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What Can We Do Better?

UPDATE: Thank you one and all for your thoughtful, constructive & positive feedback – we truly appreciate it. We will take many of these suggestions, tips and ideas and run with them.

from SGT

Hi guys, just a couple quick questions I’ve been meaning to ask for some time now. In an effort to make SGT Report an even better daily REAL news source, we’d like to hear your opinion on a few things.

First, in the comments below we’d like to know: Of the many news & commentary sources we link to daily, which do YOU value the most? Give us your favorite top 3, top 5 or top 10. It could be a list of sites, or personalities/pundits – or a mix of both. We’re just curious.

And second, are there any high quality alt-media truth news sites out there that we are missing completely? Perhaps there’s a daily must read source that you’d like to bring to our attention? Tell us so we can get it on our radar.

And lastly, tell us how we can do better. Is there something that we’re doing well or poorly – or not doing at all that you’d like us to know about? Please be gentle, but we’re all ears. 🙂

That’s it! Thanks for taking the time to leave us your thoughts in the comments below, we really appreciate it. ~ SGT Report staff: Sean, Rory & Peter

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204 comments to What Can We Do Better?

  • Gnostic

    A chat room would be great to share & exchange information between us.

  • Stephen Bruner

    Try this Always very good articles and interviews. S A Bruner

    • SGT

      Interesting site, thanks SB. (I may not be able to thank everyone for their contributions in the comments here tonight, so our thanks to all of you to come, in advance.)

    • Gnostic

      Hi Stephen,

      Great site, I do have to disagree with your article on the liberation of Auschwitz, Work camps, Historically & factually false, Please research it & retract your story, If you are truly interested in the Truth. If you require documentation let me know.

  • I’d like to see a Breaking News Section for major events happening now. You guys do a great job of the rest. Only comment is that you leave the top stories at the top of the page a little toooooooo long.

  • Matt

    Keep posting on facebook. Aaron Dykes and Melissa Melton do a good job.

  • Lmo

    Thanks SGT!!

    I always enjoy the WX report from SuspiciousObserver.

  • chuck

    You guys do a great job bringing my favorites all to one place and have introduced me to even more. The SGT Reports discussions with Sean and Rory are always good.

    Favorite Editorials

    Paul Craig Roberts, USA Watchdog, X22report, Zerohedge, Corbett Report, Economic Collapse Blog, Trends Journal,

    Favorite Financials

    King World News, Zerohedge, BrotherJohnF, Srsrocco, Silverdoctors, Miles Franklin, Financial Survival Network, Goldseek Radio, daily coin

    Favorite General Interest

    Zen Gardner, Dahboo7, Suspicious0bservers,

    Sites I would like to see more of;

    Lew Rockwell, Tom Woods

    those that suck;

    Webster Tarpley

  • glitter 1

    I wouldn’t change a thing.

  • El Guapo

    Sean, Rory & Peter,

    Great job, guys. Really. This website is the first one I read everyday! Excellent articles, videos and links.

  • npz

    Hi guys, thanks for all of your work. I navigate from your site the following several times a day:
    Disclose TV
    SHTF site
    Silver Doctors
    Zero Hedge

    Take care all

  • Nursy1

    My main site…. Thanks for all your work. It’s hard to know what everyone’s “into”, but, for me, the psycho vids are a bit kooky. I surely believe in mind control, no doubt, but once in a while I just pass over some of those. You hate to name names, but I like most of the Econ guys you interview. I try to keep up with Peter Schiff, but don’t see him on here much. But, again Sean, THANKS!

    • MRH

      With some of the people that are interviewed, they are only willing to do so much. You have to keep in mind, there time and effort is freely given. I think it’s about time to have Peter Schiff back on.

  • John

    I second the other John’s comments about leaving some content on the opening page too long. I am an alternative news site junkie and probably hit SGT link at least 10 times a day perusing stories, links, utube videos. I love this place – so from my perspective don’t change much. Maybe recycle quicker and be open to any and all utube channels and sites that are involved with the TRUTH movement. Other than that, you guys – Sean, Rory, Peter – ROCK!!!!

  • Gia

    SGT this is also a great site

  • papasmurf

    Great site Sean! You’ve got a good mix of articles. James Corbett and Paul Craig Roberts are my favorites.Jim Willie rules! All of you are true patriots! God bless you all!

    • MRH

      Thank you to each and every one. Without you, there would be no point to doing this. We could just as easily talk amongst ourselves, so we certainly appreciate everyone leaving comments and being part of the community.

  • Thomas

    I like any exposure on the 911 lie
    many of todays evils stem from this event
    its crucial we keep throwing the facts out there.
    Millions have died and had their lives destroyed
    nothing is more important than bringing genocidal
    murderers to trial.
    I also tune in to any PMs articles
    Great website , much appreciated.

  • Michael Goyer

    You guys have created the daily must see web site. What keeps it hip is that you evolve and are in tune with the awakening wave. So, I trust you will keep up and keep tuned to the changes. You are just a little behind the wave of bitcoin, but as it evolves you will get onto it sooner or later. Jeffrey Tucker is a recommendation.

  • CobaltSilver

    Guest’s I would like to hear you interview and feature! Doug & Joe Hagmann, Steve Quayle, Dave Hodges, JSNIP4, Greg Hunter and Dan Dicks of Canada, for a Canadian take on world affairs. Just thinking! CS

  • CWE

    Love your posts. Keep the truth coming. Also, avoid postings from shills posing as truth tellers. Two that come to mind are Ben Davidson (SO) and Jim Ricards. These guys are propagandists paid for by TPTB. Also guys like Gerald Celente won’t acknowledge a power higher than Obama!? Come on, he has been compromised. For quality science posts I suggest you include James McCanney.

  • Gnostic

    Daniel Estulin’s Desde la Sombra (“From the Shadows”) on Russia Today was drawing seven million viewers per week, making it one of the most popular alternative TV shows in the world. But when Daniel did a show on how the Zionists/banksters are buying up Patagonia – the best undeveloped land in the world, and the safest place to be in the event of nuclear World War III or a planetary economic/ecological collapse – RT suddenly canceled his show and pulled the offending episode. Did the Zio-bankster elite lean on RT? Or did the Argentine government, anxious to hush up the secret land sales, tell RT to quash Estulin or lose its license to broadcast in Argentina?

  • Wil

    This is my number one site to find info from a variety of sources! I personally like, Mark Dice rants lol, Paul Craig Roberts, Brother John F, and Wealth Watchman. It is hard to pick out the favs. Also like the AU and AG charts for quick glances as well. Keep up the GREAT work, I really appreciate it!!

  • Anon Salon

    Top 5 sources for me are:

    Anything by James Corbett
    Anything by Chris Martenson
    Zero Hedge

  • randy0302

    The “Common Sense” folks give really bogus info. Makes this site look bad.

  • F16Hoser

    -Chat room would be nice.
    -Zerohedge is my Home Page. Sorry.
    -Unfortunately, Uncle Sam blocks your site at work. .Mil computer.
    -Sites I visit daily are: Yours, ZeroHedge, Silver Doctors, Steve Quayle, Economic Collapse, Before It’s News, Silver Bear Cafe, Drudge, SRSrocco, Mark Levin, Blacklisted News, SHTF Plan, Dave Hodges, Road to Roota… As you can see, I get around.
    -I subscribe to Golden Jackass and Alex Jones. I did at one time subscribe to Gerald Celente but haven’t for awhile. I check metal prices on Silverseek.
    -I enjoy your Podcasts and listen to probably 90% of them. You seem to have a good variety of guests.
    -Bob Livingston Letter woke me up years ago. Along with Lee Bellinger.
    -Silver Bear Cafe has great articles and videos too. JFK to 911 is my favorite Video.
    -Keep up the good work/fight. Your work is greatly appreciated. I’ll try to keep my colorful metaphors to a minimum. I get so mad at what’s going on with “MY” government it’s hard to contain my anger. I just wish this whole thing would come to a head. I’m ready for what waits us all on the other side. I have a lot of friends who feel like me and we’re all capable of taking care of ourselves. Once we stop fighting with each other, we can get down to business with the .1%. One day soon, they will tremble with fear. Nuff said.

  • don patterson

    First thank you for your great content!

    Second: Stay with the videos

    Third: This will rock!! Match em up! Willie says, Hoffman says, Roberts says, Turd says and Graceland ST says….. hell even Rory says….put the sound bites or written forecasts or quotes side by side. NOBODY connects the forecasting dots. Make it easier to everyone to roll the dice based on their favorite dealers placing their bets! Better said.. (shared wisdom)- DWP

  • PG2

    You could save yourself some editing time by putting all of your articles under the category of “Zionism”.

  • Ted

    I love your website and the people you bring on. Usually I have 2 or 3 tabs open always on your site. I live up in Canada and it would be great if you could one day talk a little about our slimy politicians and our private bank issued currency… Thanks !

  • Jeff

    Don’t change anything or I’ll leave.

  • Andy222

    Hi Sean, clearasvodka interesting chinese perspective re: gold and silver and economics in general concerning china

  • AO

    I love your site. Leave it just as it is.

  • Jughead

    Top Sites for me….1) SGT report 2) Zerohedge 3)drudge report.,4) USA Watchdog…..personalities I never miss when available…..1) David Mcalvany(best)..2) Chris Martenson, 3) Jim Willie, 4) Rob Kirby 5)richard Russell.6)Jim Sinclair… Commentators I would like to see….richard maybury, eric Janzsen,.erik Townsend, David Walker., Nicole Foss, Catherine A. Fitts…….unfortunately, there are also some I tire of…..John Williams, Harry Dent, Greg Manarino,Gerald Celente, most of the contributors at King World News…………

  • Ideas Time I like this site. He does no pull any punches.

  • Sayldog

    Needs a new authentication method, I often just give up trying to post comments because while I may be sure that “3-1=2” it will keep telling me I’m wrong.

    As for articles that stay near the top too long – I think you do a good job of keeping those articles that are generating a lot of comments at the top. It’s a balancing act.

    Favs in no particular order: Corbet, Dice, ZH, VC, like a lot that comes from Activist Post particularly Brandon Turbeville, Brother Nathanael, Wolf Street, Daily Bell, Rudkowski, Greene, X-22 Report, News in Two Minutes,…I guess there’s a lot I like here.

    Dislike: Hodges, Snyder, Zen, PCR, Duff, Adams, occasional others. Bix can be a little out there. But I wouldn’t want you to exclude them, I just rarely click through and read all their article.

    I used to like when your links included YouTube channels.

    • SGT

      Hey Sayldog, That damn spam code is, has been and will likely remain a pain – I know and apologize. it makes no sense. Do you know that for the first couple months the Wealth Watchman couldn’t even get by it to leave a comment here – under HIS OWN article! However with that said, the spam filter says that from inception to date it has filtered more than FIVE MILLION spam comments. It’s hard to believe but true – there are hundreds and hundreds of Chinese bot spam comments daily, and without that filter we’d have no real “community” at all – just Chines spams for knock off handbags and perfumes! ….like this one: (please DON’T click the link)

      目前最大的希望是守住这块最后的阵地,期待西班牙经济在今年能够有比较大的起色,再借助马德里的人气,以及大家抱团经营,进一步扩大知 名度和影响力才能有所发展

      再则,不少企业都不懂《2008年部分输欧盟纺织品监控办法》, aofangxie/,没有及时办理中文证和清关,导致被处罚
      然而,随着中国的消费群体越来越成熟,消费市场越来越理性,单一的广告宣传模式已逐渐失去了消费号召力,并越来越受到企业的质疑   “欧盟对华鞋产品反倾销应对

  • Brian

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen The Ulsterman Report on here. They have some really interesting things from time to time.

  • G Cooper although he is an IDIOT about Gold and Silver, 911, 7/7 ect.
    Gerald Celente has coined every new term/phrase (like presstitute) for years now and is always ahead of the crowd.
    Jim Willy…right more often than he is wrong.
    James Corbett
    Storm Clouds Gathering
    TwoShortPlanks (old poster from zerohedge)

  • First, you can forgive me for being an asshole a few weeks back (first and only time, by the way.) If I am able to post this, I’ll know my mea culpa was accepted 😉

    I would highly recommend especially anything written by Prof. Michel Chossudovsky, who is not only intellectually brilliant, but also a damn good human being!

    Thanks for all the incredible work the three of you do, and for being one of the top three best “Truth” sites on the Internet!

  • BK

    Been with you from the beginning. Thanks for pulling this site together. Check you several times a day.

    Love: Maloney, Schiff, Bass, KWN, SO, Still, Hunter, Hoffman, FSN
    Like: Dice, Celente, Roberts, Silver Shield, Short Molyneux, News in 2min, Woods
    Dislike: Breitbart, Long Molyneux, and Turd

    More from: Storm Clouds, Reason TV
    Get rid of the Ad that comes up from bottom and bring back the Trim Tabs!
    Thanks again.

  • Lisa and sister site Quite academic and I learn something new EVERY DAY. Often linked by Lew Rockwell.

  • Rusticus

    Would love to hear you guys have Richard Grove on again.

    I’ve mentioned him before, but just to give another shout-out, Mark Passio is rapidly becoming an alt media mainstay, and it would be awesome if you guys could get him on.

    …and above all, please, PLEASE start syndicating this guy’s articles on SGT. He’s a Deep Political powerhouse and brings together a breadth and depth of research most alt media figures rarely even aspire to.

    Saw a few shout-outs for Jim Stone as well, which I’ll second. He writes some occasionally thought-provoking stuff for sure.

    As far as everything else goes, just keep up the good work! As someone who’s tried to blog about these topics in the past, I know how tough it is to keep up; I’ve started and given up writing about this stuff more times than I can count, (largely because it became a waste of time… no one really read any of it) so the simple fact that you guys continue to push ahead day-in and day-out is a testament to your sheer tenacity, if nothing else. 😀


    I dislike Jim Quinn / The Burning Platform. He’s vociferously anti-9/11 truth, and hypocritically claims to unveil stuff. And I notice he rarely gets comments when you do post his articles. Maybe others get something from him, but I find him repulsive.

    I can do without Peter Schiff for similar reasons, although I do agree with his POV from time to time so it’s a mixed bag with him.

    Not too fond of Dave Hodges — too much unsubstantiated fear porn.

    But you’re doing a great job with SGT Report just as it is. And it’s a big plus that you asked for input. Cheers all around!

    • SGT

      Thanks mangrove and all of you for such detailed responses, I’m taking a lot of notes. BTW, this site reflects the hard work of three different people, not just me – day in and day out we do our best and this input will really help. Thanks guys!

  • KRELL427

    Mark Dice should stay under Alex Jones desk. Other than that great site. Simon Parkes would be a educational interview.

  • jeff crazy good 2 twice weekly videos with cussing! podcast
    jim willie’s hat trick letter subscription

  • Matt


    Thank you for asking! At the top of the list would be to put things up on ITunes. It’s just easier for me to listen in the car. Some of my favorites are: Daniel Ameduri, John Williams, Kerry Lutz, Mark S Man, Greg Hunter, Greg Mannarino, and YOU! How about you have Rory interview you every once in awhile? Thank you for all of your efforts!

  • Mike

    Sean, I really enjoy your site, I watched one of your first “black friday” videos long before you started the report. I really enjoy the “interviews” except for the length. As for me, I am on the run and rarely have the time to listen to a 27 to 35 min chat between you and interviewee, if you could cut them down to a 10 to 15 minute conversation, it would be very helpful.

    • SGT

      Thanks Mike, I hear you – actually Rory and I were talking about this just earlier today. I don’t disagree with you, I think 20-25 minutes is a much better length than 40-45. I’m not even sure how they’ve crept up to that length. And I’ll shoot for a couple 12-20’s here and there for you too!

      • Leia176

        I like the long length but I can understand how people don’t have the time to sit at the computer. There is a solution to this without missing out on content. I NEVER listen at the computer. For a short time you also posted interviews as mp3, which I found helpful. But now I just paste the youtube url into a site like flvto or flvtomp3 ans download the mp3. I then stick it on a thumb drive and listen in the car on my commute to work. You can also put it on an mp3 player. That’s how I get to listen to all long interviews on yt(and David Icke and Jim Willie do some long interviews!)

  • Antony

    Hi Sean and Rory and all those that contribute to this site! It is the first one I go to each day for news and interviews! I like most everything. I enjoy Andy Hoffman, Chris Duane, Jim Willie, Greg Hunter, Gerald Celente, James Corbett, Mike Maloney, X-22 report, Zero Hedge, etc! So much good information! I also love SuspiciousObservers what an amazing weather update and how it relates to our sun!…just awesome 🙂 This is my main site and I can get to any other site from here! Really an amazing job and I appreciate to be able to come to a place like this 🙂 :). Things I don’t like…ads, but I can deal with that 🙂 Things I would like to see…hmmm how about maybe more info on how the average person can be more involved and prepared? Do you think you could interview anyone from the “opposition” and maybe pin them down or get them on record about the truth! Wouldn’t that be cool! but they probably wouldn’t want to be interviewed…someones got to crack you know! I don’t know how some of them sleep at night! Sean it’s a great site! How about an interview with Ron Paul? Maybe Lindsey Williams as well…what happened to him? Haven’t heard from him in some time, some may not like him, but he knew some things.

  • iguana green

    NO chat room please. That would only turn out to be a colosseum of cursing and ankle biting trolls. No thanks.
    I check SGT every night. All’s well really. I look at other sites too that SGT has posted already. So, it’s all good. Keep up the good work..

  • Dave

    You guys have the best all around website that deals with the conspiracy.

    I like that you post Webster Tarpley and other people outside the Libertarian/Conservative sphere like; Bill Still, Ellen Brown, Carl Herman, and David Icke.

    So please continue publishing ALL types of opinions in the truth movement.

    My top 20

    Webster Tarpley
    Corbett Report
    Natural News
    Chris Martenson

    Bill Still
    Storm CLouds Gathering
    Truth Never Told
    Greg Hunter
    Max Keiser

    Paul Craig Roberts
    Sibel Edmonds
    Truth Stream Media
    Mike Maloney
    Michael Synder

    Andy Hoffman
    Carl Herman – Washington BLog
    David Icke
    Web of Debt

  • cz

    Thanks Sean
    I like Jim willie, occasionally shiff. I wish vigilant citizen put out articles more often. Kirby’s cool and so is scg. Probably too much mike Snyder, especially as a headline. Whatever happened to Susanne posel (sp)? I want to like Dave hodges but his dots rarely connect. I don’t doubt his sincerity and hope for nothing but the best for him. Any word from Rick wiles would be appreciated. I personally enjoy burning platform, but as wth most (all?) put your filters on. I like Hoffman, but mannerino, not so much. I’ve never made it through an entire x22 report and I have high tolerance. I listen to haggmans when they have good guests but they themselves offer little. That’s their role. So be it.
    Been waiting on your show about washington’s Masonic shrine. Any updates?
    Think about Rob Skiba as a guest in regard to ufo stuff and never be afraid of peeps like Freeman to explore themes not yet explored on sgt previously.
    You turned me on to silver. Nuff from me.
    Love, Chris

  • Eric B

    Sean, your doing a great job! You might want to check out this obscure site ” moonoveralabama ” for CIA and some other ” spook ” news…..pretty good stuff over there on Ukraine without the RT bias……US coverage? nil!

  • Joseph P. Farrell…is essential as the leading expert on the Breakaway Civilization. His interview with Catherine Austin Fitts…also crucial to seekers of truth…just sets the bar way up there…in terms of understand exactly why this total displacement of crazy financial situation has developed. Both of them have paid subscriptions…but there is free content there also. Personally, I do a lot of dot connecting between Jim Willie, whose track record in predicting is excellent, Clif High…at and his web updates every week, and cobra…who is at John B. Wells is a favorite too….but as far as seeing where the hockey puck is going, Willie and Clif High have a great track record.

  • Eric B

    Sorry it’s ” moon of Alabama “

  • I forgot to mention David Wilcock…who is now the number one featured researcher on He’s just started a new Disclosure series. If we don’t get the connection of the world of finance and monetary creation to black ops and off world goings on…then we’ll be limiting ourself…and never really fully understand the big picture.

  • FS

    Sean and team, I really appreciate your self-less contribution to spreading the true. One contributor that I have always gotten a great deal of perspective is Stefan is top notch in his philosophical approach to Libertarianism.

  • Rainmaker

    The Vineyard of the Saker has an interesting site. Also, Dmitry Orlov has another perspective that could be beneficial. The Automatic Earth has some interesting ideas and they were formally of TheOilDrum blog. Raul Meijer is the main writer and Nicole Foss is pretty sharp and interesting even if she is a bit eccentric.

  • B

    Your site is one of my daily reads but if I’m being honest I scroll right past that Mark Dice garbage. It’s not news, it’s not informative, its not constructive, it’s paraniod, unsubstantiated, celebrity garbage. It takes away from real issues and devalues the good/true information on your site.

  • KRELL 427

    I agree, David is a wealth of knowledge. Amazing info on the pineal gland and decalcifiying it I also respect Dr Leonard Coldwell I have helped a number of people with their cancer and had a lot of success. The criminal bankers is turning into a broken record.I stack on a weekly basis and subscribe to the silver bullet and silver shield aproach. Staying positive and proactive is important while on truths path.

  • AgShaman

    Websites are going to get harder to cipher if dot guv is planning to control the “transmission”. I could see more sites popping up, and down, in the future….but the plan seems to be a Net Force (like Clancy/Pieczenik wrote about)to curb dissent. Your programming demands that you be saved from dark forces on the interwebs…hahaha

    These are crazy times. The most important thing going forward I would think is for sites to keep track of their comrades in the realm of alt media. When voices get crushed and people disappear from the air/radio waves….then, will there be a problem.

    I am unsure about a lot of sources out there. The top 10 (IMO) are already posted here with regularity, which is the main reason that makes this place the best in breed…with 2-10 being interchangeable and right there depending upon the timing.

    I hope some foreign sites break thru….people around the globe are starting to reject the banksters like a bad liver transplant and see the source of their slavery.

    Jim Stone Freelance has some interesting stuff at times, but I cannot figure the reliability of its content. Really, to be honest….a lot of the posters here provide some of the best links in the state of flux that is the NWO’s power play in motion.

    I like reading info from Giza Death Star. It carries the angle from the secret space programs and black budgets that I find more entertaining to track down, as well as the goings on with CA Fitts, Richard Hoagland and others that have been promised Disclosure. The comments section is also filled with interesting links that are typed both bunny and memory holes from a rather eclectic comments section. Thanks for bringing forth the Check the Evidence podcast btw.

    If I had a website to give that tracked the NGO’s that are vital to imperialistic and totalitarian regimes like US Corp I would give it.

    Sorry I couldn’t give you a definitive list per se….you guys really are doing great work here.

  • Windrunner56

    Sean, to start with you are my go to website first thing all the time. It is already a great site. But hear are my faves (I also go to Liberty Mill):

    Gerald Celente
    Jim Willie – love his info
    Bix Weir
    Ben Fulford (like him or love him, he has interesting stuff)
    Christopher Greene
    Reluctant Preppers
    Daniel Ameduri
    Michael Rivero
    We are Change
    Press for Truth
    Zero Hedge
    Rob Kirby
    Terry Lutz
    Andy Hoffman
    About covers them all I think. There are more but I realize you have only so much space and time. Keep up the good work, you are providing a tremendous service to those of us who give a crap…Mostly I love your interviews. Wayne

  • TestPilotDummy

    sipsey street irregulars
    judicial watch
    Giza Death Star
    David Icke
    dabooo 7
    Suspicious observers
    steve quale
    We Are Change
    Deek Jackson
    XRepublic TV
    Open Your Mind Ireland
    Wide Awake News – Crabby Dog Trix/CharlieMcGrath
    James Corbet and Evan Pilato
    Ry Dawson
    John B Wells
    NaturalNews Natural Society
    Health Ranger Mike Adams
    Dr Rima
    /. , techdirt, el reg
    enenews, fosl
    earth alerts
    RMN ~ Rumor Mill News
    Red Ice
    Wayne Madsen
    Tim Pool
    Luke Redowski – wrc
    YoKosoNews (japan – had a emergency stream going on 311)

    NOTES: no particular sort order A-Z/0-9, some things depend. … Are you sick? Heart attack? I like Armstrong’s website for stuff, some dieting like wheatbelly, low carb, etc. Serving Jury Duty? Protesting? Chemtrails? Smart Meters? Radiation Leak In Japan? Or just sick of the oath breakers having dinner with the Constitution as a napkin in the garbage

    There’s more, but this is MY nucleus.

  • FS

    Apparently I hit a nerve when I mentioned! My original post mentioning Stefan has been deleted! Regardless, thanks for a taking the time to do what you do…

  • Getridofthesesites

    HI SGT,

    I have been on your site and invest heavily in the markets.

    I highly suggest you get rid of kingworldnews and replace this with traderdan on gold and silver. Everybody on this site knows gold and silver is money but people have been wiped out from sites like silverdoctors, kingworldnews any site that promotes gold bugs. First people need to make money to buy gold and silver and believe me they have all been wiped out. I use to go to those sites years ago and was tricked just like everybody else. It is all positive with people on those sites promoting the samething, market is gonna crash, oh no silver and gold are now gonna move etc etc etc they have been dead wrong for years since 2011. The only one that stands out which was telling any truth is traderdan but they don’t like that. Peter Shieff good, TraderDan and Armstrong all predicated this will happen. Those sites are misleading people and you will lose people not gain people from one sided websites. Mind you those sites have an invested interest in profiting from selling bullion. They have been dead wrong for years yet they still say the same thing. I am sorry but this also includes tfmetals which has been dead wrong for years as well. Don’t take my word for it, just look at all their interviews and articles for the past 4 years, all the same bull ****. X22report, whatreallyhappened, SGTreport (Awesome), TraderDan and Trunews I like as well. Cheers

  • Windrunner56

    Couple more Sean, sorry 🙂

    Elijah Johnson (young and good!), Ann Barnhardt (she is feisty), John B. Wells, DAHBOO7 of course.

    If you ever get a chance to interview Dr. Rima Laibow on Eugenics, Codex, Monsanto etc. She is awesome…Same with Mike Adams our Health Ranger….

  • Getridofthesesites

    Also look into V the Guerrilla Economist. He is really really good and Jim Willie as well.

    Look SGT I have been on your site since 2011 or so. I go to it at least 15 times a day. I skip everything to do with silverdoctors, kingworldBULL**** and tfmetals although they are not usually here tfmetals. Just a bunch of bull and I feel sorry for anyone following this trap. Yes, they talk about whats going on in the economy etc but these use that info to see you things at prices they know that will be going lower but they don’t tell you that. Just look at track records. Someone should put together there quotes the past 4 years against the price of gold and silver. At least Sinclair doesn’t say anything anymore because he has hurt peoples wallets as well. You should include websites that offer two sides to a story and not just one sided. Those sites listed above are all one sided.

  • cory

    this is the one that i read the most though. nice work guys and keep it up



  • anon

    My “2 cents” – Keep up the GREAT work! And, NO chat room, please!

  • wauhoo

    Sean, this is a difficult assignment. I usually go to your site before I check my email, if that tells you anything.
    Your Sunday night interviews are peerless. Harley Schlanger, Rob Kirby, etc. WOW!
    I prefer 5-30 minute vids to lengthy articles, except for ZeroHedge stuff, which is good short or long.
    Favorites are:
    Michael Rivero
    Rob Kirby
    Darryl Schoon
    Jim Willie
    James Corbett
    Mike Maloney
    Max Keiser
    Elijah Johnson
    Charlie McGrath
    Andy Hoffman
    Hope I didn’t leave anyone out.John Williams, bless his heart, but he is hard to listen to.
    Chat room is a waste.
    SGTreport bumper stickers is still a good idea.
    I recommend SGTreport 2-3x a day to people that I meet. I tell them not to be shocked by what they see/read for the first time, but go back the next day and the next and it will start to make sense eventually. I tell them the rabbit hole could be a bumpy fall, but it will be worth it.
    Thanks Sean, Rory and Peter.

  • ChainMailArmor

    Hoffman,Zerohedge,Maloney,KingWorldNews,ShadowStats,Bldg 7 911,”NEWS LIES”,propaganda exposed, ALL your Original Content(that’s why I’m here)

    Chat Room – Don’t think you want to open up that can of worms. It would take multiple full time Mods. Ultimately it would end up side tracking all involved from their regular duties. For what gain? So the trolls can troll?

    Problems with the site:
    SPAM – Lots of people making comments that don’t even pertain to the topic at hand… Yes for those of you that don’t know that is called SPAM.
    Hate – More and more people spreading their message of hate as of late.

    How to improve:
    Add a hyperlink to the beginning of each comments section called “Forum Rules” or “Comment Guidelines” that suggests basic commenting rules for posters. No Spam. Don’t high jack thread. Stay on topic(when possible). Absolutely NO HATE(there is enough hate in the world already and I don’t think hate is the solution to any problem)

    Remove SPAM comments and other rule breaking comments if/when possible. No one should get too upset if their post gets removed if the broke the basic commenting rules that have been put out.

    One useful feature might be something like a submit a link page where someone could submit a link to an article.

    Anyways just some suggestions. Keep doing what your doing Sean, Rory, & Peter. We appreciate you guys.

  • Rob

    Hi, this is first and last website I visit daily. I’m not American or live in the USA but I do see what’s happening as the world becomes more and more occupied by a sinister elite group who may or may not be connected but they definitely have the same ideology. Whether you like Gerald Celente or Jim Willie etc or not doesn’t matter because they make me think/rethink ideas I thought I already understood.
    Whether you’re interested in financial aspects, theology, health or UFOs it doesn’t matter because there is an article for everyone to help join the dots of these related topics.
    I like all your articles, links and interviews so please don’t drop any as they reveal new aspects and angles to certain topics by creating critical thinking and links to books I haven’t yet read.
    I do like James Corbett as he’s a very analytical thinker with a wide range of subjects. I also like your links to other overseas websites (like Richie Allen or Kev Baker) who cover similar topics from other corners of the globe. We’re all in this together as the global take-over of humanity continues. There is no “Good” country/govt/bankster…they are all corrupt and greedy…period.
    Keep uniting the world guys and we’ll keep spreading the word.
    BTW I do think you guys should do more interviews as you are clearly good at it and I enjoy listening to you all. Take care.

  • BrotherMarkus

    You do an amazing job keep up the good work… :)God Bless

  • Mike

    Thanks SGT for all you do. The ads are quite heavy and seem to be clogging up space.

  • Bushogboner

    Hey Sean, I’ve been watching your stuff since the swap meet videos. You have really become a star and leader. Really nice job & much appreciated. My RSS reader has about 400 sites that I follow. There are lots of interviewers and re-posters that are doing a great job. Here’s a list of my favorite commentators in no particular order …
    Freed Reed
    Stefan Molyneux
    Michael Krieger
    Brandon Smith
    Dave Kranzler
    Jim Willie
    Charles Hugh Smith
    Mike Shedlock
    Greg Hunter
    Egon von Greyertz
    Steve St Angelo
    Bill Holter
    Mac Slavo
    Yves Smith
    Patrick Henningsen
    David Stockman
    James Quinn
    Jeff Neilson
    Jim Sinclair
    Dean Henderson
    Chris Martenson
    Anthony Wile
    Andy Hoffman
    John Rubino
    Michael Snyder
    Charlie McGrath
    Gary Hendershot
    James Corbett
    Brother John F
    Zen Gardener
    Gerald Celente
    Mike Maloney
    Gregory Mannarino
    Jim Comiskey
    Ken O’Keefe
    David McAlvany
    JS Kim
    Darrell Robert Schoon
    Raúl Ilargi Meijer

    I really miss these guys:
    Bill Buckner
    Ol Remus
    Kenny (R.I.P)

  • Sean, It would be nice if you could have more interviews. The collapse seems to be accelerating and there are so many things to discuss. Three people who I like to see you interview regularly if possible would be John Embry, Bill Fleckenstein and John Rubino.

  • Abby

    I think most of the top ones have been listed. But it depends what I an looking for.

    Finance top 3: Daily Zero Hedge. Interviews SGT of course. Jim Willie a must. Silver Doctors.

    Politics: Webster Tarpley . James Corbett. Patrick Henningson (especially for false flags, he seems to get it and sum it all up better than most) Global Research. NEO. And I NEVER miss Pepe Escobar where ever I can find him these days.

    With the Ukraine situation I have turned to three main sources. Graham Phillips on the ground. He is on FB and you tube. Vineyard of the Saker, excellent insight into a Russian perspective. And a you tube on the ground reporting from Kazzura

    I find what is missing is often an honest perspective from the East, be it China, Japan, Malaysia , India or Russia. It is like seeing the world with One Eye and not both. BRICS Post is informative, but some what clinical.Pepe and James do give some insight. As does Saker, but that is it. I did find this guy, he writes some interesting articles on China and is based in Beijing:

    It is all very well knowing what one side of the criminal world is up to, but we also need to know what the other side is up to as well, to get a balanced view. I think often we still sit with a Cold War mentality with the East blocked out of our minds and a wall between ourselves and them. Which does not do us any good in the long run, because make no mistake, they are fully informed about us. It is common knowledge in the East that 9/11 was an inside job for instance.

    I am still in search of good reporting out of India and China. At the moment Saker has done an excellent job on explaining the Russian perspective on many levels.

    As a last word, SGT has done more to introduce me to people and web sites and views and information than any other page. Because it promotes many people who are doing independent reporting and I must add, often is very kind enough to give unknown people a break, and exposure they would never have normally had, it has proved to be one of the best sources around:)


  • AndyM

    Sean –

    Please get rid of the “infolinks” slow-moving pop-up at the bottom of the screen … it’s really aggravating to have to close it each time we open/close the site.


  • bobby j

    Hello regular visitor here. I really enjoy seeing the corbett report shows from james corbett. Would be great to see some of his posts included along with yours more frequently. oh and the usa watchdog posts are great but i haven’t seen them linked for a little while. Cheers

    • MRH

      Thanks, Bobby J. I personally link USA Watchdog every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Since Greg Hunter releases his work early in the morning it is usually posted mid morning. Corbett Report we post most, if not all of James’ work. We also post his work from The International Forecaster–twice weekly. We can start looking for more of his work. I know he works very closely with Sibel Edmonds at Boiling Frogs Post and we’ll see if we can’t bring in more work from over there. Thanks for being here.

  • c.i.

    For my “down under comment”……………….leave about the same.

    The media is obviously for the US reading and understanding of whatever population actually joins in aye.

    I sometimes get carried away but in general I accept the content as interesting and thoughtful.

    I have appreciated some leeway every now and again with my “Comments” to date.

    Maybe one request in that an ENGLISH UK and Australia spell checker as an option?

    Keep it up Mate.



  • Dissolution

    First and foremost, thank you. You have given all of us a priceless resource. One constructive criticism: the wrong links are infinitely frustrating to me. Perhaps more caution when linking?

    Love you guys.

  • Greg

    How about an SGT silver round? I would be a buyer.

  • Great site, SGT, you and your crew do a fine job of keeping alot of varied content from a great many authors and sources. Keep it up!

  • john

    2. and anything Doug Casey

  • Pablo

    Suggestion: We need to get beyond the 72 hour news cycle and Entertainment aspects of media.

    If I had the time and what I think is severely lacking in the Mainstream Media is FOLLOW UP. What is being done AFTER the news breaks, what HASN’T. We need solutions too of what is working.

    We hear big, earth shattering stories being reported on, and Infowars and the alternative media is Great at bringing them to light. However, after 3 days of hype and panic, then nothing…. ever…. is heard again…


    Ebola cases still in US hospitals? are they still brought in from Africa?

    Open border- kids still being bussed in all over the country?

    Post Office buying large amount of ammo still this year? other departments in gov?

    Even I forget the others just in the last year, I’m sure I’m forgetting a lot from just last year.

    thanks for wanting suggestions and hope this helps you or someone else can pick up as what I see is a huge gap missing.

    • SGT

      I don’t disagree at all – we sometimes find ourselves chasing “current” news like the ebola story, at the expense of so many more important stories we were following – and should stay on top of. You are right!

  • Sean, You and the crew are doing an OUTSTANDING job, thank you! What’s needed now is not so much a dissection of what TPTB are doing (although it’s important to understand at a high level as we move forward), what’s most important is focusing on SOLUTIONS at this point. Those who are really awake (far less than 1% globally in my travels/experience) will be enough to influence the remaining minority of those that know something’s wrong but don’t know what to do. The rest are unfortunately “un-wakeable” and are destined to their own outcomes regardless of what we say or do. We have to be honest with ourselves, anything else is PLAYING PRETEND. It’s time to lead by example…for instance, Mike Adams over at Natural News is creating a system that anyone can use to generate food for themselves. I’m personally involved in and leading a project to create an affordable system of living that will last generations, can be used anywhere on the planet and create independence from ALL non-natural external systems (I’m not talking money/wealth, I’m talking about the western society’s living system, which is clearly unsustainable). As a group, we have to address the problems at their core to have any chance of success, kind of like fighting a fire…focus on the base and fuel source instead of the flames themselves!!! I’d recommend adding the Guerilla Economist “V”, “W”, Wolf Gray, Ken Shortgen and/or James “The Russian” Analyst to your interviews/posts, they are spot on and exposing great solutions. GET REAL MY BROTHERS AND SISTERS…AT THE VERY CORE, THIS IS A SPIRITUAL BATTLE and NOT a physical one. An important question to ask yourself is how do we focus our efforts and WORK TOGETHER? TPTB have MASTERED this…until we learn that, we’re going to struggle. Keep up the great work! A brother in the fight…CaptDave

  • matt

    as much Jim Willie as possible!!! This man put things together so the common retard can understand…

    what do you guys think of Benjamin Fulford? I have different side to him…I like hearing his sides….

    Rob Kirby is excellent also.

    why don’t you keep track of all the Govt hits or possible kill list..A list of all suspicious and convenient deaths!!! How far to go back? Maybe since 2008? maybe a one time posting then a file to the side to click on…
    Otherwise I love your site…I wouldn’t change a thing. Top notch interviews!!! Nothing better for me waking up with a new interview and a cup of joe… That’s one thing I could add. The release of stories is usually night time…and I think earlier on your site…Me waking up in AM with story released previous night is A OK….The more I think of it the more Jim Willie Rocks…
    Maybe do a story on best countries to retire to!! Have Simon Black on maybe!! What ya all think of Simon?


  • Greg

    Would love to see more info on law and sovereignty. How individuals can empower themselves by educating themselves in law. Bill Thornton has done some fantastic work, all the info is out in the public domain for free

    Challenging the system in a peaceful, lawful but firm way also can help wake up the folk working inside the courts/public officials.

    May be too late as martial law is coming to America but still, I believe the awakening to your God given natural sovereignty/self governance as one of the people is key to taking this thing back from the globalists

    I check your site daily sean for updates, its invaluable. Many thanks for your hard work 🙂

  • Johan

    I love all the interview you guys do.
    The prepping sites are also important since it’s a big part of the collapse.

    It’s hard to do a top 10 so here what I like:
    Jim Willy, James Corbett, Zerohedge, SilverDoctors, Maloney, Kyle Bass, USA Watchdog, Silvershield, Demcad, X-22, Natural News, Chris Martensen, BixWeir, Reluctant Preppers, Miles Franklin(all of them), BrotherJohnF, Elijah Woods, John William, Sprott, Fabian4Liberty, Mises Institure, FutureMoneyTrends, McAlvany

    Storm Clouds Gathering, Kokesh, ZenGardner, Mark Dice, Greg Mannarino

  • angelika

    Sean, I really enjoy your site, however that info links pop up is so irritating that even when I click the x to close it, it takes me to another page. I’m finding that I am avoiding your site because of it. Other than that you and your team do a great job!

  • Hey Shean,

    I have said for 10 years, yours is my favorite go to site for news. There is one site you may have missed or don’t link too much but is hard hitting. I would love to get your opinions on their depth and HONESTY as they seem the real deal! It’s : where you find the DEPTH like 300 foot craters of molten granite and other random NUKEs going off that most don’t know of (Oct.2014 – Where 2 miles away it blew out windows!) and a bonus one

  • I love your site Sean.

    If you really want people to how deep the fraud goes and at the same time raise the consciousness of humanity, post this video on your site:

    This information has been kept under wraps for thousands of years.

  • charlie

    Great site very informative full of great stuff your never hear on presstitute mainstream media. But you now have so many adverts that it takes ages to open your web page and iv got 50Meg broadband!..also the infolinks banner that opens at the bottom of the page is a real pain as it takes you to websites that my antivirus flashes a warning as full of virus. So id get rid of it guys as it lets what is a great website down…

  • Daniel

    I do love your site Sean. It’s probably my favorite. Instead of going over the almost endless list of “likes”, here are a few “dislikes”:

    1) Your web-pages are so ad-laden, they take forever to load. I thought it was my old computer, which was still running Windows XP. I just bought a supped-up new computer, with 4 cores, and 8 GB RAM. Your web-pages still take a loooonnnngggggg time to load. I understand you need to advertise to raise revenue in order to operate, but if you offered a subscription at a reasonable rate sans the ads to load, I’d pay for it.

    2) I like BrotherJohnF as a Christian brother, but he really should give up on TA. I quit listening to him when he said by the end of 2011, silver would be in the triple digits. Just Wow. I’m not saying remove the quick link to his site. But giving him and his web-articles space in the middle of your columns is a serious waste of precious web-page real estate.

  • Praxis

    As many have already mentioned, SGT is first on the morning list. Like jumping to the business and world events section of the newspaper 20 years ago. Gratzi Muchi all three of you, your contributors and community. Definitely good people all around.

    As far as suggestions go, it’s hard to top what’s already been thrown on the table. I guess digging up some more technology, science, mathematics and theory oriented material and guests, grilling them on the double edges of the tech sword and how their ideas of what is coming down the pipe correlate with future “new normals”. I’m a geek for that stuff.

    Also, visualizing the future in media; personalities, formats, forums, advertising, connectivity, social and as yet unrealized. These text comments evolving into actual voice and video conversations which can be scooped up a-la-carte and responded to. Sure acclimation is definitely a hurdle but it isn’t out of the question. I think as the pendulum swings (much like Gutenberg’s time) there are a lot of unknowns and paths not trodden in the communication landscape. It was only 10 years ago that Google and YouTube really exploded on the scene and all of the rather revolutionary and mightily successful tech that has followed.
    Stuff like direct video much in the vein of online university but for customer service, sales, a whole host of possibilities yet untapped. You’re a media guy so you must have some insightful dreams about it all.

    Nevertheless, great work. There’s a reason SGT is on the top shelf.

    • Praxis

      Also, time limited comment edits. I’m an editor at heart and am always chagrin when I don’t say something clear enough and hit the post button prematurely which on a re-read through just *need* to change one sentence or another to hammer a point home better. I’m a sucker for posting something and crossing that barrier has a weird effect on me in that I think much more deeply about it from the audience’s perspective and wish I could change it. Before crossing that barrier, it’s just not the same for me. Need that tension to get the juices flowing properly.

  • Jenny

    SGT is probably THE BEST SITE for current news and information, varying perspectives and interesting point of views. Some of my favorite links/interviews/guests are X-22 Report, Zerohedge, Jim Willie, Chris Duane, Rob Kirby, Zen Gardner, Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, Peter Schiff, Gerald Celente and on and on. Too many to list, but I think you guys do a fantastic job at providing an array of information, personalities, interviews and sites. I don’t dislike anything about your site/guests/interviews-some just resonate with me more than others-yet that is always subject to change, based on where I am in my awakening. This is my mainstream media- my ‘go to’ news site, and I like you just the way you are. Thank-You Sean, Rory & Peter

  • Vee For Vendetta

    Awesome site for most part but why does it take close to 30 seconds to load on hi speed internet?
    fixing that would help
    Like list might be too long but heres ones i hate;

    1. ANY/ALL CHART ANALYST!; all seems like hooey
    2. king world news; fear mongers/headline click porn
    3. Gerald celente;
    4. Max keiser; smart guy but too much possible drug induced ranting
    5. Peter Schiff; just his interviews where all he does is quote bls and inflations numbers, he and we know they are alll bs numbers so why even spend time quoting them
    6. JAMES RICKARDS; obvious govt schill
    7. Dave Hodges; seems like goodintel mixed with ALOT fear porn/headline clickporn
    8. ANY GUY VIDEO BLOGGING[ranting] WHILE DRIVING/IN CAR; unprofessional, dangerous, not credible
    9. Karen Hudeson; must be disinformationist

  • al

    Like not having to scroll all the way to the bottom of this page to leave a comment would be sweet. ..
    Also, for people using smartphones please please please improve the quality of your ads. Between crashes, redirections and other parasite messages it is really quite annoying.
    lastly, keep the faith 🙂

  • faith

    Sean & crew, thank you for your site and all you do! You guys are amazing!

    Two things I could live without: Mark Dice and Mark Dice

    And just a little plug for jsnip4. I don’t know why but this guy makes me laugh. He seems like such a down to earth regular joe. I agree that Rick Wiles has some good interviews.

    What happened to V? I don’t hear him on interviews anywhere.

    How about some SGTreport coffee cups?

    If the internet ever goes down I will surely miss all these people who give me my daily dose of truth telling. Keep up the great work – we’re out here listening!

    • SGT

      Thanks faith. I do like coffee, so coffee cups would be cool, just don’t have time to get involved in order fills and shipping 🙂 and as for Mark Dice, I kinda like most of his stuff, but see in the comments here that many folks feel like you do.

      • ChainMailArmor

        Heheh… Mark Dice is a little over the top sometimes but his material is also comic relief. I enjoy catching a laugh from him every now and then. Some material not so much though.

        This one is priceless when he’s trying so hard to sell this One Ounce Gold Coin for 20 bucks.
        Yes, every once in awhile we do need to be reminded how clueless the general population is so that we can remember to spread the word as much as possible.

  • Rob

    This site is my #1 go to site.
    Video`s, audio`s help because I can listen while working.A very good spread on most subjects even those that, may be considered ‘out there’ for even the most openminded individuals.You aggregate most of the sites I visit so that helps.We appreciate your honesty and fight for the real truth on any subject.We also appreciate your interviews of various individuals and having the guts and fortitude to speak out about major injustices to the people of the planet, who is funding and initiating them and the possible reasons why.So many reasons I enjoy coming here.As far as top ten I, read and listen to almost all of what you have so guess that will take more time.
    Thank you for everything

  • Rusticus

    I see some want a chatroom and others don’t; I agree that a chatroom would largely be a honeypot for spammers, but how about a forum? It could easily facilitate the need for users to exchange links and talk about off-topic themes and memes, but would be far easier to regulate.

    I’ve got a lot of experience as a forum moderator and would be more than happy to help keep things clean, but I’m sure there are plenty of people here who would be qualified to take that position besides myself.

    Regardless, I do think it’s the perfect compromise between adding a chatroom and keeping off-topic discussions off of article comments.

  • Professor Marvel

    I’m not one of the tinfoil hat crowd. If I want Science Fiction I’ll go to the SiFi channel.

    Yes, Greg Hunter is good. Cominski is fun. Jim Willie is entertaining. Celente needs a chill pill and The Turd is great when I get to listen to him. There are others well worth listening too that you provide links to.

    Once I hear Christian, Alien or illuminati I leave the link.

    King World put up a newly designed site. Strange at first but well done now that I am used to it. You could use a facelift too.


    Professor Marvel

  • You do a great job!

    Is there a way to post pics in comments?

    For the techies:

  • Garrett

    I live on long island, New York and am the only one that seems to be awake on this god forsaken island. If there was some way to connect with other aware people that are some what local to me would be great. I’m tired of people the only one who has a clue.

  • HTB

    More: a wider range of interview guests, articles on ayahuasca, DMT, NDE (near death experiences) and nature of reality.
    Less: Ben Fulford (the guy has disinfo written all over him)

  • brad

    Love your website! Your work is invaluable to me. Here is my feedback. Sorry I couldn’t keep this shorter. These are not in any particular order:
    Mike Maloney
    Chris Martenson
    Jim Willey
    Rick Rule
    Peter Schiff
    David Morgan
    Gerald Celente
    McAlvany Financial
    Andy Hoffman
    Dave Hodges
    Silver Doctors
    Reluctant Prepper’s
    Survival Blog
    Jeff Dense
    Turd Furgeson

  • Dave

    My only two gripes are links that direct to the wrong article, and Mark Dice.

  • NIX

    I don’t want to spoil the party and atract the usual troll patroll but a good interview with Dr. Judy wood would be interesting (raining trolls assured)
    Peace SGT keep it up!

  • I value the most:

    Jim Willie
    SRS Rocco Report
    The Wealth Watchman
    We Are Change
    Silver Doctors
    Liberty Blitzkrieg
    The Money GPS
    Miles Franklin

  • Two_Beard

    All in all, pretty good coverage and reporting. Could you publish a picture of the CEO of the privately owned, thieving, off-shore corporation operated by Satan himself? Thank you.

  • Christine

    The majority here have listed my favs so I won’t go on from there. I will say I have Three absolute. must go to sites every morning with my coffee and that is Zerohedge, SGT and Miles Franklin. Without fail.

    It is from Zero and SGT that I feel I’m getting real news that is spread out all over the planet (Hoffman and Bill updates/breakdowns on what they do best) and look forward to seeing what has been dug out from under what ever rock. Vital to have you and Zero as specific places to go because there is so darn much to “know” or find out.

    For instance if I miss a Jim Willie somewhere in the mix I know it will likely be here at SGT. A consolidation of important items daily, as it were. If I can’t sit at the box to scroll through articles myself I’ll usually throw x22 or Rivero’s program on to get to actual news without having to read it (doing dishes or something) that I know I can rely on. Michael I trust by and large after years of listening and doing my research. Some things I don’t agree with him on (Geo-engineering the very biggest, but who cares? I’m capable of thinking for myself for crying out loud and his news is good stuff so I just let that one go) x22 always posts the articles he’s getting his news from if I have a question or a share issue etc.

    AND…I love it when you Sean and Rory do your own interviews(s). LOVE it! Excellent and I find myself more and more in the way of “who do they have today?’ Love it, (I’m gushing, sorry I can’t help it) you guys are absolutely excellent.

    I would like to say that a chat would be nice, but heck, I really don’t have the time to sit and chat, so no biggy. I probably won’t use it. I’m busy canning, prepping and running a micro farm so it’s just an extra distraction that I shouldn’t be taking on anyway. It’s just my opinion, but there it is.

    One more thing. I do really enjoy when you put up something a little, even a lot out of the ordinary. It opens up the old paradigm and makes one think. I don’t suffer from a closed mind due to religious points of view, or “science is settled” points of view. I am very educated and frankly want to be even more educated as to any and all that might be outside the “norm”. I’m adult enough to figure out how to take that information or to just throw it off. Steve Quayle in my view is a good example. Bright man, good resources but I’m not “religious” (I am spiritual, yes) I’ll listen to what he has to say even if he does sprinkle in some preachy stuff. It doesn’t bother me a bit, I’m rather secure in myself. Zen Gardener too, love HIS work as well. So…keep up the good work on THAT front in my opinion. Include those things that are “different” I think most of us would agree on that and not take it personal. We just might learn a little something more 😉

    Thanks so much,
    Warm Regards, Christine

    Suffering from cognitive dissonance and normalcy bias can take on all sorts of forms I’ve noticed 😉

    Thank you very much for all that you do. Very much appreciated.

  • Christine

    My gremlins seemed to have migrated and followed me to this blog. Please ignore the misspellings, the grammar issues and whole words missing. They do that to me routinely. (and if some can’t read the self deprecating fun, “jokiness” in there, phooey on you – I’m no satanist for crying out loud :-D)

  • Kim

    Hey Sean, hope you and everyone else are well, it is bloody cold in central Ontario!
    I love Rick Wiles who is doing a great job waking up our right of center (evangelical) Christian brothers who have had their head in the sand for far too long.

  • KSKing

    John Rappoport
    Caravan to Midnight (John B Wells) – I’m a subscriber to C2M.

    I like that you have diverse choices. I like Hodges and Zen, both are completely different and both have something positive to add. Frankly I could do with less Gold/Silver, and I’m invested in PMs, how do you use ‘fundamentals’ in a manipulated market(s)? I still would like a mp3 choice for your interviews, Soundcloud perhaps? Check out the reddit/conspiracy, I always run into interesting links there that I never seen anywhere else.

    I visit SGT 2x a day. And when did SGT start?

    Keep up the good work folks. The most sincere compliment I can give is that if I had only 1 website I could use for alt news then SGT would be my first choice, by a long shot.

  • Anonymous

    I think it would be good to make your website design more robust and professional, so it could be taken more seriously and open even more doors. It’s time for a change and facelift!

    Also, why not increase your audience by also putting your interviews out onto iTunes podcast, Vimeo and whatever else there is.

    Some constructive criticism…I’d say let your guests speak more and I can’t help but feel irritated when you constantly repeat “Mockingbird media”. Yes, we get it!

    But otherwise, great site, I check it daily for the real news, keep it up.

    • SGT

      I do agree that a more polished look to the site would be nice – but the aggregated news style we have is very functional to see a lot in an orderly manner at a glance. We post 65-90 alt news items per day.

      With that said, I am working on new alt media site that will be more polished in a take the fight to the Huff Posts of the world, style. I’m posting a handful of top quality, hand selected pieces there daily. I’m looking for like-minded contributors who might be interested in helping post news items there daily as well.

      Take a peek:

  • rl

    Thanks for asking Sean, Rory, and Peter.
    Wanted to wait till it seemed finalized to read through it, and maybe reply.
    Theres nothing I would care to add anyones list.
    And all though my suggestion seems general it is all encompassing.
    See the root of true evil.
    Know the root of true evil.
    Face the root of true evil.
    Expose their true deeds and not simply the workings of their minions as its byproduct as a rule.
    What it is for you are SGT is not my choice. How it would be done I could only suggest.
    And although a focus of this sort may not be inline with sgts mission there in lies the freedom we all seek.
    The audiance at hand most often finds such as everything from avoidable to down right distasteful, I know.

    Your picture Sean is a personification and after all evil is so civilized which is why it is not recognozed for what it really is and has always been. It exists and thrives because we will not fathom its true nature while its cohorts can be readily seen. We cannot reckon with the fact these people, or anyone for that matter, could really be what they are. Believing there to be good in all, even minutely, is one of our best traits that has been turned on us with the least of effort. And done so long ago…
    My own trek is done and SGT made it doable in its completion. Lucky I am for not having to keep tabs on it all or massage its working to see what I once couldnt.

    And so;
    ‘The unseen adepts who rule America also rule the world. They are masters at understanding human nature.

    They have spent hundreds of years creating the public mindset which they manipulate in our generation with the most perfect precision. Words, phrases and thought patterns are a political science that triggers exact and predictable responses to political rhetoric.

    They have many names — the elite, Illuminati, Zionists, Bilderbergers, Trilateral Commission, Council on Foreign Relations, World Bank and International Monetary Fund, to name a few — but in the end they are one in the same. Their goals are one in the same. Their goals are not your goals, but they are masters at convincing you they are.

    The masses are programmed into a mental straightjacket and few will ever escape. Not more than a few thousand people in the entire world truly think their own thoughts and are alert to the nature and spirit of political anarchy that reigns as Western civilization’.

    I come here because what we have in common is that all of humanity is our friend, and we wish for them to free right along with us.
    One day aye!
    Thanks guys.

  • Don

    Nix Stephan Molyneux!

  • Mr.Z

    Unlike some, I enjoy a 30+ minute talk. I don’d watch any of the garbage news on TV and spend more time on websites like yours. It’s great you have peoples from different professions, experience and views. I always enjoy listening to a rant, like Mark Dice, or Jim Willie, to the more calm Mike Maloney and Chris Martenson.

  • Sud

    SGTReport, Great Job. One website suggestion from my side –

    Have been on your site since 2009-10. Now am looking to get views which are not mainstream and not parallel media. For example: I don’t like the language and their views but still listen to Mike Norman once in a while to understand where they are coming from with their views. Listening to their fragile thought process the conviction becomes stronger on contents you put forward for your website patrons. Can there be a separate section on contents/videos (such as Mike Norman) and open discussion by selected few SGTReport patron panel?

    • SGT

      Hey Sud, I don’t know how to do that, not sure how to add that feature. I do want to add a “trending comments” widget so people can more easily jump in on current conversations – I know this current format is not the most ideal.

  • Sean: One thing I would like, being on a budget as I am. I can’t afford high speed internet. It is nice the way Brother John F links to stories he posts. When one clicks on his links it opens that link in a new tab without going away from the Silver For The People site/story, If you follow what I’m trying to explain. SGT report closes and moves to the new page when one want to read more of a story you’ve posted on your site. That is so frustrating because it takes forever to reload your page after reading the story. As the collapse continues more and more people will go back to dial up internet to save money, so simplicity will become more important in the near future.

    • SGT

      That’s a really good suggestion… Rory pointed that out to me once before, so I know it can be done. I’ll mention your comment to him and see if he’s up for doing a “test” with some of his posts. Thanks So Few!

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