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Plutocracy Has Become Epidemic in America

from Outsider Club:

I’ve talked pretty extensively about the imminent dangers of crony capitalism and plutocracy in America.

Not only are these issues contributing to what is the largest inequality gap in history, but it’s making all of the financial laws of the land arbitrary and obsolete.

Its not only stifling socioeconomic mobility, but it’s stifling innovation at large.

And a story in yesterday’s Wall Street Journal happens to perfectly articulate a real-life example illuminating just how toxic government relationships can be with mega-corporations — cozy and comfortable, mutually beneficial, abusive and/or privileged at times but totally cancerous to some of democracy’s big-picture goals.

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1 comment to Plutocracy Has Become Epidemic in America

  • anon

    Is it “Plutocracy”, or is it FASCISM? Or, does “Plutocracy” really mean FASCISM?

    Plu-toc-ra-cy, 1. government, by the wealthy. 2. a government or state in which the wealthy rule. 3. a group of wealthy people who control or influence a government.

    Fascism, “…the retention of private ownership of the means of production under centralized governmental control, belligerent nationalism and racism, glorification of war, etc. first instituted in Italy in 1922.”

    Those definitions according to Webster’s New Twentieth Century Dictionary, 2nd Ed. (1971)

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