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Prepping On A Budget With Cal Wilson

from PrepperReconon:

Cal Wilson joins me today to talk about economic threats such as Obama and new strains on our over-extended welfare system. Cal gives some fantastic tips on prepping without breaking the bank.

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  • Nursey1

    Having salt for emergencies is essential, but buying “cheap” salt could effect our family’s health more than most people are aware. Here’s a bit I got from one of many sites that expose “table salt” for the toxic stuff it really is: “Contrary to popular belief, table salt is not just sodium chloride. It also contains additives that are designed to make it more free-flowing. Ferrocyanide, talc, and silica aluminate are commonly included. Aluminum intake leads to neurological disorders, particularly when no selenium is provided to help the body to chelate it. Aluminum bio-accumulates inside the body, causing further degeneration over time. Talc is a known carcinogen, though its effects upon ingestion have not been heavily studied. While it was once used in baby powders, the majority of such products now use cornstarch instead of talc, because of the known health risks. The F.D.A. has a special provision to allow talc in table salt, even whilst it is prohibited in all other foods, due to toxicity issues. According to current regulations, table salt can be up to 2% talc.”

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