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MSM Caught Lying: Breaking Jade Helm Update

from The Alex Jones Channel:

Retired Staff Sergeant Joe Biggs breaks down the current crop of talking points and outright lies by the Pentagon and Main Stream Media as they attempt to discredit and smear They label Alex Jones and Joe Biggs as extremist conspiracy theorists even though time after time we put out reports that are sourced with army documents and testimony from vets that know of the plans to disarm Americans.

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2 comments to MSM Caught Lying: Breaking Jade Helm Update

  • rebecca

    Im from New Zealand and alot here in my country know the NWO is not far away. We cant see why alot of Americans cannot see whats infront of there faces. Come on out
    r American famiky wake up.

  • rebecca

    In my last mispelt comment I meant, come on out our American family, wake up to the blatant signs that are infront of you. Do it for your children and grandchildrens future. Stops these trolls from stopping our right to freedom.

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