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Sugar Industry Collusion Since 1950s to Hide Dangers of Their Product

by Christina Sarich, Natural Society:

There’s Big Pharma, Big Ag, and now Big Sugar – all industries too sweet on the smell of money to be truthful about their products to the public. New information has come forth that proves the sugar industry knew their products would cause dental and health issues since the 1950’s, but they worked with our government agencies (cigarette-ad-campaign-style) to make sure we wouldn’t know the true damage sugar could cause until we were all addicted.

Internal documents exchanged between a sugar industry trade association, representing 30 international sugar manufacturers and our government, prove that sugar companies knew from the 1950’s that sugar is the principal cause of tooth decay, yet they immediately set about deflecting the blame onto other bogus factors, not to mention, left the door open for fluoridation of our water.

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1 comment to Sugar Industry Collusion Since 1950s to Hide Dangers of Their Product

  • Eric B

    I started a lifestyle change late Jan 2015…..take sugars out of my diet…NO Hi-fructose, no refined, no artificial sweeteners! Pleny of nuts, eggs, oatmeal, once in a while I break down and even get some fast food at Popeyes/5 Guys burgers….always with water as a beverage….results….lost 27lbs of weight in 2.5 months…the 2 day off the ” Sugar Train ” I noticed my joint pain had left….now have much more energy and alertness….America is being killed with SUGAR!

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