal overloaded..seriously.. after 20 years of not watching it,it made me physically sick from the complete over load of subliminal images & messaging zoomeing in & out & swirling all around the the F anyone in a right mind can actually sit & watch the vomit bot is utterly wonder Americans are so screwed up.. and then we have vaccines [coming in a close 2nd] least the “new & improved brands”,in that they cause even more flu MMR,polio,cancer,autism,& death than earlier versions..& the best part is pig farm-hah! can not be held liable in any way for any vaccine side effect..if vaccines ARE indeed proven[LOL on that] in pig farm-hah! controlled vaccine court,to have been at fault,the money awarded to the damaged goyim, is taxpayer money..pig farm-hah! don’t shell out one red cent..can you say ‘Fascism’? sure ya can..

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