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Proxy Wars, Economic War & WWIII — David Quintieri, THE MONEY GPS

from SGT

In this episode of documenting the collapse we meet up with researcher David Quintieri, author of The Money GPS. You can find David’s work online and on You Tube by the same name.

David and I discuss the Pentagon’s ongoing proxy wars, economic warfare and the crumbling US economy.

David notes, “The real wealth of the people is declining year over year. The people have lost faith in their government while at the same time they are more dependent on their government, and this is going to hit a tipping point and then we are going to have a very big problem.”

We also discuss cyber warfare, the collapsing derivatives bubble, and the very real danger of NATO and the United States pushing Putin into a new world war which could easily go thermonuclear. Buckle up, and thanks for tuning in.

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16 comments to Proxy Wars, Economic War & WWIII — David Quintieri, THE MONEY GPS

  • NIX

    IMPORTANT: net neutrality passed.

    • NIX

      SGT it’s now the time to give your community anything we need to reach you! FAX,email,ip,news letters,…

      shitt is going down fast!

    • Ed_B

      If the Speaker of the House had a pair, he would cut the FCC’s budget by half to inform them of his displeasure. But since he is a gutless sissy, IMO, that probably won’t happen. It SHOULD but it won’t. 🙁

      • NIX

        And ED what about the banning of the 223 your take.


        • Ed_B

          Hey, Nix… my take is that I bought 600 rounds of these last week and am waiting for the delivery truck as I type this. I am also searching for some of these bullets so I can handload more 5.56 mm ammo. Got plenty of brass, powder, and primers, though.

          This is just another trumped up answer to a question that no one is asking. More government = less liberty. Yeah, it really IS just that simple! Yet, for some reason there seems to be no shortage of idiots in politics who specialize in just this kind of criminal behavior. Tarring and feathering needs to be brought back into use! There are all sorts of people in DC who could benefit from this treatment. If that doesn’t give them the hint, then stronger measures can be applied.

  • rodjen78

    Thanks for the great interview! How funny, I disagree on just every single point you make ;-). Here a consequence-focused analysis of it:

    – “Greenspan warning and recommending gold”. Greenspan is always wrong. Thus gold is likely to tank in terms of USD, while the stock market is going into a blowoff top. Time horizon: next 12 months.

    – “Dangerous derivatives”. Are indeed no danger anymore. At zero interest rates they can and will borrow infinite amounts of money into existence in order to settle any possible systemic danger of default. All obligations will be settled into infinity. Issuing derivatives and triggering their formal default will become the most profitable business model in the next years.

    – “Unrepayable debt”. It doesn’t need to be repaid anymore. We are at zero interest rates, so servicing the debt is no problem anymore. The problem has evaporated.

    – “Digital dark age”. Won’t happen. The internet is out of control, shutting it down is impossible. If they shut down the hardware portion, there are cable-free transmission mechanisms available, which will be quickly installed in visual peer-to-peer fashion (directional broad band laser and microwave data cannons, “data snipers”).

    – “Powerful Troyka”. Wrong. The greeks killed the Troyka, it has ceased to exist, they are gone forever.

    – “West is financing ISIS”. Wrong, ISIS is out of control and self-financing. Should ISIS enter Russian territory, you won’t believe how fast and clean the Russians will terminate it.

    – “NATO pushing Putin into WW3”. Wrong, Europe is already in the process of shifting towards Russia. No interest in confrontation, NATO becoming obsolete.

    – “There is no truthful education”. Yes there is. Pick any popular channel like or, and bet on the very opposite of the majority opinion, you will be almost always right ;-).

    Thank you Sean, your channel is giving a consistently sharp dual picture of reality, with almost 100% accuracy. I have never in my whole life seen a more powerful tool for predicting future events. I really mean it, you have opened my eyes!

    • Ed_B

      ““Dangerous derivatives”. Are indeed no danger anymore.”

      So what happens when the derivatives market implodes so rapidly that neither governments nor central banks can move quickly enough to stop them? Imagine a flash crash in the derivatives market. BOOM! and its over, just as the governments and the central banks are looking at each other and all are asking, “WTF just happened???”.

      Also, printing HUGE amounts of money WILL damage the currency, perhaps fatally. We’ve seen this movie before and know how it ends… and it’s not a happy ending. A good share of the propaganda coming from the governments and central banks these days concerns their control and infallibility. Both of these are far from perfect… as has been amply demonstrated over the past several years and with what they are attempting to do, they have to be perfect or they will create a collapse. That which is not sustainable WILL end and probably in rather spectacular fashion.

      Oh, well. To each their own opinion and history will show which of us got it right and which did not. At this point, neither side of this debate can say for sure what will happen because there are just too many possible inputs and outcomes.

      • Jerry

        “So what happens when the derivatives market implodes so rapidly that neither governments nor central banks can move quickly enough to stop them?”

        Ever here of derivative stays?

        There is not going to be a derivatives crash that happens in just a few hours or probably not even over the course of a few days as the fear-mongers claim.

        • Ed_B

          I’ve heard of many things. Some work, some don’t. I am not betting on anything associated with derivatives working as the brainiacs on Wall Street believe that they will. They are the same people who brought us the Forex, LIBOR, and London whale scandals plus the crash of 2001, crash of 2008, housing debacle, internet stock debacle, etc. ad nauseum. Maybe all will be just fine and maybe it won’t. Those of us who think that caution is in order will be taking out some financial insurance against any more Wall Street / DC “kerfluffles” happening. Those who don’t want to do that are welcome to do as they see fit.

    • SGT

      R, I’m glad to hear your counterpoints, thanks.

  • Tom G.

    Thanks for putting that together Sean. I liked the length of the interview= just right.

  • AgShaman

    Of course the Syndicate is going to start WW III. The internet is only slowing them down and they missed their 2014 schedule. Small potatoes, since patience is the name of the game in their “long con”.

    The clues are always in your face because the construct requires some sort of “medium” to filter the psyops into your brainbox, whether it be movies, papers and news, or scantily clad devil worshipping skanks putting out crappy music.

    It’s always in your face….because that’s where the Syndicate wants it put.

    You knew they were going to claim ownership of the internet…Clancy and Pieczenik have a series dedicated to govt control of the Net….what a coincidence eh?

    You can let these criminals off the hook. Just forget their crimes. Forget they have think tanks to cook up false flags for them. Forget they have NGO’s to topple sovereign nations along with secret weapons funding.

    Forget 9/11….you just wanna go back asleep or eat a juicy steak.

    beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep…..

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