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Stocks, Treasuries, Gold, Silver — The Difference

from PastorDowell:

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1 comment to Stocks, Treasuries, Gold, Silver — The Difference

  • anon

    Anything on paper, or digital (zeros and 1’s on a computer screen) is nothing but a PROMISE to pay. SILVER and gold bullion, which you hold (in your personal possession) is REAL MONEY! Has been for THOUSANDS OF YEARS! What is the crux of the problem, here? When you are in debt, the banks OWN you! They used to have DEBTOR’S PRISONS! They’d incarcerate anyone who couldn’t pay back their debts. The Central Bankers OWN the LEGAL SYSTEM! Get out of debt. THAT is the solution. What do they do when a country can’t pay back it’s debts to the IMF? They seize that country’s assets!

    Did he say “shalom”?

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