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Our DISTORTED FASCIST Economic Reality is Dire — Gregory Mannarino

from SGT

Gregory Mannarino from Trader’s Choice joins me to shine a very bright light on our DISTORTED and FASCIST economic reality, which at this point, even for those who still have decent jobs, is very dire. We are living in a FEAR based economy where workers are either scared they are going to lose their jobs, or terrified because they already have. Meanwhile, the Pentagon coffers are flush with more than .50 cents from every tax dollar collected, while Wall Street enjoys $172,000 bonus checks. As Gregory aptly puts it, “it’s game over’ for the US economy.

If you dear reader are still gainfully employed, God Bless, but please prepare for what may be coming. And if you are one of the MILLIONS who is now unemployed or underemployed, double God Bless. We are all in this mess together.

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54 comments to Our DISTORTED FASCIST Economic Reality is Dire — Gregory Mannarino

      • Eric

        Yeah *sigh* but I like to see the glass half full as much as I can.

        Bibi is a disaster for zionism.

        Thanks for having Greg on. Love hearing from him but I’m not trading in this retarded rigged system anymore so I don’t keep up as much as I used to.

          • Eric

            Hey this is a really great conference. I’ve been going through all of them…

            Carol Rosin at the Secret Space Program Conference,  2014 San Mateo

            • Jacobson

              Don’t be upset guys, the leftist israeli main stream media has tried hard to push their muppets from the “Zionist Camp” party but they failed.
              Obama sent millions of dollars to push the leftist and failed.
              The oligarchy and secret organizations tried, and failed.

              I’m not a supporter of Netanyahu but when I see how the TV’s frowns I’m happy.

              In Israel, we deal the same evil leftists from the media-oligarchy-western forces who try to force us against our will and intrests.

              One point of hope for you guys:
              The arab parties has united and gained 13 seats in the israeli parliament – almost 25% of the Kenesset !
              Apartheid in my ass !

              • Jacobson

                I meant 10% :
                13 seats from 120 seats.
                The 3rd largest party in Israel !!!

                • Eric

                  With as much as the commenters here have researched and studied (whom I consider to be some of the most aware and awake people out there), we really don’t know what’s going on behind the scenes. And we will probably never have the full picture. Bibi winning is Obama losing. Which one is better? You can bet deals are being made everywhere and there are lots of black ops to be sure. Some by the bad guys and some by the good guys, whoever those really are. It all just needs to play out. Hopefully we are still really on a positive timeline. But I don’t think anybody can really connect all the dots because there are just too many dots we haven’t seen yet.

                • Eric

                  Jacob, the leftist idiots everywhere have been so wrong about everything. It probably just comes down to that everywhere.

                • Jacobson

                  Hi again Eric,
                  All I know is how Hussein Obama wants to change the middle east and fails. He is doing all the wrong descisions that he can, maybe the worst descisions in the last 100 years !

                  It is too obvious for the average israeli whats going on:
                  After 6 months of brainwash in TV, Academy, etc.
                  After they (the leftists) called the believers “primitives”,
                  After they brought millions of dollars from Europe,
                  And created secret organizations such as “New Israel Fund” and “V15” (victory 2015),
                  They even brought money from u.s.a in illegal ways (the americans are now investigating).
                  U.S even paid to formers to bash Israel, they spoke about “isolating Israel” LOL
                  THEY FAILED !
                  And the people recognized what they did and chosed Netanyahu not beacuse they want him, but beacuse they know who is “the other side” – the criminal western leftist !

                  People are now celebrating,
                  not the winning of Netanyahu, but the lose of the criminals.

                • Eric

                  All I know is if anyone tries to attack Iran, we’re all dead. But I don’t think it’s going to happen.

                  I actually liked the bibi sitter commercial.

  • Rodster

    Mannarino mentioned “resource scarcity”. I would say food and water falls into resource scarcity.

    • Eric

      Food and Water should come waaay before gold and silver.

      That zen article got me thinking again about how dire the water situation is here in southern cali.

      Saw that DEMCAD post about bug out vehicles and need to watch it again. Need to find a midsize SUV or something this summer. Anyone got any suggestions? Anyone ever deal with carmax? Seems like a lot of people are happy with that but hey a lot of people are dumbasses. Anyways, I really need to get a better bug out vehicle and would appreciate any suggestions you guys got.

      • Rodster

        Brazil’s water situation is on life support, China’s drinkable water supply is now down to 40% total. Las Vegas and Nevada have water issues. Where you’re from Cali according to NASA is looking at running out of water in 12 months.

        Going forward water will be more valuable than gold. Then you have Nestle’s buying up as much water rights so they can sell bottled water to the Chinese. And shale fracking which according to energy experts use millions of gallons of clean water per well.

      • rl

        Depends on how much you plan to take with of course Eric.
        Which way you gotta go and mpg etc.
        Grew up Socal… and seen all the vids too
        Truth is older non gps not all bells and whistels is better.
        Some even say non computer/fuel injection emp proof old school best right.
        But anyway, a toyota 4runner or smaller rav. are spendy there but lotsa miles doesnt matter if the price is right. For me a lexus RX 300 (awd) 2003 or pre with good miles is worth the money as a toyota can fetch same type of dollars. Plenty of them west valley to palm springs to be had. Lotsa country club money in well healed palm springs area had second cars just like these we always found. Dealers there deal in these coming off the golf courses all the time in that big premium market, easy peasy.
        A lot of times dealers and private parties there were ready to deal and book/$$ didnt matter so much if they wanted it to go away.
        Infiniti QX models the same and on par.
        LA/valley cars sitting at stop lights all day we avoided if we could, just sayin.
        A guy I knows owns a used lot and the Chevy’s are easy 150+k suvs and bigger now too if lotsa miles and priced accordingly works. 2005 and pre not trashed should work fine for any of them. He keeps an 03 chev PU around with 300+ on it. Loads it and works it everyday and while it may be a good one its not that uncommon if there kept up. Ford is my PU of chioce but injectors and ignition packs can eat you alive with ethanol issues.
        Lexus is my steady freddy and my bug.

  • Eric

    Hey Greg,

    I’ve lost my entire life’s work or a great deal of it before. It’s frustrating yes but we are going to lose everything one day when we leave this world anyways. Gotta let go. You’re still out there. I’m still here. For now, we are still here! Make your life count. “Keep your feet to the fire!” and “don’t go down without one helluva fight!”

  • NIX

    On monday this is what i sent to all (or should i say) the rest of my friens who are not awake ” the sings are here ! is it going to be to late when the military are going to be in your streets?” (like in france now ) and this is what i send them:

    2 out of 20 said thank you.

    There is a big fight comming…


  • g77enn


    What if Mr. Putin is also playing the game? What if Mr. Putin is also in it to pull the wool over the public’s Eyes?

    The entire Machiavelli Crisis Management System is based on the application of three simple techniques:

    1- Diversion: The idea here is to divert the public attention from the real activities and actions of the rulings elites by creating enough commotion to distract and divert the public attention from the real issue.

    2- Deflection: Deflection is the process of guiding a popular movement – easy and slow, in the desired direction.

    3- Hijack: This one is quite simple and easy: just infiltrate, let the movement grove, and, then, hijack it at its peak.

    We cannot overlook the fact that Russia is the land of instant billionaires – so is Ukraine. Mr. Putin, many sources claim, is a multi-billionaire himself. There is an incentive for every billionaire in the world to participate in the looming loot of public assets and resources – Mr. Putin may well be glad to lend a helping hand. After all, it is billionaires’ world.

    To analyze and see if Mr. Putin is also playing along, we will focus on his actions, or, rather, inactions. First of all, to quell the concerns and the argument that Russia might have been militarily intimidated by US to back off, Russia is more than a match for the western conventional threats. They have the world’s fastest and most precise missile system – carrying also the most bang – their air defense system is impenetrable – they are ahead in electronic warfare technology – and, bar the BS, the Western air force is no match to Russian new generation fighters. As for the nuclear threat posed to them, they are far ahead in the weapon deliver system

    With the threat to existence factored out, we can now put Mr. Putin’s actions, or, rather, inactions in proper perspective:

    1- The Mother of it all, and Putin: Putin is coming with the KGB background – well connected to the intelligence community. Russia and US both keep a tab on each-other’s defense drills and exercises – their satellites monitoring all the military movement and snooping on each other’s communications. He knew what really happened. And, yet, he supported the official line pertaining to the tyranny of (9/11) 2001.

    2- Until recently he had been following the policy that kept the Russian economy tied to the west – sacrificing even the most essential industries in order to do more business with his western partners, and to help the Russian instant billionaires make a few more billions in the process.

    3- During his realm, Russia has become even more integrated with the western financial system – which has opened the Russian economy and the Ruble to exploitation.

    4- Russian decision to abide by the UN Sanctions, and to terminate its contractual obligations to supply the SAM 300 air defense system to Iran is a big question mark.

    5- His inaction in Libya was tantamount to lending support to his western partners.

    6- On the Ukrainian front, it is difficult to swallow that he had no inkling as to what the West was up to.

    The only explanation that fits is that Putin deliberately allowed the events of Ukraine to happen in that fashion – it may very well be the accommodation of billionaires – the gentleman’s agreement between the billionaires of Russia and the billionaires of Ukraine.

    7- Even after the Occupy Maidan goons and their snipers had made the poor Viktor Yanukovych run for his life, Putin had the opportunity, the legal frame-work, and the resources to swiftly move in, take out the bad guys, and reinstall – provisionally, Viktor Yanukovych as the legitimate president. After that, it would have been just a matter of a bit of clean-up operation, announcement of a national reconciliation on all issues of national importance.

    And, it would have been an all OK by now, with thousands of Ukrainians still alive and happy with their families.

    8- As for his response to the western Sanctions:

    What Putin needed to do was to simply turn off the gas supply to EU – no exception – Barring the BS, there is no viable source available to replace the Russian gas to EU – it is simply a matter of technical and logistical constraints. While for Russia, it would have been the best deal in the long run. With a minimal effect to their economy, they could sell all the gas they wanted to their partners in the east.

    And, as for the Russian response to the sanctions from the US, Putin could have terminated the contract to supply rocket engines to US. It would have left US without rockets for its satellites for quite a few years to come – leaving its global snooping operations and military spying network in disarray.

    But, Putin opted for the ‘our partners’ approach.

    And, The Scoop: The fact is that Putin’s actions, or, rather, inactions, do not fit the profile of an independent leader of a powerful country – There is too much bending, and too many compromises. We have to recognize the fact that, despite his nationalist/populist tendencies and affirmations, Putin has a strong social/economic base among Russia’s instant billionaires. He himself is a part of the billionaires club, and as such, he has a closer affinity with his class counterparts in the West than with his fellow citizens at home.

    The fate of the oligarchs of the world is interconnected – Either they form a yet more tightly knitted circle, and survive as a class, or get wiped out like the previous ones. The Super Elites of the billionaire class had two options; either to loosen up a bit and give concessions to the working classes, or tighten up even more and confiscate all from the masses. Unfortunately, the faction insisting on the second option has won – and, we are enjoying the implementation of the Machiavellian Diversion tactic in its full swing.

    • Hugo

      Hi g77enn,

      Good thinking and great post thus. What I would like to add is a historical perspective and also cultural mindset. Once one learns to understand different cultural/religious and historic views on ”the truth” that exist you will find some answers to the points you make. This piece is great as a start on to understand the Russian history, culture and current elites powerplay there

      I am from Europe and lived in the USA for a year. The most sad thing is I think that very few USA people know very long history. For example, very few know that the current EU concept is modelled after the ideals of Charlemagne back in the year 800 AD. He managed to rebuild and empire like the Romans did for the first time in many centuries after that empire fell apart. The Charlemagne is one of the highest prizes the EU gives out to ”heros of the cause”

      Regards, Hugo

    • SGT

      g, this could make a very good guest post on the main page. Whattya think?

  • rl

    Good stuff g77enn,
    Some who have been there if you can believe their non bias say he is the bill hide the bodies take the money clinton of the east.
    Putin does what hes told and gets his millions for it too Im pretty sure.
    The fact that he lets it all go down the proverbial statesman could very well be smoke and mirrors. Crooks infighting…

  • knowtoomuch

    OF COURSE Putin is just another wing of the same khazar bird.

    Well seen.

    Estimation if private fortune : 40-100 BILLION U$D

  • Anna

    Love your website. I listen to your podcasts as often as I can. Really informative & right on target. I so agree with your social fears & concern about the world’s decent into Orwellian fascism. And yes, it is so very frustrating that most family & friends are blind to that fact! Thanks for your ongoing courage to tell the truth!! May the force be with you…

    • SGT

      Anna, thank you so much for taking the time to comment. We really appreciate hearing from everyone, but it’s extra cool to hear from new folks in the comments section. God Bless.

  • Mike

    What I think is nuts is I’m watching hgtv right now and the “rehab brothers” and “House hunters” (Think thats the name). They get houses for people and rehab them. They are in suburban Detroit talking about a good deal on a house built in the 1950’s, 1300 sqft for 299k omg lol. The BS is everywhere trying to make people think there is a recovery. If you paid more than 10k for any size house anywhere in Detroit your 100% insane.

    • Eric

      The dumbing down of society through chemicals, propganda, and mind control technique is just so depressing.

      How TV and Sports Are Used to Control You and What You do

  • Sam

    Great discussion on some very pertinent issues. I agree with Gregory M. on many fronts and only wish more would get a heads up to the disaster unfolding with the frank insights…Perhaps if more stood up, spoke out, and put it into action on various avenues, the trend we are on as a train wreck could be put back on a proper track.
    On the vehicle bug question, a mid sized SUV of the Toyota variety is very good. I drive one with the roof rack&cross bars for extra storage capacity plus a 5k tow package, the seats fold down nice when need the cavernous space inside as well, the AWD 19 inch tires and versitile transmission with snow and downhill push button selections are handy, way more than enough 6 cylinder engine to power it with fuel economy near 20 mpg – not bad with about a 20 gallon tank on board, disc brakes on all 4 too, fog lighting, and of course a JBL sound system with a variety of information platforms make the Highlander an awesome choice worth considering. They are a bit pricey but, the substantial mobile capacity and great options that come with make it worth the dough IMO. There are larger fancier and smaller more efficient but, a strike in the middle makes sense to me.

  • Gnostic

    NAZI (a name the German National Socialists Never called themselves) Had their balls smashed with a hammer to invoke false confessions at Nuremberg Trials, were starved to death in Soviet & Eisenhower death camps, had their own cultural cities firebombed (Dresden & Hamburg) 2 Million of German women raped, were forced to give their technologically advanced secrets to their enemies at “paper clip” are still being hunted, BUT THEY RULE THE WORLD?

    Where’s the critical thinking skills? Are even the supposedly awakened that brainwashed?

  • It seems there is a parasitic criminal element that has infiltrated our US government, and many other governments for that matter. They distort our political and monetary policy to wreak havoc around the world for their gain. Proxy is the meme of the day. As the world falls into complete chaos, will the US and its people be condemned as Hitler and Germany was after WWII as this criminal element skips off to a new parasitic host? The propaganda machine will be in overdrive, for sure.

    I know this will be controversial but I invite everyone to check out my “WWII Exposed” playlist. In particular, listen to (or YT) some of the Spingola/Veronica Clark videos. I admit it is a process, separating “Nazi” propaganda from truth. I would start with the Holocaust propaganda and work into some of the “Nazi” propaganda that has been ingrained into our psyche. I promise you, once you able to break-out of the propaganda, you will view the world in a different light.

    My YT “WWII Exposed” playlist:

    • Gnostic

      Myro, It’s not controversial to those of us who do not fear Truth.

      PS- Goebbels nor Hitler ever said “If you tell a Lie……. They said this is how the Bolshevik Jews do it even the bible supports this. John 8:44

      “A lie told often enough becomes the truth”.

      Vladimir Lenin


      • You are right, I stand corrected. There is no controversy in my mind. I guess I was only trying to break the newbees into this idea slowly, we have all been so brainwashed for so long. After my recent awakening, I am amazed to see how many, even in the alternative news, still use the “Nazis” as the world’s default monsters. Falling for the decades of Jewish propaganda.

        Also, I was just thinking it doesn’t make sense how a hard working people like the Germans know for their high precision and craftsmanship could act so savagely during WW2. I think someone is projecting again.

        Also, in my comment I was referring to the Jewish propaganda against “Nazi Germany” not “Nazi” propagasnda. My understanding is Hitler was very truthful, maybe to his falt.

        • Gnostic


          They are masters at projecting their crimes on their enemies. Take the term Nazi how does that relate in any anagrammatic format to national socialist? The term does however, fit perfectly with AshkeNAZI. Boy oh boy the joke;s on us. As far as breaking in newbies, good luck they can only go so far with the truth.

          PS- Hitler offered up 29 peace treaties, despised war & understood the parasitical Jewish Problem, much like Henry Ford, Gen Patton & a great many others. Of course we must also understand the little average Jews were useful idiots in the grand scheme of things.

          • I agree with your statement about the average Jew also being used. I usually pin the aggression on the Zionist movement to be politically correct. Although the hour is near, do we have time to be politically correct? I do not want to be a hater of anyone but can’t help but notice the likes of Steven Spielberg spewing propaganda or the Jews controlling the Fed, MSM and Hollywood, falling inline with the agenda. Plus there seems to be some precedents of this kind of behavior throughout history. Makes me question being politically correct anymore.

            Look how many of the videos in my “WWII Exposed” playlist I previously mentioned have been deleted. Speaks volumes. I would imagine the average Jew that speaks out is severely shunned.

            • Gnostic

              Myro, Yes indeed,

              My thinking is any Jew who speaks out & reveals the greater plan is technically not a Jew. Judaism in and of itself is a tribal ideology for world domination by self proclaimed master race chosen tribe, so if they smile in your face & speak some truths about monetary policy but support Israeli genocide or deny Jewish power & central planning, Beware.

              PS- Judging from your YT channel, I can see you connected nearly all the dots, barring some demonic esoteric power beyond our understanding.

              • Sean, I refuse to join Google+ and therefore am unable to comment on youtube videos. I appreciate the ability to express myself on your forum. As I said I am not a hater I am only seeking some truth.

                Gnostic, according to all reports, Russia, China, BRICS, etc. seem to be the emerging economic/monetary world system. Curious if you believe this parasitic group have their teeth in this new emerging system as well? That is after they’ve bled us dry and pinned us with the blame. I realize all seems to be against Putin but I also realize their motto: War by deception. Curious of your thoughts.

                Like the famous Who lyric “The new boss same as the old boss”

                • Gnostic

                  I hate to say it but it’s the same old, same old with new management being employed by these parasites & it is the completion of the capstone on the pyramid AKA Jew World Order.

              • rl

                Yep Gnos,
                Guys gotta find a hobby or something to overcome the same old numb butt from surfing the same old same old… joogame spun a 1000 different ways.

          • rl

            From the sakers site;
            Gilad Atzmon: I am always optimistic but this doesn’t necessarily mean that things are getting better. It may be possible that Jewish power will be restricted in the near future. It may even be possible that some future Jewish suffering is inevitable and this is, of course, unfortunate. I am confident that the Jewish elite is not going to be affected by such circumstances. If anything, they will be the first to benefit from any such a development. Ask yourself how many Rothschild died in the holocaust? Would Israel have been established without the Shoah? Would the Jews be as powerful without the Holocaust? These are open questions and in order to understand Jewish power we must engage in these topics and grasp once and for all the sophistication of the Jewish tribal matrix, the way in which it evolves and so on…

            The soft pedal is the only thing that will work and Gilad knows how to pick his battles while he puts the false flags (past or future), hoaxes, and lies between the lines.
            Good luck getting there to all who worship their slave masters or relish their giult for amerika.

  • Paul

    . First let me say that yes.. I think right now this second we are in a collapse and this is going to get much worse. A nightmare! It will be awful and hard.

    But let me say this. There are more of us than them. (The psychopath leaders and bankers who created this) There are LOTS of good people who will help each other and there are lots of people who won’t stand for the corruption anymore and it will be off with their heads and THEY.. the elite who cause this….. should be more afraid of a collapse than we are. Because they will be FRIED and Skinned if everything collapses. World Wide.

    The last and most important is God. He’s on our side. If God is for us who can be against us?

    Good people with hearts and God — all you doom and gloomers NEVER factor this into the account of what will happen when things collapse.

    Let me tell you what will happen when it collapses.

    It will be hard… difficult and a night mare…… but in the end it will be better and we will win.

    That is a fact……

    Please start factoring in the Good Peoples fight and God into your formula of “What will happen when it Collapses.

    In Him,


  • Jeff

    Amen to that Paul.

  • Gnostic

    Many of the founding fathers believed in God, just not the god of the bible,


  • Gnostic

    MONDAY MARCH 16, 2015

    Tune in tonight to hear the other side to World Wars I and II from author of “The Myth of German Villainy” Benton Bradberry.

  • DD

    Greg – why are you bothering to be interviewed by this person?
    First off – Wolf Blitzer is NOT a good media person. He twists and manipulates stuff in favor of Israel. He IS a Zionist supporter for sure.

    Second – Neither Jeb Bush nor Hillery Clinton are good people or the best candidate to vote for – how about voting for Ben Carson instead people? Check him out.

    The person interviewing is pretty clueless at best imho.

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