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Am I Mad Enough To Crash A Plane Into A Mountain? — Russell Brand

from Russell Brand:

(E287) The Trews

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5 comments to Am I Mad Enough To Crash A Plane Into A Mountain? — Russell Brand

  • Oblivion

    First, he was stoned out of his mind on drugs. Then, he was blind. On the radio this morning, I believe the I heard that its being circulated now that the guy wanted to ‘to go out in a big way and leave his mark.’

  • Ed_B

    “Am I Mad Enough To Crash A Plane Into A Mountain?”

    Mad as in angry or mad as in insane? These are two totally different things.

  • f16hoser

    Once again, I’m not buying the “Lone Nut-Job Gunman” theme the corrupt western governments are pushing. This guy didn’t do it. How do I know; 30 plus years of flying jet aircraft. That’s how. How do I know the government is lying; 50 plus years of listening to their Bullshit!

  • Hal

    did a plane even crash? The pics looked silly to me, which doesn’t mean it didn’t happen, but does always seem suspicious. Any real looking images anywhere?

    • That’s my conclusion as well after watching this story unfold from day one. My first hunch was based on the ridiculous photos of the trash scattered all over the mountain. Where are the 2+ ton titanium engines? Obliterated eh? And yet there are clothes from the supposed passengers?

      There was no plane. There were no passengers. There was no pilot or co-pilot. There were no anti-depressants. Etcetera ad infinitum.

      The entire story is pre-fabricated nonsense, but believed by the entire world who still don’t understand the degree to which the leaders of the nations, their associated medias, and the bankers at the top fund and control every major story we hear about. It’s too hard for most people to wrap their heads around. And it took me a very long time to reach this conclusion, which was in the forming stages after several months of intense Sandy Hook research. With that psy-op, I couldn’t imagine so many people in that town being compromised. But yet, that’s exactly what happened.

      More on the Germanwings subject on my forum:

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