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TARGET LAYS OFF 1,700 — NFP Is A Joke: A Historic Monetary Crisis is Certain — Andy Hoffman

from SGT

Tuesday, March 10, 2015: Target LAYS OFF 1,700 people from its Minneapolis headquarters and announces it will not hire 1,400 “open” positions – 3,100 high paying jobs, GONE in an instant. These are bread winners with families and mortgages and house payments, now UNEMPLOYED. Meanwhile the NFP report last week — which at this point is PURE PROPAGANDA built on outright lies — claims the unemployment rate in the United States is a mere 5.5%. Writer and financial pundit Andy Hoffman from Miles Franklin joins us to discuss the current state of the economy as we document the collapse for the week of March 9th, 2015.

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46 comments to TARGET LAYS OFF 1,700 — NFP Is A Joke: A Historic Monetary Crisis is Certain — Andy Hoffman

  • John

    As you and Andy disussed the fate of the miners near the end of the interview, I was reminded of an article I saw on zerohedge today about Allied Nevada Gold declaring bankruptcy. Andy nailed it,the miners are already feeling the pain and here is the link…..

    FWIW, Sean, you could have Andy Hoffman on every day and I’d tune in. Your discussions with him never get old. Thanks!

    • SGT

      Thanks a million John, for the link too – I intended to post that one and never got back around to it. Will do so now.

    • Steelerdude

      Good call Andy..when I heard Andy predict the miners being trashed (along with metals) I agreed with him but I also started to think outside the box….what other things will the govt trash in order for you to stay in the dollar…we must start thinking along this line and beat the Govt to what ever they are trashing … food, water, ammo, guns, etc

  • Jeff

    Nice format SGT. McAndy is what I would call it.

  • jerry

    The fake propaganda is off the hook. Ask anyone denying it,( if you can actually get one to discuss such topics) who are they going to believe, Known liars, proven liars, or someone just asking you to look at facts?

    • NIX

      I agree with you with the fake propaganda .

      This rainbow and pokemon show is getting harder and harder to cover! i think that the PTB are not ready and stretching the ruber a litle to far IMO. someone on this site once said ” faster they go, faster people wake up, longer they take more people wake up” I alawys said it is to big for them and if they loose controll i agree with JOHN Buckle up!

  • chuck

    Yes, but just remember to keep buying all the way down. Atleast the bankers come right out and tell you that they are going to fuck you. These gold pumping fuckers have been saying buy with both hands ever since the price was $1,900. How has that worked out? I’ll tell you how it has worked out for me and the definition is shit! All these cock suckers telling you to buy eiter own, or work for companies who sell it. If gold is as valuable as they say it is then why the fuck are they selling it, and giving you discounted deals to boot. I say we go after these fuckers instead of the bankers!!

    • NIX

      Mc Donald made me fat 🙂

    • Gnostic


      I like most who invested in PM’s are down big time, That said, I say with 100% certainty that they are pumping the stock market & people’s pensions as well as real estate may be looking good now, However, I guarantee they will take it down very soon, in other words we are all going to be broke. Money is important but we have bigger problems on the horizon, hang in there friend, I am convinced this is a spiritual war.

      • rodjen78

        No Gnostic, it is not a spiritual war, it is a classical bear market. And you bought the bear market. And you will make the very same experiences as all the millions of people before who bought a bear market. There is nothing miraculous about it, just

        1) good old fashioned crowd buildup (“Truth movement”),

        2) followed by the manic price crest (“We are going into hyperinflation!”, “Crast JP Morgan, buy silver”, “The COMEX is blowing up”),

        3) followed by a turn of the bull (appearence of “Turnbull”, not a coincidence),

        4) justified by denial (“It is manipulation!”),

        5) and then an endless cascade of losses (“What an excellent buying opportunity!”),

        6) secured by delusional excuses (“My ounces are still ounces!”),

        7) piling up, and up, and up … until you give up.

        But we have not reached point seven yet. For this to happen, gold has to comfortably settle at $850 and silver at $9, which are very probable targets. And if you don’t believe it, why don’t you go and buy the Venezuelan gold mountain? Right now they are offering 1.4 million ounces, you can have it. All of it. As much as you want. And more. Have fun! 😉

        • Gnostic

          rodjen, OUCH! That smarts (smiley face)

        • Eric

          Call it a bear market if you want. Its still a great time to accumulate.

          I’m just curious where you get 850/9 from? I have been saying for a while I can see them pushing it to 960-1000 which would give us a 50% correction from the highs. But I don’t suspect it will stay there for long with war and rising interest rates on the horizon.

          It is only losses in dollar terms if you decide to sell. I can’t think of any reason whatsoever to sell gold unless you got greedy, bought too much, and are feeling the pinch.

          Anyone notice Russia just got a chair on SWIFT?

          • Gnostic


            Are you familiar with Dr Scott McQuate? He has similar views to John lamb, I heard him on Clint Richardson’s show on RBN last 2 nights. He has authored many books, Check him out.


          • rodjen78

            Eric, here all the answers to your questions.

            – The 50% correction took place in the mid 70ies, after only half a decade of a runup. Now we had a decade runup in gold, so the correction is likely to become much deeper and longer.

            – Concerning the reasons why you would like to sell: you lose your job, so you have to sell for food, fuel and passage fees, because you will have to move.

            – Interest rates won’t rise. Interest rates are pricing risk of losing your capital on an investment venture. In a war and destruction cycle investments don’t make sense, so you don’t need neither capital nor interest rates.

            – There is however a continuation to the negative interest rates in the sense that you are newly being paid for any kind of “last stand”. In a war cycle everybody becomes a soldier, and as a soldier you are paid for occupying infrastructure threatened by war. So being a “homeowner” / “soldier” you are paid “negative interest on your loan” / “guerdon” for defending a “house” / “trench”. Whether you want it or not, the negative interest rates are already treating you financially as if you were a soldier. And what is implicit at the moment is probable to become explicit in a moment.

            • Gnostic

              This country went under the War Powers for the last time on March 9, 1933, and we have been under emergency rule ever since. YOU ARE AN ENEMY OF THE STATE, YOU HAVE NO RIGHTS ONLY PRIVILEGES, I wonder why Ron Paul never mentioned that?

            • Eric


              Yes it will be or I should say has been much deeper and longer. Which is great because gold is becoming money again and going back into they system this time, and we have more time to accumulate at wonderful prices.

              I would never sell my gold except as a last resort. Gold is, has been, and always will be money. Do you sell money? You sell your junk, your car, your house, your silver even if you absolutely have to. You don’t sell the one thing that has stood the test of time for thousands of years. In a last resort yes, but I have other crap worth selling too.

              I agree interest rates won’t rise. They can’t or the derivatives are going to get triggered. But never say never. Its very very unlikely however.

              You can be a soldier or a refugee at that point, but you gotta have a roof over your head or at least a shelter.

              There are other things to throw fiat against besides gold. But not having any gold or silver is financial suicide.

            • petedivine

              I think Rodjen would be correct if the U.S. was still running the show. However, the old rules are being re-written. There are stronger powers on the cusp of upsetting the old establishment. Bretton Woods changed the rules in 1944. The last of the WWII dividend is gone. I think we are living through a re-balancing of power and the old rules along with the old guard no set global policy.

  • NIX

    Able to make moral or rational decisions on one’s own and therefore answerable for one’s behavior

  • Pizza

    I’m inclined to agree with Chuck, it saddens me that many alternative news sites blast our governments and the bankers, and yes most people have them pegged for exactly what they are, however the websites and people who pump fear for PM sites including bloggers that stand to profit in some way from bullion dealers and profit from us the buyers are sort of in the same category as the bankers. They make it sound like they are on the same side as us and all they’re doing is promoting fear and pumping the metals and stuffing their pockets with money because we are falling for it all. So far I don’t’ think that has paid off for very many people who took that advice. Nothing has changed in the past 4 years, the economy is clicking right along but oh dooms day is coming buy buy buy folks before it’s all gone and you’re too late. That’s just not cool.

    • Eric

      The “US Federal Reserve Note” is not and has not been “money” for 44 years at least.

      You can call it currency, legal tender, or a crap sandwich that miraculously still works only due to the mind controlled slumbering Americans entranced with ignorance and stupidity.

      To the stackers that still exist and the ones that still don’t get it… we are not investing. we are not trading. we are not looking to get rich quick! We are SAVING! Saving for the inevitable day when this debt and death paradigm (yes I’m using Chris’s words because that is EXACTLY what it is) falls apart. PM will be one of many preps that get you through hard times. You should always be saving. If you aren’t working or have no income, maybe better to slow down the stacking and focus on learning new skills or finding a gig.

      • Eric

        All that said, we are way oversold again.

        Miners had a good day today. First Majestic announced they are buying back 5.88M shares. And this article from 2 days ago seemed to help…

        Volatility has been creeping up. Next week should be a good one. Bibi is out in 6 days!!! Then we hear from Yellen if I’m correct?

      • Pizza

        I guess the point I was trying to make is that it all becomes very discouraging some days. The (controlled media) is mostly BS and sometimes I find the alternative media is the same. Everyone seems to be pushing something, whether it be conspiracy theories that are true or not, or trying to sell you something based on fearmongering. The government is trying to sell us war because of all the bad people out there like ISIL, Putin, Assad etc and telling us we need to monitor everyone because we need protection. We need to be searched at airports because it’s for our safety and blah blah blah. It never ends. It’s all BS.

        Then the alternative websites that support the bullion dealers and sites like Gerald Celente, Bix Weir, Mark Faber, and all the websites that put their anti-government propaganda out for those who want to buy it. Mark Faber’s info used to be free now he charges for it. Other sites that used to give good information now charge. Obviously big money in the business. The precious metal sites who hire people to write for them and instill fear into us, and talk about the misfortunes you’ll face if you don’t have PM in physical form in your possession. All the sites that get a little piece of the pie for having links to other websites and get paid per click and blah blah blah

        What I’m saying is it’s hard to know what to believe when everyone seems to be on the take in one way or another. Sad world we live in is all I can say.

        • Hal

          It is tough and only getting tougher. That is surely intentional.

          I think that part of the problem with the PM community, is that it has been infiltrated to some degree. There are deceivers who may be telling you much, or at least some, truth. It’s kind of like 9/11 in that it’s so obviously a lie ( and they know it ) that the opposition must be controlled…at least to a degree. There are “shills” who may tell you that it’s full of lies, yet they still are supposed to be misleading.

          It’s not exactly the same, but I think part of the PM “pumping,” particularly over the last 5 years or so, may be designed to build up the idea and then make you second guess yourself while crushing your enthusiasm and surety of what you thought you understood. Many people will probably fold/ throw in the towel as they get discouraged from the decline in prices.

          The idea of PM being real money vs private credit loans based on bullshit is such a obvious truth that they have to acknowledge it and play the hand in a different manner than just throwing out anti PM propaganda, which also exists too, of course….they are smart enough to at very least make some of the “gurus” look bad by contributing to a run up and then a down trend.

          Truth could be there’s a great deal of PMs out there or a very small amount, per capita. I really have no idea, but if you are looking to store your savings in some real asset, what better options are there?

    • lastmanstanding

      Pizza dude…There are many smart people on this planet that buy/do things because they simply believe in them over all other.

      We/they don’t give a flying fuck about any sales pitch or who they are what-so-ever.

      I am a free man and a free thinker. They will never take that from me so help me God.

      “don’t go down without one helluva fight”

    • petedivine

      You should always vet the information you receive from primary as well as alternative news sites. There are many opposing forces trying to shape perceptions and actions. You can believe in Precious Metals or not. I believe that the Dollar is being destroyed because my purchasing power continues to decline in real observable terms. In order to hedge against a monetary system that has continually declined since the 70s, I need to buy something tangible. I like precious metals because they are liquid, transportable, and recognized as a store of value. At the end of the day you need to think for yourself, accept the consequences of your actions, and stand on your own two feet like a man.

  • petedivine

    I love your interviews with Andy Hoffman. Glad to read you will be speaking with Andy more often. I also appreciate your dedication to the site. I see you are putting up more interviews more often. Much appreciated the punchline of the Banker farce is quickly approaching and the more G2 the better our chances of survival and seeing this thing through to the end.

    • Gnostic

      Six million Jews

      • petedivine

        I’m thinking we could see something akin to the “cultural revolution” where 1.5 million Chinese were killed or heaven forbid a Stalinist reign of terror where between 20 – 60 million Soviets loss their lives. The U.S. government appears to be setting the stage by militarizing the police force, and by creating laws that push us down that path. There are big differences. One the citizenry is armed. Two we have unbelievable command and control via the internet, telephones, etc. Third, the world is global now.

        There is another path history doesn’t really emphasize. The darker path IMHO is a plague. Historians estimate that before the plague, America’s population was anywhere between 20 and 100 million (Europe’s at the time was 70 million). The plague would eventually sweep West, killing at least 90 percent of the native population. For comparison’s sake, the Black Plague killed off between 30 and 60 percent of Europe’s population.

        • Gnostic

          The Black Plague was engineered as well, they removed the cats from the dense population. The King would pay for a cat delivered to him. The people were propagandized to believe the cats were at fault, when in reality cats curbed the rat population which were the real culprits. Then the people figured it out, Thus the phrase “the cat’s out of the bag”

          Makes me wonder if they are calling the bird flu the culprit when in reality it is some weaponized insect created on Plum Island?

  • Ed_B

    Gotta love interviews with Andy Hoffman and Bill Holter. I don’t think that it would be easy to come up with two guys who shoot straighter and are more in tune with the PM business today than these two. Kudos to SGT Report for having interviews with and articles by these two guys.

    I appreciate very much that we have access to both of these gentlemen and their thoughts on the economy, money, politics, and so much else at absolutely no cost to us whatever. Yes, they both work for a company that sells PMs but so what? No one works or lives for free. But we don’t have to buy PMs from them, or anyone else for that matter, in order to get access to their incisive and informative interviews and articles. Kudos to them for that as well.

    • SGT

      Thanks for that Ed. I know for a FACT that Andy is the REAL deal, he lives and breathes this stuff 24/7 to the point that the criminals getting away with it day in and day out really gets him down. Bill is a very good guy too, but I’ve only interviewed him once – need to get him on again.

      • rl

        Thanks Sean.
        I often wonder for someone such as yourself what may be known, or what insights may be given or that you may be privy to that may not be for general consumption, having an ear on the pulse so to speak. And what your take at the end at the day might be in regards to ALL of it.
        You would be a good interview… But would just as well open yourself up to opinion and bias etc. The high ground you maintain is commendable and genuine and of course you are here to thankfully grant us this info while we get to sally bias and opinions as well as angst about, trying to crack the nut.
        And in any case… thanks again.
        A kindly reminder welcomed.

      • Ed_B

        No problem on that, Sean. You and the other folks running this web site do amazing work that has put you at the top of the must-read web sites these days. Andy and Bill strike me as being VERY sincere and genuine. Would love to hoist a few and just listen to a small group discussion with these fellows. Great stuff, for sure. Agree 100% on having Bill on again. That would be great!

  • Michael214

    Andy says..”the house down the street sold for 11% less”…is he quoting that in dollars, if so why not in GOLD terms?

  • Bill Sodomsky



  • Bill Sodomsky

    Thanks Sean. I suggest you research the work of Eric Jon Phelps. There are various You Tube Videos as well as his written work “Vatican Assassins.” Additionally, a research scientist Leuren Moret, an expert in nuclear matters (recently as they pertain to the Ukraine), has become an outspoken critic of the Jesuit Order. She confirms much of my research in this regard.

    I do not profess to be an expert on any conspiratorial theories for the simple fact, that I am not one of them. However, in a previous lifetime, my career (financial services at the very highest level) was destroyed as a result of systemic fraud perpetrated by the oligarchs who control the entire Canadian financial edifice. I spent 4 years on daily basis getting to the bottom of how Canadian Banks, Investment Houses and insurance companies could pull off major criminality with impunity. All of my research and personal experience led me to the Roman Catholic Church, the various Temple Knights Orders and the professional and political class that ultimately get there marching orders from the Society of Jesus. This email is already getting quite lengthy, but if you want to know how to connect the dots and get to the bottom of really who controls the bankers, let me know and I’ll fill in the blanks. As they say, “ALL ROADS LEAD TO ROME!!!”
    Thanks for responding to my post and please take the effort to follow this thread. It’ll blow your mind.
    Best regards,

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