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SRS Rocco: “What Happened to Ammo Will Happen to Gold & Silver!!”

from SilverDoctors:

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7 comments to SRS Rocco: “What Happened to Ammo Will Happen to Gold & Silver!!”

  • rl

    This thing morphs into “peak oil” and carries on into lala land.
    Sorry, more (un)educated idiots speaking of what they know nothing about; soothe sayers per their chosen field of ‘expertise’ not deft enough to realize the con of their choosing exists in the first place. But of course realizing dollars and cred stem from it so why question your own golden goose or persona both of which have been years in the making.
    And once again taking advice from or listening to those who premise(s) stem from or rely upon gullability, to be kind, for fact finding is optional. I clicked the button again a perpetual glutton for punishment, but thankfully so reafirming of late that I need none of this sort at the end of the day.

    Becasue “researching” boiler plate numbers or information for regurgitation is no art but is simply tradecraft… and as we know opinions are just like a** holes. True enough all cant be all wrong while this noise simply points to why the dedication and hard work of an A Hoffman combined with his vast experience in oil puts him miles above the rest when it comes to pm correlations real or otherwise.

    Theres is mention of a plaque. Been there, stood on it, and this guy seriously talks out the side of his mouth in regards to where this oil went and why, never mind the rest of it. But while personally known facts tell a different story delving into such in any instance has all to often proven itself to be the ultimate waste of time. Information fodder for fools and the like needing and wishing for things to be otherwise…
    Heres one universal fact you can count on here; Buyer Beware.

    • Freejack

      Settle down RL. You’re getting information about PM’s from SD Bullion, which is in the business of SELLING PM’S. You’re also on a website that makes money when you buy PM’s. Good job understanding you’re the dupe in this situation though. Most of the comments here are from complete idiots that have to be spoon fed their facts.

    • Jeff

      Mental masturbate much?

    • Rusticus

      I love how “Peak Oil” is always right around the corner, always the “looming threat” to coerce the Common Man into desiring the destruction of his own modern lifestyle.

      The fact that people can’t see the obvious historical continuity between Thomas Malthus’ “Treatise on Overpopulation”, the Eugenics movement, the Club of Rome, “Peak Oil”, and now, the modern “climate change” movement, dumbfounds me. I guess not everyone does their homework in this topsy-turvy world, even most of those who consider themselves “awake”.

  • Ed_B

    Having a good ammo supply means that one can practice regularly without worrying about depleting their supply. It also means that they can sell some of their excess stock to friends and relatives at fair, rather than jacked-up, prices.

    But, getting back to the info at hand… yes, ammo does get scarce and therefore expensive from time to time. Anyone who can remember all the way back to 2012 knows this. Ammo got scarce… VERY scarce. In fact, .22LR ammo was virtually impossible to find for a while there. It’s still not in regular stock at the local stores that carry ammo. During 2012, $1 a round AR and $.50 a round AK ammo was not at all unusual. This is 2-3x the normal price, so having a good amount of ammo means that we can avoid the feeding frenzy and its exorbitant cost. What has already happened CAN and LIKELY will happen again, so one can either be prepared for it or one can sit on their @$$, do nothing, and then whine about it when it does happen again. I’d MUCH rather be proactive than reactive, but to each their own.

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