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Mandatory Voting. Thanks Obama!

from Stefan Molyneux:

Help us spread the ANTIDOTE to corporate propaganda.

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4 comments to Mandatory Voting. Thanks Obama!

  • f16hoser

    Proof that all voting is rigged in Amerika. If you don’t vote they can’t Change It. I’ll vote after the next Revolution. Obama is an Empty Suit. Anything with his signature is Null and Void.

  • andrew

    what Owebummer really after is the vote from the undocumented (illegal) aliens

  • Steelerdude

    My wife gets mad at me as I have totally given up on voting because the govt and anyone running for a govt office is a piece of crap…

  • drak

    This shows how desperate they are. They have no credibility anymore. This is reflected in the lack of voter pparticipation. Since this is a highly visible protest against illigitinate occupiers in the admin, they seek to give the impression that the system they desroyed is still supported by the masses. Quite pathetic when you think about it.

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