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Putin’s Return Coincides with Greatly Increased Russian War Preparations

by Dave Hodges, The Common Sense Show:

Putin has come out of captivity, self-imposed, or otherwise, swinging for the fences. In an unprecedented series of moves, Putin is more aggressive, more warlike and more daring than any time in his Presidency. His military exercises which coincided with his return to the limelight, are unprecedented in the post cold war era.

Putin laughed off his 10 missing days as “Life would be boring without rumors”. His 10 day disappearing act has been attributed to his being bedside with his mistress as she gave birth to his love child and to his self-imposed quarantine for a religious holiday. His 10 day absence is no laughing matter as Putin missed two major meetings with heads of state in a part of the world that is one provocative incident away from World War III. And I will overlook, for the time being, the persistent claims which state that the photos being released to the media are over a year old. Whether Putin is still truly in charge of his own domain, or he has become the puppet of more sinister and psychopathic forces than he and these sinister behind-the-scenes forces needed 10 days to get their more aggressive points across to Putin, is wholly irrelevant to the fate of the world. The fact remains that Russian forces are engaging in a series of snap exercises which just coincidentally coincides with Putin’s reappearance.

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