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Ted Butler: More Evidence Of JP Morgan’s Manipulation Scheme In COMEX Silver

from Gold Silver Worlds:

Ted Butler has written extensively about silver manipulation. He has been the first analyst in this area to explain in great detail the mechanics of silver manipulation, but also to provide hard evidence on numerous occasions. In his latest update to his premium subscribers, he explains how JP Morgan is applying manipulative tricks in the March 2015 futures contract on COMEX silver.

** By Ted Butler **

I don’t usually dig into the details of COMEX deliveries against futures contracts, primarily because there is usually not much to report. One reason for that is because the deliveries are reported by clearing member and not by who is actually behind the deliveries. But because it is the delivery mechanism that underpins the COMEX as the silver price setter, I’m always on the lookout for anything even slightly unusual.

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1 comment to Ted Butler: More Evidence Of JP Morgan’s Manipulation Scheme In COMEX Silver

  • B.M.

    I really respect Ted Butler, but at this point he has got to find a new hobby. It’s pretty common knowledge now that the bullion banks are doing the dirty work of the Central Banks, and it’s all legal based on legislation in U.S. and other Western countries. In other words, they know we know they’re manipulating the market, and it’s all been legalized for governments to do so.

    So, with that knowledge, buy physical gold & silver and take them into your possession. Why participate in a rigged game where the house will always wins and you lose?

    Soon enough the manipulator’s paper games will come to an end.

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