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Felix Zulauf: What Comes AFTER Currency Devaluation?

from McalvanyFinancial:

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2 comments to Felix Zulauf: What Comes AFTER Currency Devaluation?

  • mac

    So long Felix. U R crazy man. Equities are the place to be long term? Ah, ya, like 5 days, or you mean 15 years, I think.
    Get a better idea is my take.

  • f16hoser

    Good luck paying taxes and watching your portfolio deflate away as the years go by. It’s your money, do with it as you wish. PM’s serve one master: The Holder. And it is a sight to behold! Good luck Mac. You really should consider putting some funds into metals. Just a suggestion. We certainly live in interesting times. Whatever happens in Europe will happen here within 6 months.

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