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Operation Silver Bull Run 2

from TruthNeverTold:

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4 comments to Operation Silver Bull Run 2

  • Willy

    CD mentioning SD tells me price is going lower and they want to clear out inventory. I think I will hold off any purchases until June.

  • Gnostic

    chris does not know the future price, he is not one of the big players like apmex. he does have a nice product but I have noticed that my dealer an authorized us mint dealer pays 10% over spot for gold & silver eagles everything else is 5% less than spot.

  • Silver Shield

    I have no clue about the price of silver, I am the first to say that. I said that silver would never go under $26 and it did. I said silver would double by last year, it did not. I am only stacking silver for the day the dollar dies.

    That said any day you can trade future promises on wealth (dollars) for real tangible wealth (silver) is a good day.

    Gnostic, dealers don’t pay premiums on Silver Shield like the far more liquid market of Eagles but I bet you that on eBay or the SilverShieldXchange that SS does far better than the most generic piece of silver the U.S. Silver Eagle.

    Keep stacking.

    • Jeff

      No need for hand wringing or apologies Chris. You relentless effort to “get the word out” and educate people is second to none. I picked up several of all 5 of these latest coins at SDB yesterday. You coins are cool as shit and I don’t miss a single issue and I always pick up at least one proof as well. Thanks for all that you do.

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