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CERN Short-Circuits After Plane Crash Near CERN

from Paul Begley:

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2 comments to CERN Short-Circuits After Plane Crash Near CERN

  • Gaemon

    Nope, a plane down? That would be a scam… You ought to understand the money black hole that this thing is, as I live five miles away… IT IS mearly below the city of Geneva and period. Built right under the international airport. How would that be possible to target a plane with a quasi gigantic thing that is not… “a hand device”. This thing is close to 20 kilometers length circle. As powerful as it is, it is dropped under the surface of the planet… Means This thing is shit in a weapon manner. So, this time.. I would really lough at you if the information did show some sort of incompetence of them scientific with a minor event as this plane crash 90 kilometers away. That is scary. Bye.

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