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Jim Willie: The Acceleration Of The Global Power Shift… is a VERY… BIG Deal

[Ed. Note: Jim Willie starts at 5:00]

by Shadow of Truth, The Daily Coin:

January was just loaded with big events…the door was opened to a number of different channels working simultaneously for bringing about what I call the global paradigm shift and that’s basically the retirement of the dollar and the reinstallation of the gold standard both in trade and in banking.” – Jim Willie

Several events have emerged early this year which are symbols of the historic shift of power – economic, political and military – from west to east.  Perhaps the most visible symbol of this is the massive transfer of physical gold moving from western Central Bank and investment vaults into the massive new vaults erected in Singapore, Hong Kong and Shanghai.

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8 comments to Jim Willie: The Acceleration Of The Global Power Shift… is a VERY… BIG Deal

  • rl

    They wont have it Gnos,
    Dont go there and get the herd looking the other way relishing their guilt.
    Rothschild agents brought them communism all the way to kerry clinton and the rest for madsanto in ukraine. Your just crazy as rabbis were busted selling organs in nyc a time or 2 to also. Poor jim is just whack and so are you and I my friend. And good ol dr roberts has to be right about his never ending nuke noise. OOOOHH the neocons too, dont forget. BWAAAAHaHaHa
    Willie puts so many to shame and god forbid we ever get past the tards and tools for the real cabal of all things to face the light of day.
    GOOD interview well done Rory.

  • Randy0302

    Jim Willie IS the man!

    What about Putin’s disappearance?

  • Sam

    It’s amazing to hear of the Drjackass er aka Jim Willie’s analysis…I want to believe he’s right too on the widening wars that will not go nuke…I have my doubts on that part as those of us awake can plainly see where the psychopaths are chopping on the bit for it.
    As Gerald Celente says “not a peep about peace” when referring to all of those in responsible positions as “Official Assholes” that they never speak of peace, it’s always about war!

    • rl

      I have no doubt there more than a few who would like to push the button.
      Cooler heads always prevail. It is a no win situation endlessly gamed out to show them this.
      Them being the hands on not the cabal who JW doesnt let slide and who see and know the rest.
      And if they ever do you can bet it will be started from a bunker 10 stories under with the ‘push’ of buttons. The human factor is the chink in the armor which is why drone tech is 10 years ahead of what we can even imagine. Along with mini nuke. The tech or means to clean up fukushima is there to so it is doable and survivable for those who control those strings.
      Cheney is said to have loaded em up armed at Minot… the litany of dead airman and the rest tells the tale. Suffice it to say that I live most the year in silo land and I see the crews inside the fences working all the time.
      Heres a sample of the logo on the semi trailers that dot the pads. The only thing on them.

      Folks close to these things pay a lot more attention to all the hype than most for obvious reasons. The fact that the first u.s drone in the air is centered amongst them is not lost on these folks either as ice-us is at, wait for it… Minot, right on time. Jeehawd in silo land now that the crude dollars have been sucked dry. Theres a quinkydink.
      The purge is on at the local afb which is SAC central one step removed yet north of Offutt, which is the point of the matter. Headlines, once again, right on the heels of the frak bust. Local infaltion per job/dollar influx manitained with plenty of cream off the top to go around at the last stop at the end of the track. The amount of money that passes through this nowhere out of sight place has always been staggering, truly staggering from all of it now just not on the back pages. Bezos doesnt do biz out of here with amazon for nothing.

      So Im not saying it cant happen, Im just saying they are a long way from last resorts and the total elimination of income streams and their minions, along with the worthless eaters.
      Psychos dont let other psychos play with matches when their own wood pile is at stake is what Im thnking. And if a big boy gets loose then its game over anyway and the controllers that think they will crawl out to have their way are highly mistaken in any real sense. Providing survival will pay dividends for the sort term but the notion of law and order, long gone, will not return in time to help them or shield them for what they have allowed or collaborated in. To many people are already tired of their crap and Fuk-u-shima is already doing the deed anyway. And live like your dying for that family and kids as well as your worthy fellows may just be the real message to be taken for the most intelligent of men, in this never ending slow burn; Tim McGraw may just be the smartest man of the bunch.

  • Gnostic

    To learn more about the bolshevik Revolution & what you won’t learn on the Hitler (History) Channel. WARNING GRAPHIC

    Juri Lina – In the Shadow of Hermes,

  • rl

    Awesome Gnos.
    The book is even better and I didnt know vids could be posted.
    This one rattles some cages with real history that cant be denied.
    Well done.

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