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Prepping Your Spouse for Prepping

from Ready Nutrition:

How many of you have ever tried to convince your spouse to do something that was outside of their comfort zone? Did you have a lot of success? When we have these partners in our lives, we try to share most if not all of our lifestyle with our significant other. This accomplishes two goals. First, we get to do something we are interested in with the person we most want to be around in the world. The second reason is that if our spouse is doing it, we can get away with a lot more, right?

I have seen it hundreds of times with couples that I know. They will take up a new hobby like diving, golf, riding bikes, motorcycles or bowling leagues and instantly this is both a bonding experience and an opportunity to buy all of the “stuff” that their particular activity requires. When you are both involved in the activity, the resistance your spouse might normally voice when you wanted to drop a few hundred dollars for the latest piece of golf gear is lessened. “Honey, I think we both need to get these new Callaway drivers for Christmas. It will make our game so much better”. Honestly, how many of you have tried something very similar to that?

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