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AmeriKa: Land of the Free — Vaccine Check Point Ahead

from Dees, via

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5 comments to AmeriKa: Land of the Free — Vaccine Check Point Ahead

  • Eric

    You gotta love Dees. He really knows how to get the message across. A picture is worth 1000 words.

  • Rob

    David, is a really nice individual also.Over the years I have corresponded with him more than several occasions and can only say what a great individual he is.His artwork is what spurred me on to let him know How much I also, love his artwork and he is always willing to share personal conversation and photographs of which are many.

    Unfortunately he has really had to go through some hard times as many of us and had to move around a bit along with some strange things going on.He is a cat lover for sure Ocey used to be his favorite he may have passed not sure.A true friend to the animals and just an all around great individual who has taken a lot of heat for some of his art.He has been out there for years now and does not get paid much as a matter of fact he was never paid by Rense originally,not sure about now.He also should have a book of his artwork for sale out in print by now(have not kept up much lately).He is also very thankful to all that admire his work and if there is someone that could use some help it would be him.
    Thanks SGT for showing some of his work.Most of the time you see his work he does not get paid.Very unfortunate for a talented man such as he.

  • Rob

    Meant to add ,he does do contract work.If you need something done in art let him know.

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