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MUST SEE: How’s This for a Little Perspective? NASA Just Released the Largest Picture Ever Taken

[Ed. Note: In my Father’s house are many mansions: if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you. – John 14:2 King James Version]

from TRUTHstreammedia:

Just saw this video over on Higher Perspective and boy, they weren’t kidding.

Check out the largest picture ever taken for a little perspective of your own.

NASA’s newly released image of the Andromeda galaxy (aka M31) is comprised of 411 Hubble Space Telescope images that span more than 100 million stars and 40,000 light years (as HP notes, “Well, a section of it does anyway…”). According to NASA, it would take more than 600 HD television screens to display the whole image.

How is that for a little higher perspective?

Makes you wonder what’s really going on out there…

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18 comments to MUST SEE: How’s This for a Little Perspective? NASA Just Released the Largest Picture Ever Taken

  • gryphonv8

    makes me think about the sheer lunacy what we as a species are doing to this planet and our “petty” little problems when there’s all of that out there

    • SGT

      Powerful huh?! Earth is but a speck in the universe. Smaller than a speck. More like an atom. And to think “scientists” ask with a straight face “are we alone in the universe?” …imo, every single galaxy in this ETERNAL universe is certainly teeming with life.

      Eternal: No beginning and no end.

      • gryphonv8

        i always remember the last scene from the first MIB movie


      • Ed_B

        “And to think “scientists” ask with a straight face “are we alone in the universe?””

        Actually, very few scientists would say that because the probability of finding not just life but intelligent life out there is pretty good. Look at it this way. If nothing else, scientists tend to have a reasonably good understanding of mathematics. So, of the 400 billion stars in the Milky Way galaxy, if 0.1% of them have a planet in the liquid water orbital range, and 0.1% of them have life, and if 0.1% of them have intelligent life, we would still have 400 planets in this galaxy alone with intelligent life on them. Add to that the possibility of an unknown but probably very high number of billions of galaxies and we have a virtual mathematical certainty of intelligent non-human life existing somewhere in this universe of ours. Something tells me that this guesstimate is too low by a factor of multiple times.

  • Amran

    Thanks for sharing Sean. Thanks for the gift of awe

  • Sam

    Puts things into perspective for certain, however, to suggest that space is teaming with life everywhere – is a stretch – pun intended 🙂

  • It truly is magnificent. When I first watched that clip, I just sat in silence, staring…couldn’t find words.

    Sometimes the best words, are no words at all.

  • Hal

    sorry, I know I’m odd man out here, but I think they are selling you lies with all their images.

    • Johan

      I agree, it’s clearly photoshopped and besides there’s no sound in space so it has to be fake

    • If it comes from NASA, you had better be skeptical. Extremely skeptical. Now I’ve looked in the flat earth and the concave earth theories, and although not convinced, still think there’s a lot of lying going on. Here’s a former NASA employee who supposedly painted photo-realistic images that NASA used and claimed were actual photographs. Now, of course, this guy could be lying too — they love to play games with us.

      Also, check out Crrow777’s channel on youtube. He appears to be genuine (one can never know with absolute certainty though). Here are two videos, one from Crrow777 and a second one from Enterthe5t4rz who follows up on the notion that the moon is not as far away as NASA has claimed for years. Of course, the problem is, they’re both assuming the SIZE of the moon is correct — but guess who gave us the size? Mmmm hmmm…. NASA (Never A Straight Answer).

      • Dissolution

        I think the most compelling thing from your first link, Mangrove, is from 27:50ish to the end. Pretty fascinating. Never considered that before. And what’s with the stationary clouds??

    • Dissolution

      I’m glad to stumble upon these comments at the end. I would love to believe that these images are real, and that the universe is as remarkable as they say that it is. And how knows? Maybe it is.

      But let’s remember who we are dealing with here. It is quite possible that this whole thing is nothing but part of the bigger Luciferian movement to pull people away from God. If we are to get caught up in this proposed colossal, majestic universe of ours (which God is certainly capable of creating), that is “inevitably teeming with life like ours”, it makes it all the easier to fall into the New Age spirituality and away from what our focus should be on.

      We know the deceit these Luciferians are capable of. I wouldn’t put it past them. It could all be part of the Matrix.

      Wouldn’t that damn telescope inevitably stumble into another star, obscuring its field of view, as it is zooming all the way in like that, anyway? Maybe I just don’t understand telescopes.

      • anon

        God’s Law is Natural Law. In olden days, not so long ago, really, a majority of people were farmers. They were not only self-reliant, but also self-sufficient, growing their own food, but also, growing food to take to market – to feed others. The family reigned supreme, under God’s Law, when times were good, but especially when they were bad (drought, famine, etc.)

        There are those who produce something of value (a product or service), and, there are those who CONSUME, while producing NOTHING of value. Question: What do central bankers produce? Yet, look at the many mansions of the Rothschilds (scroll down the right-hand side of the following page to see the plethora of mansions owned by the Rothschild Family)

        • anon

          What do they do? They issue fiat currency, backed by nothing, printed out-of-thin-air, and then bail themselves out and their cronies, to the tune of TRILLIONS of $$, and then call it the “National Debt”, owed back to them, by you and me, and all the rest of the American taxpayers. We are subsidizing the “New” World Order.

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