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China Banks It

from RT:

Money does not talk, it screams: This is what is happening on a global scale. China’s establishment of a new international infrastructure bank is a sign of these times. Beijing is rapidly making itself heard in the halls of power and finance. Is China challenging the West, or just going around it?

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2 comments to China Banks It

  • gary h

    the U.S. has human rights concerns with China?[around 4:00 into clip..2nd guest] are the hypocritical Congress Criminals in Washington aware that the U.S. has the highest per capita prison population in the world? the U.S. isn’t that great country it was before 1913 anymore,when Americans had rights guaranteed to them by the constitution,bill of rights,& God….the Zionists have destroyed America & everything America USED to stand for,for their God Satan.. who the F is Washington or OVomit’s staff to give ANYONE human rights lectures..yes..China certainly still has many human right issues,but
    in the good ol U.S. there are non-violent prisoners doing 10-20 years for petty marijuana violations!THAT is ABHORRENT,stupid & downright ridiculous,but funny money from thin air now trumps life in the U.S…
    marijuana is a drug btw..that is much safer than alcohol,when alcohol is consumed in large quantities..this evermore phony war on drugs MUST END! IMMEDIATELY!
    the power mad hatters in Washington are imbeciles..they must be taking the poison pills pig farm-ah is doling out by the wheelbarrow full,while they stash the Fed’s phony funny money in their back pocket,that D.C. lobbyists hand out to politicians like Halloween candy,
    to pass these archaic,insane,& ridiculous drug laws,to help their cronies fill up their beautiful new prisons..
    prisons are about the only thing being built in America these days..

  • Matt

    Let’s talk about the US’ contribution to the IMF…they have reneged on their obligations, if you don’t contribute, why should you maintain dominate voting rights?

    the US seems to still believe it can dictate policy to the entire world, yet the IMF and World Bank have been used as weapons against all other countries…the US is going to suffer the blowback of their own policies, they are going to be the next Argentina, with a long list of countries they have badly injured lining up to IMF them.

    grow up, and take the pain, isolation will come, and in the end it will be good for America, isolationist policies, not “free trade” defined the battle between the US and the oligarchical British doctrines has always been the key issue…

    the US people are a wonderful lot, they will persevere in spite of their governments’ idiotic policies, and the rest of the world loves Americans, but acknowledge that the US people need help reigning in their out of control fascist government.

    time for the US citizens to non-violently say, enough is enough and rekindle the American Economic Doctrine of creativity, and peace.

    Lest we not forgot what made us the greatest hope on Earth.

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