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A2A with Andy Hoffman of Miles Franklin

by Turd Ferguson, TF Metals Report:

With all that’s going on in the world, I though it was the perfect time to bring back Andy Hoffman as our weekly webinar guest.

Over the course of this 35-minute podcast, Andy discusses issues such as:

the global crises that concern him most
the potential (inevitable?) Chinese yuan devaulation
why he only owns precious metal and not the mining shares
fundamental factors that are driving oil prices lower
the likelihood of precious metal confiscation and/or profit taxes

I’m sure you’ll enjoy this discussion and I urge you to always consider the good folks at MilesFranklin whenever you’re lookingto add to your stack.


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3 comments to A2A with Andy Hoffman of Miles Franklin

  • Ed_B

    “Chinese yuan devaluation”?

    Why would a creditor nation with a huge balance of payments surplus need to devalue their currency? That is what nations do when they are in severe economic difficulty. It’s a lot more likely that the yuan will be depegged from the US$ so that it can become another reserve currency, which it cannot do as long as it is leashed to another currency / country. When it is depegged, it is more likely that it will rise in value, since it is now depressed in value due to the peg.

    • Willie

      Not to worry Ed, these guys are always yakking about some imminent economic crisis that is about to befall the world.

      I suspect that the $, the € and the 元 will be around long after most of these guys are gone…

    • Jerry

      Could be right but China has a debt problem which is growing and could bring down their entire financial system. China’s overall debt has quadrupled in just seven years, from $7 trillion in 2007 to $28 trillion in 2014 and has accounted for more than a third of world’s total debt growth since 2007, some $20.8 trillion. China’s total debt now equals 282 percent of their GDP. While not as bad as most large economies they are gaining ground fast.

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