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No. Torture Is Not Okay. Ever.

from TRUTHstreammedia:

TSM Note: In light of the revelation that Chicago was hosting a black site and that torture isn’t just coming home to roost but already here (and the mainstream media is basically covering it up by ignoring it), this seemed pertinent to post.

Below is an excerpt of something I posted on social media back after Dick Frankenstein Zombie Cheney was doing the rounds with his sick pro-torture stance following the release of the excerpt of the redacted torture report, but I decided to share it on Truthstream today.

If Chicago has a black site where Americans can be disappeared by the police who are supposed to serve and protect them, taken without their Miranda rights read and essentially held without charge for days at a time or longer, questioned without any legal representation, and yes, tortured, do you really think there aren’t other cities doing the same thing right now right under the thin veil of societal normalcy we barely have left in modern America today?

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