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Catherine Austin Fitts at The Secret Space Program Conference, 2014 San Mateo, CA

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39 comments to ABSOLUTE MUST WATCH — Catherine Austin Fitts Explains It All: THE BLACK BUDGET FASCIST MACHINE

  • Eric

    Good presentation. Unfortunately, 90% of Americans are still oblivious idiots.

  • Kim

    Agreed Sean, but few care which pisses me off to no end, God is probably weeping at how utterly stupid the majority of us are. Is their any hope?

    • SGT

      Hope? After listening to interviews like this one Kim, less and less. The evil empire, is. Defeating it seems increasingly unlikely. We need Divine intervention, and I haven’t given up that particular “hope”.

      • Kim

        Yes and thank God for the one true hope which for me is unshakeable. If only our brethren would have a Damascus moment and ignore their “evangelical” pastors regarding Paul’s letter to the Roman’s chapter 13!

      • Eric

        I drop words like ‘project paperclip’ and ‘fukushima’ and the dumb sheep still have no clue what I’m talking about since there is no bud light involved. I think divine intervention has already occurred on a major level which is why we are still here for the moment, but a piano could fall on every persons head from the sky, and they still would not question it.

        Somebody somewhere is definitely laughing at how oblivious humanity still is.

      • Sergio of the Jungle

        Sickening reality delivered by an incredibly articulate and impeccable source. it doesn’t get more undeniable than this. if this doesn’t nauseate you to the core, you’re impervious to the truth.

      • There is hope. But time is not on our side. The people need some adjustments in their tools of thought to better understand what the proper relationship is between government and a truly free populace. For example, if I were to ask anyone of you to define freedom as it described free individuals functioning in a free liberal democratic Republic, not one of you could do it. Your understanding is limited to a bunch of adjectives thrown at the word which do not constitute a definition or anything close to it. I can define it in eight words, two of which are “freedom” and “noun”. And I can explain why this is important. Don’t you think, after 239 years, we ought to be able to teach our kids how to do it? Not interested? There’s over half the problem right there. Jefferson understood it. But believed it was a commonly understood given. Guess what? Everything else flows from a proper understanding of this one word and it’s use in formulating just law. It is simplicity itself.

      • There is hope. But time is not on our side. First, the people need some adjustments in their tools of thought to better understand what the proper relationship is between government and a truly free populace. For example, if I were to ask anyone of you to define freedom as it described free individuals functioning in a free liberal democratic Republic, not one of you could do it. Your understanding is limited to a bunch of adjectives thrown at the word which do not constitute a definition or anything close to it. I can define it in eight words, two of which are “freedom” and “noun”. And I can explain why this is important. Don’t you think, after 239 years, we ought to be able to teach our kids how to do it? Not interested? There’s over half the problem right there. Jefferson understood it. But believed it was a commonly understood given. Guess what? Everything else flows from a proper understanding of this one word and it’s use in formulating just law. It is simplicity itself. This definition is more than that. It is the requirement of all who would be free. “All authority rests with the people” T.Jefferson. 1820 The duty of the State is not to usurp responsibility and the authority it requires, but rather to enhance and facilitate the ability of the people to exercise responsible authority over themselves. This especially includes economic responsibility. Over the past decades our bureaucracies have imposed, without the direct supervision and approval of both houses of Congress, 375,000 rules and regulations many of which carry heavy penalties of fines and/or imprisonment which can destroy economically those who run afoul of one or more of them. So we must ask, how many of these regulations are very narrowly written and describe the compelling interest of the State upon entering the Federal register? How many of them promote the interests of productive liberty and how many of them are expedient extortions against Liberty? Are we truly being governed? Or are we being ruled by an oligarchy that takes much and produces nothing? DO we not need an answer to this question?

    • Ed_B

      God cannot be defeated by evil but men can. It is noteworthy that, according to the bible, when Lucifer was challenging God, God did not even bother to fight him. No, he sent his 3rd in command, Archangel Michael, who is God’s general, and who kicked Lucifer’s butt so hard that he not only exited heaven, never to return, but fell through the earth and all the way down to hell. Now that was an ass-kicking of biblical proportions! Lucifer only thought that he was a bad-ass until that happened and has been relegated to picking on us mere mortals ever since. But, in the end, Lucifer cannot win this war of good vs. evil any more than he could wage a successful war against God in heaven. He can do a lot of physical damage to the weak-spirited, who are easily subverted by his serpent’s tongue, but no spiritual damage as long as the love of God lives in our hearts, minds, and spirits. 🙂

  • sandman

    “Whether we are going to make it or not… is really up to each one of us”

    Buckminster Fuller.

  • rl

    Fitts has been right and on top of this for a long time.
    When the web bot got big she coined the slow burn.
    Web bot wrong (again) Fitts spot on right, 6-7 years running.
    In her last video you posted Sean she is right as well with the crash up and new hieghts of grand theft from the paprasites on all levels.
    15 buck min wage in commie central Wa. is setting that up now.
    We will see local, state, and corprotacracy cash in like never before in concert with the feds. Gas back up and groceries are already there. Tax man skim for necessities not avoidable and grab your ankle “fees” like never before. We all will get to ‘pitch in’ to cover their theft and greed and lies when keeping the lights on or water flowing from the tap gets slammed or false flagged. Even now the Ca. water noise has people playing divide games or buying the shite, ‘Ca was once a desert’ blah blah. I grew up there and Ca was heaven! Straight up good life. Desert turned paradise and people won. Which is why it has to go being set up for the drought come theft and disporia. Worthless eaters dont deserve any of that good life.
    But of course now deniers are everywhere! Vac death to climate con. The herd is afraid and afraid of you for not falling in line with their fix and worship. Doubt and self lies cant have it. False faith in false messiahs and causes are to easily shaken.
    Wave your flag and pray to your parties or your own latest messiah and if you would divide and conquer for us and point out those tin hats too while your at it it would be greatly appreciated.
    And everytime I hear about the sheeple getting it all I gotta do is look up at chemtrails. People cant even look up and figure that out while a new generation knows no different or what a poison free clear sky ever looked like. Let alone what a turbine engine on a plane does.
    People get that there wallet is shrinking and rail accordingly and thats about it.
    And all could care less oblivious to anything else except what the script says is the enemy. They have been laughing their ass off at our endless stupidity for a long time Eric because they dont fear us at all but do worry about several million people saying NO. The greatest word and its power ever stolen from us along with what was once common sense, decency, and all that.
    We stack and do the best we can powerless as well. The herd makes it so.
    Disconnect and disengage soon to be norm here to, new seekers repleneshing the numbers and smarter for the effort.
    Crash = theft and depopulation now.
    Next crash, gold standard, vlad, blah blah = same.
    REAL Collapse? You better ‘hope’ so.

  • Pizza

    SGT I hope you leave this video on the top of your page before it moves down in hte list. This really is a VERY important video to watch.

  • WillyT

    What an eye opening video this was, thanks for posting SGT. I read SGT everyday as well as a lot of comments as it’s interesting to get different people’s opinions on things. I agree with Pizza this for sure needs to stay at the top of your page for a while.
    This video definitely warrants a comment. Everyone is entitled to their opinion but I sit and chuckle because it’s all I can do and the fact we just don’t really have the slightest clue. Most of us don’t, regardless how educated we are. All I know is that at one point we were all asleep, so we need to stop bashing the people who are not awake and help wake them up. For the ones who think they’re so wide awake and bash others about not waking up, we too are asleep to a large degree as well. After watching this video you realize how little we all know.
    It’s obvious that we all have a huge job to do IF anything is EVER going to change. We need to stop pointing our fingers at the so called sheep, were just as much sheep as they are. If we don’t do anything to change things we are more to blame than those who are not awake. Most of us heard something from someone we knew that sparked a curiosity and prodded us to look into whatever it was that piqued our curiosity in the first place.
    We read the alternative media to try figure out when the system will crash and all the underhanded things going on that the MSM doesn’t ever talk about. , it’s sooooo obvious to me now that it’s not going to crash. Certainly not like we think it will. No point in reading about silver and gold and all the oil and the derivatives meltdown and the coming chaos and how the BRICS nation are going to kick ass at some point. Silver and gold will never get to the point we think it will. The BRICS nations are not coming to save the day. It’s unreal how controlled everything is, that includes us the reader’s. We certainly do walk around knowing very little about what’s real and what isn’t.
    IMHO we are not going to get a stock market crash, gold and silver will not go higher in price, everything we believe to be true is so much BS it’s not even funny. Things will go according to what the ruthless bastards behind the scenes decide when and where and how things will happen. So all the fundamental economic indicators we follow to base our decisions on are nothing more than hog wash. Who would have thought? I knew things were corrupt and controlled however not to this degree. I’m actually flabbergasted to say the least.
    I’d love to hear more Katherine and the information as to how other governments fit into this whole global charade. It would be interesting to hear.
    I’m quite surprised that this woman is still among the living, start a conspiracy you say????? Very interesting. . God bless her soul. I’m with you SGT we certainly do need some sort of divine intervention.

    • SGT

      Love u guys – been feeling a bit down lately, it makes me feel better to hear from all of you guys. I’ll re-sticky this video at the top for the next several hours, or more.

      • WillyT

        It’s allowed, hard not to feel that way some day, but you know the work you do is good, kind, honest work SGT and is certainly for the betterment of all of us readers. If it wasn’t for this site I believe many of us would not have much insight or knowledge of what really happens on the other side of that mirror Katherine speaks of. Your website is one of the best bar none, as it makes it easy to find topics to read about without having to search for hours. . Thank you so very much for all your work and all the time you spend giving us what you believe to be the best information you can find to put out there. Your interviews are awesome and you truly do try to find the most honest and true people to give us as much good information as you can. You Sean are truly a kind and humble human being. I have never met you SGT it is just something I know. I know this why? I can tell by your voice , your comments and how much you genuinely appreciate the words of your readers, You have an awesome spirit SGT, for that you should be commended!

        • Nix

          Willy T ,

          I do agree with most of what you say but where i disagree with you is that trillions of dollars has been promiss to millions , nany state better come up with a fucking good ansewer! whether we deflate or inflate ! and IMO they have a shitt load of tanks goodies, drastic laws and propaganda crew for a gentle go alone get alone ride.
          And i almost forgot the bunkers!

          • WillyT

            NIX they don’t have to come up with any answer, or any honest answer that is. They will just come up with an event that takes place, or a lame reason that most people will swallow. The people will likely grumble about it for a while and then be on their merry little way. Look what they did to cover up a trillion dollars of lost money, lets just blow up a few towers that will make things go away. It never gets rid of the questions people ask about it but where there’s no proof left and all the evidence is gone, what can anyone do about it. Things just disappear like magic.

            We can get as angry as we want at the way things are, but what we should be thinking about is what can we do about it? Perhaps some experts and some insights in that respect would be helpful. Or try to get an interview with Catherine Austin Fitts to give us some insight.

            • NIX

              Dude you are destroying your creativity and your spirit with this kind of thinking, sorry brother i’m not a lollipop dreamer but i just can’t think this way.

              PEACE BRO

    • Ed_B

      If things are 1/10th as bad as some think that it is, then it is OVER, done, and resistance really IS futile. 🙁

      The good news is that some of us do not agree with that position and intend to fight like hell. We are not only not going along with excessive Gov and Fed BS but we are shining the light of whatever truth we can find on these cretins so that they will melt like salted slugs… and good on ’em! 🙂

  • KSKing

    I wrote the following paragraph almost 2 years ago. Did not post it at the time. Stumbled upon it the other day. I believe this represents the ‘real’ me, maybe the real us. The part of us that has been suppressed by the relentless social engineering we’ve been under our whole lives.

    Don’t ever call yourself a ‘Nobody’. ‘WE’, those who value and practice truth and integrity, who value ALL human life, who wish to live in peace and harmony, and have the courage to speak out, and are willing to fight for Freedom. ‘WE’ represent the vast majority of the world’s population. ‘WE’ are the key to victory against these greedy, sadistic, masochistic, control freaks who want to rule the world. Their fraudulent schemes are falling apart because they are fraudulent! ‘WE’ must expose ALL of their lies. Shatter the mirrors, blow away the smoke. Expose these LIARS and COWARDS! (Nothing energizes me more than reminding myself that these people are cowards! Dirty, low life, scum. And they should be treated as such!) ‘WE’ must stand up and lead! Whether we want to or even think we can. It does not matter because we MUST do it. What kind of man am I? What kind of man are you? Are we ‘cowards’? I will NOT be a coward. I will Fight. Every word ya’ll (I’m a Texan) publish online is a bullet fired at these animals. ‘WE’ must shine the light of TRUTH. This IS the worthy fight. This IS something worth dying for. ‘WE’ cannot let these villains keep control once the crash occurs. I remind myself that when the collapse happens ‘WE’ will no longer be considered ‘crazy’ or ‘fringe’, ‘WE’ will be recognized as the TRUTH tellers, as those who tried to help and warn. Therefore people will ‘listen’ and ‘follow’ us. ‘WE’ cannot let this opportunity go to waste. ‘WE’ are ‘SOMEBODIES’ because we represent and because we are ‘EVERYBODY’.

  • Desert Fox

    That was like putting a quality scope on an old iron-site rifle.
    Absolutely amazing. The information may well be out there for us to find on our own but SGT shows again why it’s a daily must read.
    The odds are certainly “stacked” against us. Just gotta know you are on the right path and keep collecting as much valuable intel as you can to make the right choices.
    Watch Braveheart, again if necessary. We’ve always been behind the curve and under the heel.
    Good vs. Evil, again and again. It just happens to be our time because we’re here right now and see what’s happening. Chin up, stay strong and play it smart.
    God gave us the tools and the brains and the right to fight this evil. He didn’t say it would be easy.
    Incredible video. Thanks so much for finding it and posting it.
    DF out

    • WillyT

      Well said DF I agree with you 100%. There is way more good than there is evil on this earth. IMHO, I certainly don’t think this beautiful planet or the (good) people who inhabit this planet were meant to live the way are. There’s got to be more to this entire story that we still have to find out.

      • Desert Fox

        Thanks Willy T
        Appreciate the kind words.
        The story is still being written. Part of what makes it the type of “readin” you just can’t put down.
        We’ll have our say before our time is done.

  • Heather

    Thanks for posting this SGT. Your website is the first one I check daily as you cover it all. I signed up for the SSP livestream last year and all the presentations should be a must watch for everyone, particularly Joseph Farrell’s and Richard Dolan’s. You’ve also posted some of Dark Journalist’s interviews and he has some great ones with Farrell and Dolan. Here’s a good one from Dolan on the DUMBS posted on KAF’s website:

    KAF is a big proponent of permaculture systems which will be a must for growing our food in the near future. For those of us living in the soon-to-be desert of Kalifornia and the So. West, I highly recommend learning to grow food with aquaponics systems which uses at least 75% less water:
    It also provides some mitigation from the geo-engineering toxins and Fuk’d radiation our food is being exposed to: is a good resource for the radiation issues that most are oblivious to. Basically, we’re Fuk’d in No. America and TPTB know this.

    Thanks again, Sean. Long time lurker but first time posting. 🙂


    SLOW BURN? Yes, but Catherine warns about “UNBRIDLED ANGER” ie WAR?

  • Heather

    Sean, sorry, I posted the aquaponics website twice so please delete if possible before approving. Also, I have no financial interests in the websites. 🙂

  • Timco

    Excellent job Sean.

  • f16hoser

    Amazing woman.
    Outside of watching Packer football or the Science channel, I don’t watch TV. I even quit watching Fox News 4 years ago. I feel smarter and more prepared Physically, Emotionally and Financially. Like someone said earlier, 90% of Americans are clueless and will be utterly destroyed having not even known why. Sad really.

  • Bulliondude

    Her comments seem to add credibility to this video.

  • Vid

    This is the most advanced form of war and enslavement program in place being perpetrated on us and we are paying the price for it. How ironic is that! It is a full-spectrum program to exterminate, control and eliminate populations while grabbing resources of other nations, and destroying opposition from other nations not going along with the program.

    We are slowly cooking like the frog in the pot, the heat is turned up. Anyone feeling warm besides me?

    I do hope the good aliens will show up. The reptilians in charge must go!!

  • Wow ! Wow ! I started watching last night and couldn’t stop. I was aware of the ESF after hearing about a series of videos from a Rob Kirby interview ( see link ).

    I was aware of “Operation Paperclip, MK Ultra, Tavistock, Big Pharma ( vaccines ), Chemtrails, Fluoride, The Fed, Dumbing us down, HFT trading and on an on. But this presentation blew even me away. She is the very reason WE have to have HOPE. Want to stop the machine ? Don’t pay TAXES. And expose everything. Make copies of this. The internet is the new Gutenberg Press. That is why they want to control it. I know it’s incredibly depressing sometimes and can get you down. The search for the truth and what is right has always been a difficult road. But when one’s eyes are open, you can’t go back. Don’t try and never quit.

    • anon


      You make good points. “They” cannot survive an abundance of EXPOSURE. As Hitlery Clinton (a relatively LOW-LEVEL operations or PR person, for the MATRIX “elite”) said: “We are LOSING the information war.” You are right about the internet, and why “they” seek to control it. You are also (sadly) entirely correct, that all these various ways “they” are waging war against us, can become incredibly depressing, and can lower your spirit (IF you let it!), because it is all SO incredibly evil, and SEEMINGLY overwhelming – especially if you are surrounded by people who are NOT awakened to what is REALLY going on (dumbed down), and quite often, aren’t even interested in finding out! (intellectually lazy), and so, you have NO ONE to talk to about any of it. (Thank God, we have SGT Report, where we can at least continue the search, and hopefully assist others along the way) You are also right when you say that once your eyes are open – there’s no going back. I wonder if this isn’t why SO many prefer to stay in their “comfort zones”, and not seek out any new information that might disrupt their comfortable illusions? Personally, I find the seeking of truth, and the finding of it (whenever and wherever possible) to be LIBER-ATING! What does the Bible say? “And the truth shall set you free.” John 8:32 KJV (2000)

      This is interesting: Did you know, that the original meaning of the word “liberal”, was to FREE the individual mind from ignorance, via coming to know and understand REALITY. So, a “Liberal” was someone whose mind was LIBER-ATED. (Also, it is interesting to note, the old Latin prefix “liber” meaning BOOK! (I have never actually studied Latin, just Spanish, and French, which stem from Latin) So, our word for “liber-ty”, contains the old Latin word for book). Yep. Keep your eyes open, never stop seeking truth, and what is right, and while you can never go back to “blissful” ignorance, you also can never go back to being a useful tool, dupe, or sucker (not willingly, anyway). Just remember to take a breather from the “fear porn” as it has been called, online. There are so many depressing headlines. Sometimes, you literally have to turn off the computer, knowing you’ve done what you could to awaken others (for the moment), and GIVE YOURSELF A NEEDED BREAK. You know? (It often seems to me, like we ALLOW ourselves to become “paralyzed” by FEAR. Take a walk. Walk the dog. Ride a bike. Watch a favorite old comedy (movie). Grill up a nice (grass-fed) beef hamburger, or two! Write a letter to an old friend. Call and old friend, just to say “Hello, how’s it going?” LIFE goes on, despite the schizophrenic, sociopathic, and psychopathic control-freak “elites”. HOPE? You better believe it. Think about World History up to the American Revolution. AMERICA. The single GREATEST experiment in HUMAN HISTORY. SOMEONE had to have had HOPE, in order for THAT to happen! NO FEAR! READ. LEARN. KNOW. A few interesting quotes:

      “Knowledge will forever govern ignorance, and a people who mean to be their own Governors must arm themselves with the power which knowledge gives.”
      —James Madison

      “The advancement and diffusion of knowledge is the only guardian of true liberty.”
      —James Madison

      “Employ your time in improving yourself by other men’s writings, so that you shall gain easily what others have labored hard for.”

  • steve

    great presentation. I believe its too complicated for many to understand. Its content is suited to those who are already wide awake. that said, its worth watching more than once.

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