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RED ALERT: Israel’s former ambassador to Russia: ‘There are signs of a coup’

[Ed. Note: As the major opposition to the aggression of NATO and Western powers, if Putin has been overthrown or killed in a coup, the Rothschild-Zionist Bankster plan for world domination will continue to move forward, almost entirely unchallenged.]

by Mark Piggott, International Business Times:

Russia’s President Vladimir Putin may have been removed from office by army factions or wealthy businessmen either working together or against one another, says Israel’s former ambassador to Russia Zvi Magen.

Despite soon-discredited claims to the contrary by the Kremlin, Putin has not been seen in public since 5 March and rumours surrounding his leadership continue to circulate both in Russia and abroad.

Putin is due to meet Kyrgyzstan President Almazbek Atambayev in St Petersburg tomorrow (Monday 16 March) to discuss trade and investment. If he fails to appear, the rumours will become even more frenzied.

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16 comments to RED ALERT: Israel’s former ambassador to Russia: ‘There are signs of a coup’

  • At the Beach

    “Others have suggested he (Putin) is in Switzerland to attend the birth of his love child with Olympic gymnastics medalist Alina Kabayeva.”

    Is it just me or does this crap read like the National Enquirer? Is it also a requirement that Mr. Putin reveal his whereabouts on a day-to-day basis to placate the Western media? Oh please. Either way, we will know soon enough without sophomoric speculation.

  • Michael

    From the former Israel ambassador to Russia. What a stellar source of information.

  • Another Michael

    I agree with the first Michael. I would expect Zionists to spread rumors that benefit them. Israel is hardly a trustworthy source.

  • dan

    Putin is NOT a limelight harlot like Obama….EVERYDAY you will see obama on TV or in the spotlight of an interview..every day….imho

  • Jacobson

    That former israeli said there are signs for coup, it doesn’t mean it’s true.
    That’s his own opinion and not a formal announce of Israel.

    I don’t know if you saw but there are many trucks outside the Kremlin.
    There are russians who said they saw military helicopters.
    Today, a photo of the Kremlin without the russian flag was published.

    The KGB is ruling Russia and not his majesty Vladimir Putin.
    If they didn’t killed him now, they’ll do it one day,
    That’s how totalitarian regimes work.

  • Sergio of the Jungle

    They have to have big ballz to remove a president with a 90%ish approval rating at home. That might put a new meaning to Spring Uprising.

  • The Truth

    Can’t you all see BS just in the headline of articles. I mean anything out of this British created 1948 place called Israel, which was done by the Zionists, who lie and say they are Jews and are not should be taken with a grain of salt. I really do not know how to take news from a lying entity. Just getting news in itself is misleading most of the time. Putin dead or alive will not save any of our asses! Besides whatever he Put-in he will get back and the same goes for us!

    We are now all Put-ins. Either you Put-in good to get back good, or you Put-in BS and evil to get back the same return.

    On the real though, I would like to know what this news is really distracting us from?

  • Nancy Ahrens

    Coup was planned for two weeks ago, to precede Israeli PM appeal to U.S. Congress, to stir up fear of Russia, set the stage for WW3. Election on Tuesday in Israel is still uncertain, requires fear to stir up citizenry to keep PM in office, so outcome of coup uncertain until at least Wednesday, after Israeli election. That’s my expectation, but who knows? Maybe this is a false flag of a faction favoring Putin to cover his actual whereabouts for other reasons. Maybe he’s conferring with potential allies elsewhere.

  • CL2

    Would the Russian people support a Coup with Putin’s approval rating at 85-90%?

  • Nancy Ahrens

    House of Rothschild is not Jewish, but Khazar, from what is now Georgia, home of 4 dissidents who murdered a Jewish dissident, just before midnight Feb. 27th, while walking with his young female associate from Ukraine, after their late dinner in the Kremlin, hidden from view by a passing delivery truck, but assassins parked rental car at other end of the bridge, and ran away, cornered later and arrested, with two more, back home. Rally planned for March 1 turned into memorial for fallen, middle aged dissident, former associate of Gorbachev and Yeltsin, now out of favor. May have been a sacrificial lamb for the coup attempt, which didn’t happen, might be tried again, but more likely a diversion. News blackout is temporary, perhaps. Putin might actually be in China, signing a mutual defense treaty, in case U.S. generals and national security advisers manage to force Obama’s hand in Ukraine, in concert with new Senate majority, which has already approved funds for major push, mentored by PACS that got new ones elected, and by former associates of Cheney, like Nuland, who have ingratiated themselves with WH staff, as experts on what Putin is doing, and/or has done, about Ukraine, like shooting down Flight 17, which was never proved, at the time or later. Just saying. Truth is a scarce commodity, when motivation for war is strong, and Rothschild is behind it.

    Is anyone thinking Zionism was an invention of Rothschild? Check out the citation. It’s all there, spelled out in 1871.

  • Johan

    Just because it comes out of Western Media or MSM doesn’t mean it’s not true. It just means theres a motive behind it.

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