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Obama Advisor: Climate Change One of ‘Top Strategic Risks’ to U.S.

by Ali Meyer, CNSnews:

A top adviser to President Obama and member of National Security Council Staff, Alice Hill said that climate change is “one of eight top strategic risks to United States’ interests” along with risks like the “proliferation of weapons of mass destruction,” during a speech at the Georgetown University Law Center’s discussion on national security and climate change in Washington, D.C., on Friday.

“Today I want to speak to you about the national security risks posed by a changing climate, the impacts we are already observing both internationally and domestically, and what’s predicted to come,” said Hill. “I also want to briefly share with you the work that President Obama’s administration has undertaken to address these security challenges. I work on the National Security Council staff. Let me be clear. The changes to our environment are a matter of national security.”

Hill is the senior director for resilience policy on National Security Council staff and she serves as the principal advisor on preparedness and resilience issues arising from climate change. She also provided advice and counsel on the President Obama’s Climate Action Plan.

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3 comments to Obama Advisor: Climate Change One of ‘Top Strategic Risks’ to U.S.

  • Sam

    Everyone of the Marxists pushing the manmade tax and control scheme BeeEss pushed for years by Al Whore with his polar bear movie is a SCAM, the joke is now they are painfully aware of it too and are told to sell the idea with a straight face 🙂

    AGW is a SCAM!

  • Rodster

    Hopefully, one day we can add the Jewish Zionist Cabal to AGW. 😛

  • C.i.

    Looks Like The Mirror Has Cracked Over The Last Two Weeks.

    Smokescreen As To Something New To Detract Attention I Feel.

    Then Again What Would I Know Aye?


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