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GAME OVER: GMO science fraud shattered by stunning investigative book worthy of Nobel Prize – Altered Genes, Twisted Truth

by Mike Adams, Natural News:

The science fraud game is over for the biotech mafia. After years of running its corporate con that pushed dangerous poisons into the food supply and the fragile environment, the biotech industry’s lies are now exposed and meticulously deconstructed in an exhaustively researched new book launching March 20.

The title of the book? Altered Genes, Twisted Truth – How the Venture to Genetically Engineer Our Food Has Subverted Science, Corrupted Government, and Systematically Deceived the Public by Steven Druker.

The Foreward of the book was authored by one of the most celebrated living scientists in the world: Jane Goodall, PhD, DBE and UN Messenger of Peace. The derogatory “anti-science” slur used by biotech operatives (such as discredited biotech shill Jon Entine) against other scientists won’t work against Jane Goodall. Her legacy of science is irrefutably extraordinary, and she has received more science awards and accolades than almost any other scientist living today.

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1 comment to GAME OVER: GMO science fraud shattered by stunning investigative book worthy of Nobel Prize – Altered Genes, Twisted Truth

  • Ed_B

    As a scientist, I abhor terms like “junk science” and “science fraud”. When either junk status or fraud is involved, whatever is being discussed is NOT science! Truth is the essence of science and if the search for truth is not the primary motivation for a series of experiments, then it is likely that an agenda of some sort is in progress. No scientist worthy of the title ever has a social, political, or other agenda. TRUTH is what excites a scientist. Those who do work in a scientific endeavor who have an agenda other than truth are NOT scientists, IMO, regardless of their accolades or credentials. Much damage has been done to the environmental movement due to those imaginative people who think that their work on environmental issues must be “hyped” to be effective are sadly mistaken. REAL environmental issues stand on their own and do not need to be hyped because when that hype is exposes, it degrades the message from truth to carnival barker status. There are many ways in which science can be used to protect and preserve the environment but above all else, everything we do in this area of study MUST be based upon truth and solid research and not one bit on deceit. That path leads to the dark side and not to the light of truth.

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