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Super-Bubbles And Unprecedented Global Collapse – Time Is Running Out!

from Kingworldnews:

We are now at the endgame and this is the biggest economic and financial bubble in history. Virtually every country in the world is under enormous pressure. But one country believes it is immune to all these problems around the world and that is, of course, the United States.

With both U.S. stocks and bonds near the highs and the dollar (recently) surging, it seems that the U.S. is still an invincible superpower. But sadly, the U.S. will just be the last country to fall and that fall is imminent.

The three super-bubbles that I just mentioned — dollars, stocks and bonds — are all in the process of finishing a move. It’s hard to say which one will fall first but it’s the fall of the dollar which will have the biggest impact on the world. The dollar isn’t really strong. It’s been falling for 50 years.

Egon von Greyerz Continues @ King World News

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1 comment to Super-Bubbles And Unprecedented Global Collapse – Time Is Running Out!

  • anon

    Yep. The USD/FRN will likely be the “last man standing”, and when the Western International Central Bankers decide to “pull the plug” on the USD/FRN, then we’ll have the global economic collapse. Maybe this is why the BRICS are seemingly is such a hurry to get their alternative to the “SWIFT” system, up and running? Is it possible that they know the game that is being played by the Western (Int’l) Central Bankers, and they aren’t falling for it? Or, is there something else occurring here? I mean didn’t they just give a seat at the SWIFT table to Russia? Also, didn’t the UK and Australia, just enter into some kind of agreement with Russia (to join in the new BRICS alternative SWIFT system)? And what about Greece?

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