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Dropping the F-Bomb at a Sunday Afternoon Social?

by Bill Holter, Miles Franklin:

Many people believe the Chinese are on the cusp of replacing the U.S. in many fashions, I believe this myself. There are others out there who believe the Chinese economy and financial markets will crash and burn with all the rest when the derivatives chain finally breaks, I don’t disagree with this either. Let’s look at what the Chinese have done, what they are doing and where they may end up. The spoiler is this, I believe you can equate the Chinese to where the United States stood in the late 1920′s and early 1930′s.

China has done many things over the past years. They have built their manufacturing base and infrastructure faster and on a far larger scale than America did in the early years of the 20th century. They have financed the U.S. budget deficits and “played the game” just as the U.S. did with Britain. It seems as if everything they do is geared toward one goal, that being economic and financial supremacy.

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