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Caravan To Midnight: Technocracy Rising — Patrick Wood

from John B. Wells:

Episode 250: Patrick Wood – We welcome Patrick Wood on board to show us why the U.S., and the world for that matter, has transformed the way it has; and to bring light to the solutions that will quell these issues.

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6 comments to Caravan To Midnight: Technocracy Rising — Patrick Wood

  • C.i.


    Stereotype Kind Of Guy Aye.


  • Road Warrior

    Thank you for the information. This was very insightful and a new and truthful take on world events.I believe You and Mr. Wood make more sense than Alex Jones and others. May the true creator and His Son Christ Jesus Bless and keep you.

  • Tom Hegarty

    I’m an hour and ten minuets in.
    This is tying up all the loose ends that were buzzing around my head; who, what, where and when.
    Was beginning to doubt my own mental strictness, as a lone seeker of some understanding of the death of democracy.
    I felt that somehow, what we were seeing in the ‘papers and TV wasn’t where it was ‘at.’
    The transparent lies at election time. In the background TTIP and the Trans Pacific thing,Bilderberg, COF, Tri Lat Com, Chatham House, almost ringing the planet! Able to usurp governments and more importantly, totally nullify the electorate. The electorate would be nothing more than milch cows and bystanders!
    Thank you.

  • Tom Hegarty

    That video must be nearly 4hrs long?
    I’d love to do a short presentation at the local institute and run a video of about an hours duration?
    If all the chit chat was removed and pared down, the essentials could be placed before the public.
    At 3 – 4 hours in length, it’ll never work.
    Is there a video out there already I could PURCHASE, at a reasonable cost (I’m hard up but un-happy!)we could change the world!

    Beautifully done Patrick, good command of the english language as a form of communication, without obfuscation.

    • anon

      THAT is the problem isn’t it, with Americans, generally? SHORT ATTENTION SPANS THAT REQUIRE SOUND-BITES!

      Very unfortunate.

      • anon

        This goes FAR deeper, than most Americans realize. It is a GLOBAL CORPORATE (and therefore FASCIST, such as under Mussolini) TECHNOCRACY.

        Caravan To Midnight: Episode 250 – Technocracy Rising — Patrick Wood w/John B. Wells


        Read ALL comments, click on ALL links, read, view, listen to ALL content.

        The TPP/TTIP are good examples, of how the Corporations are seeking to END NATIONAL SOVEREIGNTY, and the BAN ON CASH is their attempt to END INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY! Who, exactly, is BEHIND all of this? 1) Western International Central Bankers (Ashkenazi-KHAZARS!), 2) Jesuits (“Jew”-suits), 3) The ‘Crown’ Corporation of the ‘City’ of London, and “EU” Royals, such as Queen Elizabeth II (UK), Queen Beatrix (Netherlands), “Black Nobility”, and the members of the (Cecil) Rhodes’ Roundtable Groups, such as the Club of Rome, Council on Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission, Bilderberg, as well as the Sovereign Military Order of the Knights of Malta. Read EMPIRE OF THE CITY, by E.C. Knuth: 1) Religion – Vatican ‘City’, 2) CORPORATE Finance – ‘City’ of London, and Wall St., 3) Government – District of COLUMBIA, 4) Military/Intel – CIA, MI6, Mossad, NSA, GCHQ, FBI, DEA, Pentagon.

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