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Is This The Most Terrifying Interview Of 2015?

from Kingworldnews:

These investigations will never get anywhere and have never gotten anywhere because all these investigators are going to find out very quickly that the investment banks that are manipulating the monetary metals markets and other major markets are doing it as the agents of Western central banks. They are the intermediaries for Western central banks.

Market-Rigging And Manipulation Legal In The U.S.

This market-rigging is fully authorized by law here in the United States. The Gold Reserve Act of 1934, as amended in the 1970s, specifically authorizes the U.S. Treasury Department — through the Exchange Stabilization Fund — to intervene secretly in and rig not only the gold market, which was the original authorization, but as amended in the 1970s the ESF is authorized to rig any market — any and all financial instruments.

Chris Powell Audio Interview @ King World News

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1 comment to Is This The Most Terrifying Interview Of 2015?

  • Hancot

    Maybe the Central Banks work for China and India – they r the beneficiaries of Comex smash downs, and can buy cheaper. To them it ain’t just a trade, boys and girlz of America, no, they gonna take your Gold away and you will be working for them! (many already are, and who now owns JPM’s New York tower – the Chinese!).

    On the road to the 3rd world. Spanish is california…look around, where did ‘we’ go, and why all this immigration…? For 3rd world cheap labor that’s what!!!

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