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Duck and Cover…What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

by Bill Holter, Miles Franklin:

I can still remember being in elementary school and the alarm going off in the middle of class, it was time to practice “duck and cover”.  Another practice drill was when all six grades would march to the basement of the building and huddle in the boiler room, a potential nuclear war at any time was very real to us in the old days.  It’s different today, everyone “knows” a nuclear war can nor will ever happen.  It can’t happen because our leaders driving the bus are too smart to ever go down that road …right?

In case you have only been watching mainstream media, you may not be aware  another “little war” has broken out in the Middle East between Saudi Arabia and Yemen.  I mentioned “mainstream media” above because …there is almost NO MENTION of this.  More coverage has been given to an airliner crashed by a depressed pilot and Mr. Obama’s recent golf trip. What is happening is so complicated it boggles the mind.    The underlying cause can be said to be religious, between the Sunnis and Shiites but this line is quite blurred because of other alliances.

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