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Police Implement New Policy to Treat Everyone as Criminals: When a Cop Stops You, Hands Must Go Up

from The Free Thought Project:

Drivers as well as their passengers in Topeka Kansas will soon be subject to a new policy requiring everyone to put their hands up during police stops.

Police say they are implementing this policy because “we all want to go home to our families, and this makes it safer for us to approach vehicles to gain that compliance. It gives us a chance to survive these encounters.”

However, the implications regarding this practice are horrid, and many residents are up in arms about being forced to be up in arms.

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6 comments to Police Implement New Policy to Treat Everyone as Criminals: When a Cop Stops You, Hands Must Go Up

  • At the Beach

    Maybe motorists (and their passengers) “want to go home” to their families also. This new policy is bullshit, “folks”.

  • C.i.

    Maybe There Is A Problem Out There.

    Think About It Aye.


  • Dante

    Either the police brass are running scared because they know what’s coming, or they want to train us to become obedient slaves. (Evidently, they must feel that 12 years of slave training in the school system hasn’t quite done the trick. I beg to differ.) Personally, I think it’s a little of both – rough times ahead, so they’re exerting command and control while they still have time. The slave training will work for a while, but once the order is given to take no prisoners, the trigger will be routinely pulled, whether our hands are up or our hands are down.

  • John

    The police are bull shitting on everyone. They have one of the lowest death rate for their profession because they are heavily armed. But they play it as the opposite to garner sympathy & pay raises for their cause. Then they get to retire after 20 years of service on our taxpayer dime. Police & firefighters make themselves out to be heroes, when they really aren’t. They live off of our taxpayers dollars, just like the politicians & their ilk.

    But let’s compare that public safety mortality rate with some other blue collar, mostly male jobs. The figures below are the number of on-the-job deaths annually per 100,000 workers, by occupation (and note the average for men vs. women):

    * Policemen: 16.8
    * Firefighters: 16.6
    * Men: 6.9
    * Women: 0.7
    * Farmers and Ranchers: 37.2
    * Grounds Maintenance Workers: 13.5
    * Fishers and related Fishing Workers: 147.2
    * Construction Laborers: 21.4
    * Roofers: 33.5
    * Structural Iron and Steel Workers: 61
    * Operating Engineers and other Equipment Operators: 18.2
    * Aircraft Pilots and Flight Engineers: 90.4
    * Refuse and Recyclable Material Collectors: 40.7
    * Logging: 87.4
    * Mining: 28.1
    * Taxi and limousine drivers: 22.1
    * Truck Transportation: 27.2

  • dan

    Did they say “all must be ‘armed up'”…I couldn’t agree more….imho

  • Mike

    I just called the Mayor’s office and the Police Dept. and informed them as a person that travels I will be avoiding Topeka and encouraging others to do the same.

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