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Spirituality in the New World Order: Is a one world religious authority in formation?

by Matthew Butler, Intellihub:

Last September, Israel’s ex-President Shimon Peres asked Pope Francis to head a future “UN of religions”, a proposed organisation with “unquestionable” authority to proclaim God’s will. Peres argued globalising faith under a single world authority is required to combat terrorism. Is this concept, which has major implications, really about peace, or is there a darker agenda behind it?

For some time now, political and economic decision-making power has devolved away from citizens and the nation-state to global multilateral organizations. As these organisations shape a new global order favoring corporate and financial elites, local populations have a diminished say in economic decisions affecting them – especially when represented by careerist politicians more aligned to the global elite.

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3 comments to Spirituality in the New World Order: Is a one world religious authority in formation?

  • Sayldog

    Maybe that’s what Bergoglio was talking about when he made the unprecedented statement that he only has a short time as Pope. He already knows that he will be crowned the head of the Anti-Christ New World Order’s One World Religion. Didn’t he say he only has a couple more years?

  • Gnostic

    The Bahá’í Faith Centered in Haifa, Israel is the only religion to have a seat at the UN. It is the NWO religion, all those who oppose it are in violation of Talmudic Noahide Law & will be summarily beheaded.

  • glitter 1

    Theosophy(see Helena Blavatsky’s”The Secret Doctrine)is the official religion of the/connected to the UN,established by Alice and Foster Bailey’s “Lucifer Publishing” in 1922.In 1925 the name was changed to Lucis Trust.

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