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Pro-Terrorist Cornell University Takes Money from Globalist Bill Gates to Push GMOs Destroying America

by J. D. Heyes, Natural News:

Using financing from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Ivy League Cornell University’s Alliance for Science has launched a multi-million-dollar broadside against a small food-oriented public interest group as a means of pushing genetically modified organisms to new markets around the world — and all in the name of advancing the welfare of Mankind.

The group being targeted is called U.S. Right to Know, and its mission, according to the organization’s website, is to “expose what the food industry doesn’t want us to know.” The group was founded by Gary Ruskin, a long-time anti-GMO advocate.

As reported by Corporate Crime Reporter, the Cornell Alliance for Science is using a $5.6 million Gates Foundation grant to “add a stronger voice for science and depolarize the charged debate around agricultural biotechnology and genetically modified organisms (GMOs)” — or, more correctly, “defend GMOs on behalf of the agrichemical and food industries against all critics,” the website reported.

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1 comment to Pro-Terrorist Cornell University Takes Money from Globalist Bill Gates to Push GMOs Destroying America

  • gary h

    “if we[‘we’ being the Gates Foundation] do a really good job with vaccines…[vaccines are something that i.. Bill Gates Jr…. just happen to luuuuuuv[i luuuuv them because I’m proud to be the worlds top eugenicist, AND big pharma fills up my huge funny debt money piggy bank jar with lots of funny debt money every time i do!]…we can drop world population by 2020 from 9 billion to 5 billion [exterminating some 4 billion human beings]” – Bill Gates jr. at the 2010 TED conference..
    Gates is a incredibly sick psychopathic sociopathic vaccine murderer doing the Zionist’s bidding & dirty work for them[take a gander at the Talmudic juice bible”the Talmud”sometime,& then you will know just why & how sick these Talmudic juice really are..the Talmud says its A-OK for Rabbi’s to have anal sex with 3 year old boys & girls..THREE YEAR OLDS!!!!..
    Gates is in fact admitting that he will use the vaccines he simply luuuuuvs,to exterminate some 4 billion human beings over the next decade..can’t help being blown away every time I view that Bill Gates 2010 TED conference you have a multi- billionaire readily admitting to the world that pig farma’s poison filled vaccines are & will be/being used to maime,de-fertilize,& murder people all around the world..why isn’t his guy in jail for life?[ he’s already maimed and/or murdered 47,500 children in India that we know of] the same reason none of the elite are in jail for their heinous & murderous war crimes! they make the rules & the rules & laws are for the goy insect peasants,not the elite that run the world..DUH..
    therefore..Gates is openly admitting vaccines are IN FACT FILLED WITH DEADLY why is there even a debate about vaccines at all?! all you have to do is show someone this Bill Gates TED presentation from 2010[link below] & if they can’t figure out that vaccines are poisonous crap, then they probably have all sorts of trouble tying their shoes & chewing aspartame filled bubble gum at the same time..

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