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Putin Foe Killed By Western Intelligence?

from Fabian4Liberty:

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5 comments to Putin Foe Killed By Western Intelligence?

  • Rodster

    Who knows for sure but I wouldn’t it was used as a false flag to rally the opposition against Putin. The Charlie Hebdo incident smells like a scam.

  • chuck

    Putin is statist hegemone that has no doubt dealt with his competion in similar fashion, but not this time. Putin’s Russia, by virtue of their regional control of gas and oil supplies, stands in the way of western banks (EIB et al) from dominating the economies of Eastern Europe, the Balkans and Turkey. They will try to destoy him any way they can and framing him in the murder of this Nempsov guy is just another in a list of attempts including MH17.

  • chuck

    competition Nemtsov

  • AL

    A prominent politician publicly fearful for his life, takes a walk down a secluded bridge at night without security….strange. One might of thought he’d have a security team if his life was in danger.

  • pvtskulker

    Just another false flag frame job by our bullsh*t State Department. By tomorrow it will be yesterdays news.

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