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James Turk: Sovereignty Is Under Threat Worldwide

by Anthony Wile, The Daily Bell:

Daily Bell: Hi there. Please update our readers on your activities since we last interviewed you, in April 2014.

James Turk: Even though I retired as chairman of GoldMoney back in 2013, I’ve been keeping busy. I remain a director on the GoldMoney board, and still speak occasionally at conferences. But for most of the past year I’ve been developing a new company, which will launch this March. It’s still in the precious metal area, which is of course my area of expertise, and it is complimentary to the range of services and products that GoldMoney already provides. I would like to keep it under wraps until the launch, but anyone who is interested to hear about my new company when it is ready can follow me on Twitter, @fgmr.

Daily Bell: You seem more pessimistic these days. Is it because central bank money printing is continuing at a faster pace than ever?

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1 comment to James Turk: Sovereignty Is Under Threat Worldwide

  • f16hoser

    I don’t know about the World Wide part, but here in America, 2nd amendment says otherwise… There’s enough firearms in America to defend it’s Sovereignty. Even the Dumb-Ass Liberals will thank the Libertarians one day. I guarantee it.

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