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Lost Boys (1987) – Revelation of Satanic Ritual Abuse?

by Jay Dyer, 21st Century Wire:

One of the classic 80s cult films I’ve overlooked and delayed doing an analysis of has been Joel Schumacher’s 1987 Lost Boys

While somewhat of a box office hit at the time, the film is arguably more popular now than it was at the time of its release. With straight to DVD sequels and endless references in pop culture references, Lost Boys is its own little phenomenon.

However, when we consider the fact that Schumacher is a director who is apparently aware of deeper aspects of the occult, such as numerology and mind control, seen in his 2007 film The Number 23, as well as news revelations of elite pedophile rings and ritual abuse, we have justification for investigating something deeper in Lost Boys.

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2 comments to Lost Boys (1987) – Revelation of Satanic Ritual Abuse?

  • Eric

    Good stuff. It’s scary how little most people know and how little they think.

    Everything was right in front of your eyes. Weren’t you paying attention???

  • med_mercenary

    If you want to listen to someone who’s been working first hand, (hand to hand as it were) in helping victims of SRA for 30 years, youtube Russ Dizdar. Sean, would love to see you post some of his stuff.

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