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Oil, Greece, and The Fed

by Andrew Hoffman, Miles Franklin:

Honestly, there’s no better way of describing the “final phase of manipulation, corruption, and lunacy” of history’s largest Ponzi scheme like being in the twilight zone; and for gold and silver holders, a “financial concentration camp.” Day after day, the global political, economic, and financial situation sinks deeper into an abyss it can never escape – at least, until said Ponzi scheme spectacularly implodes. And day after day, we’re forced to listen to liars, thieves, and morons forwarding their sociopathic, destructive agendas whilst the “99%” are punished – via inflation; draconian government; economic imbalances sure to impoverish them for generations; and the suppression of Precious Metal prices, preventing those wise enough to see reality from protecting themselves. Fortunately, “Economic Mother Nature” never loses, and this time around will be no different. That said, if it’s truly “darkest before the dawn,” we could all use a pair of infrared, truth-seeking glasses – as right now, I can’t see a thing.

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2 comments to Oil, Greece, and The Fed

  • Ed_B

    “If they can’t cobble together a measly €2 billion by Friday, the game ends this weekend; and even if they do, how much more obvious could it be that Greece is dead broke?”

    Yeah, but the real hell of it is that ALL Western governments are dead broke because they all have been living the lie that they can live beyond their means on a permanent basis with NO consequences to that utterly stupid misconception. Can you live beyond your means permanently? I can’t… and neither can anyone else, whether they be an individual, a group, state, or country.

    “Yes, my friends, we are on the precipice of an historic event; which will tear Europe – and the world – apart like none ever seen. That is, until Chinese inevitably de-pegs the Yuan from the dollar.”

    Which the Chinese HAVE to do if they are to have a freely convertible currency. They want the yuan to be a (if not THE) world reserve currency and that can’t happen as long as they are tied to the boat anchor of the US$.

    “… but – even according to the BLS’ cooked data – energy is the only sector to have produced positive job growth since 2007.”

    And we all know that the BLS “data” is about as well cooked as would be a steak tossed into a blast furnace. Of course, if government were labeled as an economic sector, it would be making records for growth on at least a monthly basis, if not a weekly or even a daily basis.

    “… the dollar hitting a 12-year high…”

    Isn’t this just an incredible LAUGH!? What is happening that makes the US$ worth more these days? Is our industrial production increasing? Are we getting more productivity from our workforce? Are our “leaders” wise and competent? Is our debt decreasing now? Are our tax receipts rising because of an improving employment picture? Are we energy independent now? In a word, NO, none of these things are happening and this is what MUST happen to truly make the US$ a higher value. No, what’s really happening is that all of the other currencies against which the US$ floats are sucking worse than we are, if that can be imagined, so their fiat currencies fall while our fiat currency rises… actually, levitates would be a more accurate term here.

    “Not that such childish wordsmithing matters in the first place, but is it really possible the Fed would again try to ignore reality so unabashedly?”

    Oh, what the heck! If we can’t have a little wordsmithing fun with all this ridiculous nonsense coming from the US Gov and the Fed, what can we do? But, yes, the Fed has its own version of reality and the fact that it does not bear any resemblance to what most of us would call reality seems to cause Yellen & Co. little to no problem whatsoever. The more I think about all this, though, the more it seems that Yellen & Co. DO know what reality is and are not trying to reject it so much as escape it for a while. The operating term, of course, being “for a while”. They MUST know that: 1) the current Keynesian approach to economics is a dismal failure of epic proportions; 2) the US economy, government spending levels, and continuous trade deficits are not sustainable; and 3) that which cannot be self-sustaining WILL end. It has to because there is no other choice.

    “Or heck, it could be as simple as confidence being lost in the Fed’s ability to “stabilize” the economy, when enough people realize how dead wrong it has been on absolutely every imaginable forecast; and how horrifyingly damaging its policies have been.”

    It is not at all clear to me that the general public in the US will ever “get it” in terms of how the Fed works and what a screw job it is. For that to happen, most Americans would have to give a damn about it and I just can’t see that happening… until, of course, the entire system comes crashing down upon all our heads. It will only be at that point when the sheeple out there will look into the feed trough, that the system has kept filled for so long but then no longer can, that there will be a small glimmer of understanding that they have been f***ed all along but just did not know it. They WILL know it then, of course, but the time for addressing that problem will be well and truly over. One will either be prepped and stacked or one will be totally screwed. In typical sheeple fashion, however, all blame for this disaster will then be assigned to those of us who saw it coming and prepared for it… so, stand ready to repel boarders, whether they be starving mobs, street gangs, or government employees because ALL of them will be looking for goodies to consume and / or hand out to those who did not earn them… as usual.

    “… and the Labor Participation Rate at a 38-year low as the U.S. enters an official recession…”

    Recession my patootie! The US, Japan, the UK, and the EU all entered a depression of 1930s era magnitude back in 2008. Although the cracks in our financial foundation have been papered over, none of the systemic problems have been addressed, let alone cured. Too big to fail is even bigger now. The derivatives book has more than doubled. Leverage has increased in many financial sectors. Savings have been consumed out of necessity. And many other problems of various kinds remain. They are all still out there, waiting to crash the system once again, only this time MUCH harder than they did in 2008. TPTB have “ended” the depression by: 1) never calling it what it is, a depression; and 2) continuous propaganda about “the recovery”. THERE IS NO RECOVERY! We know this to be true because ALL economic recoveries produce good-paying jobs and lots of them. Seen many of those lately? I haven’t. Practically everything out there is part-time / minimum wage. So, here we are now, going on 7 YEARS since the 2008 depression began and it is still with us. Does that sound like a “recession” to anyone out there? It sure doesn’t to me. Recessions last for several months, not several years. Depressions, however, DO last for years… sometimes a decade. So, any talk that an “official” recession is coming is pure baloney… and not even the edible kind.

  • anon

    +++++++1, Ed_B

    “They” – as you said – MUST KNOW that it is now just a matter of time. (Before the entire charade of the U.S. fiat Dollar (“Federal” “Reserve” Note) comes to its historic, and inevitable, inescapable, demise).

    Got freedom?

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